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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School


Our aim at Whitewater CofE primary school is to encourage pupils to develop an appreciation and understanding of the past, how it impacts our present and moulds our future.  History in school intends to prepare each and every student for their next phase of education, whilst at the same time giving all students a broad and balanced view of the History of Britain, other societies and epochs. Through this, students will develop a well-rounded knowledge of the past and its events, with the intention to improve every students’ cultural capital, understanding of the world around them and their own heritage. History at Whitewater aims to be ambitious and motivating. Ambitious in our coverage of History and thorough teaching of Historical skills.

The Whitewater Historian will endeavour to pose questions and create own lines of enquiry in order to develop their understanding of the past, the famous people in it and how they have affected our present and future. They will gain a passion to explore the past, ask questions to help better understand the world and cultures around them today and to think critically about sources and artefacts.

At Whitewater, we have designed our History curriculum on a two-year cycle. The Roadmap shows the journey that our children take as they progress through school. Our History curriculum is progressive, broad and engaging.