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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School

Our Learning

Please use the links on the left to find information about the learning across the school.

Details of our school curriculum and class topics can be found under Core Curriculum.

Our broader school curriculum focuses on the development of a growth mindset in all our children in order to prepare them as life long learners.

Growth mindset is linked to our core values of:

 Fellowship – helping each other learn,

Courage –overcoming obstacles and learning from mistakes and failures

Creativity – trying new pathways and approaches

At Whitewater we promote the development of a growth mindset and the use of growth mindset language with all staff and children.

We believe that everyone should exercise their brain, as they would any muscle, and that it is by learning to overcome our failures and setbacks that we truly move forward and succeed.

Up-Down Arrow: Growth Mindset
Intelligence and talent can go up or down

Teachers design challenges throughout the curriculum in which all children learn how to develop resilience and their thinking skills. Within every classroom there is a Mindset Matters display board on which children share their learning pathways and journey.