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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School

Otter Class Y1/2

Welcome to the Otter class page!

We are so pleased to see you here.

Please see the ELSA page for information on emotional support. Remember to scroll down to find the resources!

The Otter class teachers are:

Mrs Rolph, Miss Hairsine and Mrs Miles

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In Spring Term we are launching our topic called Lower the Drawbridge! You can find out more information in our Topic Overview below.

Otters News (8th April, 2022)

It has been a very strange end to the Spring Term for Otters as so many of us have been unwell with Covid. Mrs Rolph was very grateful for all the hard work that Miss Hairsine, Mrs Wood and Miss Miles did to look after and teach those Otters who were in school. Everyone worked so hard, Mrs Rolph is proud of everyone’s positive resilience. We have made our own impressive 3D castles and written glowing Estate Agent reports to sell them! In maths, we have learnt about money and what different coins represent. We have been learning to multiply too – tricky stuff!

We thoroughly enjoyed our Drama workshops and learnt a Dragon story and dances. Visiting the Church for an Easter Walk helped us to remember the Easter Story and the Easter Worship service was very special. Our dress up day and Medieval banquet was a big success, thank you for your support with costumes! We have another exciting term ahead along with our school trip and hopefully, lots of sunny weather. Have a wonderful Easter break, stay well everyone!

Otters News (18th March, 2022).

I have been very proud of the work Otters have been doing. In maths, we have learnt about 2D shapes and had fun spotting them and creating our own shape pictures and patterns. We took part in the Hampshire Book Awards, where we read 4 story books and voted on our favourite. Winning by a large majority, was ‘The ABC Factor’ by Katrina Charman. We have also been busy writing letters to instruct RAF Odiham on what they need to do to catch the River Dragon – recently sighted over the River Whitewater. Don’t worry, Otter class are certain we are all safe!  We have had fun in music with Miss Hairsine and are busy learning about plants with Mrs Wood. It is Science Week this week and we have noticed lots of signs of Spring. We also enjoyed our visit to the Church for Worship and spotted even more flowers, blossom and even a tank of fish! What a busy time!

Otters News (4th March, 2022)

Otters all returned this week after a well-deserved rest and were raring to go! Before half term, we had fun making paper which was very exciting – especially the glittery pages! We learnt about the Jewish faith through Rabbi Solomon‘s visit and we completed our reports on the Queen, showing how much we have learnt. This half term is all about Dragons and Castles and we were super excited to find a nest of Dragon’s eggs in our classroom. We have found out about many types of dragon and have invented our own. In maths, we have all been ’in the learning pit’ and shown resilience as we explored counting on and back across the 10s.


Otters News (11th February 2022)

Otter Class have shown great resilience these last two weeks. We have been working hard on our Phonics through Little Wandle which has been an exciting but steep learning curve for us all – especially Mrs Rolph! We have now got the home reading set up too and look forward to hearing how it is going at home. In maths, we are adding and subtracting using number lines and learning to jump on or back in numbers bigger than one, using our number bonds knowledge. We have enjoyed finding out what happened to the Queen’s knickers and all wrote a news report for the 6 o’clock news. Our Safer Internet Day was fun with lots of discussion about what is safe to share online. We hope you enjoyed seeing your children’s work. We have so much more to cram in before half term – including a Drama workshop and a visit from a Rabbi!


Otters News (28th January 2022)

Otter’s class have had an enjoyable couple of weeks. We found out that the Queen’s hat had travelled all around London. We wrote diary entries as if we were the Queen, describing our favourite parts of the journey. Many of us chose to write about the last part, when the hat landed on a baby’s head. Next week, we shall find out about the Queen’s Knickers!

In maths, we have explored the pattern between numbers and created number sentences. We have been adding and subtracting using number lines too.

We have enjoyed exploring different materials like plastic and metal, especially as we also had fun stretching, bending and twisting play dough!

As part of Collective Worship, we have spent time talking about Martin Luther King. Mrs Rolph has been impressed with Otter’s compassion and their desire that everyone should be treated equally.

Our time with the poet James, was amazing! We all enjoyed the day. We wrote a class poem together called Cranky Creatures, which we performed to the school, and wrote our own Happy poems too. These will soon be displayed around school and in our classroom on our Otterly brilliant work display!

We are looking forward to another busy and fun couple of weeks, with a greater focus on phonics and reading.


Otters News (14th January 2022)

Otters class have had a fun first two weeks settling back in and getting to know Mrs Rolph. They have all enjoyed talking about Christmas and sharing stories about pets. They have met the new class pets - stick insects! They have begun to find out about the adventures of The Queen's Hat and have sorted materials depending on whether they are hard, soft, natural or manmade. Mrs Rolph has been so impressed with the children's friendly manner and positive attitude to learning.


Other Important Information


As you are now aware, Otters Class is taught by Mrs Rolph and supported by Mrs Miles and Mrs Baronne.  Miss Hairsine will teaching Otter class for half a day on Thursday and Friday mornings, providing class cover. 


Learning out of school is vital to developing successful learners. We have looked at the engagement throughout last term and made some slight adjustments as a result. We have made the decision to change how we set homework and how you can submit the work. With the purpose of making homework more accessible, we are providing the children with homework books and hard copies of the set homework meaning that we rely less on Seesaw.

We want homework to be engaging and purposeful so that it consolidates the learning from the classroom. We also want it to be manageable as we appreciate how busy home life can be.

Homework will be sent home on Fridays and collected in the following Wednesdays. For Otters class, the homework consists of:

  • Daily reading for 15 minutes. This will be linked to the Phonics work
  • Maths once a fortnight
  • Writing once a fortnight

PE Kit

There will be two sessions of PE per week; one indoor and one outdoor session. These are planned for Monday and Friday, however we do expect all pupils to bring in their full PE kit on a Monday and take it home on a Friday as there may be additional opportunities for PE presented through the week.