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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School

Hedgehog Class Y3/4

Friday 3rd April update

Today is the end of another chapter in our school year. This half term has been the strangest time in my teaching career, and it has made me realise how special a job I have and how remarkable my class is. The Easter holidays will be one o the strangest holidays you will have but I want you to still have a break, make sure you spend time with your family, play outside, write to your friends and most importantly don’t worry about work. This time is a special time of the year and I hope you make the most of it. I am not sure when, but I will see you all soon. Take care, happy Easter.

From Mr Ralph.

Suggested activities- create an Easter card or egg collage out of things you find inside and outside in your garden. Why have you chosen to design it in that way? What is your favourite part about your design? Who will you give it to, or will you keep it for yourself?  

silhouette of large cross during daytimeEaster Eggs on brown nestbrown wooden cross

Thursday 2nd April update

Good morning everyone!

Another beautiful day to be active and learn. I am making the most of this opportunity going for runs, doing my own PE lessons, drawing and painting and working hard in my garden. I hope you are all doing the same and having a great time at home with your family. 

Todays tasks- 


Image taken from

  • Where is it from?
  • Why is it so small?
  • Are there more like him?
  • Where does he live?
  • How will you look after it?
  • Will you keep it a secret or tell someone?
  • What is it called?
  • Is it magic?  What magic can it do?

Maths- choose a 1 or 2 digit number and multiply it by 10, 100 and 1000 what is the pattern you notice? Use your place value grids to help you. 

Have a great day Hedgehogs

Mr Ralph

Wednesday 1st April update.

Good morning Hedgehogs and happy April fools day. 

It felt like March was one of the longest months ever and it would never end so very happy April. As many of you know it is April fools day but I don't know much about it and I would like you to research it. When did it start? What do people do on April fools day? Does every where celebrate it? etc. Once you have finished your research I would like you to write a short story about April fools day imagining your were in school. 

Maths- Timetables rock stars- well done the data is looking much better we are now up to 72% of you using it and getting lots correct. We need to keep it up and see if we can get even closer to that magic 100%. 

I hope many of you are working on your common exception words and handwriting. 

Have a great day 

Mr Ralph. 

Tuesday 31st March - Home/School  Whitewater E-Safety

Just a reminder about our E-Safety rules to use at home as we do in school to keep children and adults safe online. Whitewater E-Safety poster is attached below.

Tuesday 31st March update. 

Good afternoon Hedgehogs, another day is another chance to learn something new. During this period of self isolation I want you to learn a new skill it can be anything from learning how to flip, learning a song or dance or even becoming an artist. It is important to make the most of this time and I am excited to see what new things my class learn. 

Daily tasks-

Reading - I would like you to write a book review about one of the books you have read. Remember to tell me about the key points, why you liked it or didn't like it, what was your favourite part etc. 

Maths- please work on your timetables remembering that its not just multiplication but division facts. 

astronaut with white background

Imagine you woke up one morning to find an astronaut on your doorstep asking you for help. What do you do? What do they need? Where could you go?


Have another great day.

Mr Ralph.

Monday 30th March update. 

Well done on all of you completing your first week of home learning. It is a very different type of learning but I am certain all of you are doing great things, I can't wait for you to come back and show me how much you have learned.  I hope you had a good but different weekend spending time with your family and remembering how lucky we all are. 

How is your sunflower coming along? 

In this time of self isolation and staying inside I want you to think of your favourite place in the world. Can you draw it? Describe it? Create a poster to encourage people to visit it when everyone is feeling better. 

airplane under golden hour skies

Have a brilliant day and a fantastic week 2. 

I am proud of all of you and feel blessed to call you my class!

From Mr Ralph

Friday 27th March update

Happy Friday Hedgehogs, YOU MADE IT! First week of home learning completed and I can't wait to see all of your work when you return to school, I am sure you have done and amazing job. During this uncertain time it is very easy to see the negatives, to feel a bit lost and maybe even lonely because of this I want you to use a jar, a box or any container to create a Pick me up jar. Everyday I want you to write one or more positive things that happened throughout the day. Any time you feel a bit down you can use this jar to cheer you up.  

Pick Me Up Jars + Printable List of 50 Positive Quotes and ...

TTRS update - Well done for everyone who is using timestables rockstars, unfortunately there are only 52% of you using it. By the end of next week I will be checking again to see how high we can get that percentage. You are all doing well with your maths in school and I want you to keep it up. 

Daily tasks This is a fantastic website with lessons and resources please use it. 

What does this picture make you think about? Where is it? How did someone get there? How was the hole created? 

Write a letter as if you were in the cave. 

No photo description available.

Well done for all of your hardwork parents and children, stay safe and well togther. 

Mr Ralph

Thursday 26th March update

Good morning Hedgehogs I hope you will have another great day of learning and becoming mini Mr Ralphs. The weather has been so nice recently, I hope you are making the most of it and keeping active you could even show your parents one of our PE lessons and see if they can keep up!

Todays tasks are maths and english. I want you to show your parents your understanding of number and the relationship between addition and subtraction, multiplication and division. 

Maths - My answer is 48 how many different questions could there be? Write down as many addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts which would give you the answer 48. 

English - If you had your own island what would you call it? What is on your island? What would you do on it? 

Have a great day from Mr Ralph.


Wednesday 25th March update

Good afternoon, another day of sunshine to keep our spirits up, I hope everyone is doing well. We are halfway through our first week of home learning. I am sure you are all doing a great job and are continuing to work hard and having fun with your families.

Todays task I have written an introduction to a story and I need you to continue and illustrate it.

The Rainforest. The majestic and mysterious rainforest which holds many secrets and has done for an eternity, stands proud on the edge of the world. In this magical place time seems to stand still. Days last for what feels like weeks and nights last months. Tall, twisted trees reach the sapphire blue sky and bowing, bendy branches stretch as far as the eye can see. Crystal clear rivers roar like thundering waterfalls as they meander through the ancient forest. Giant boulders lay silent as emerald moss grows slowly on them. Sunlight streams through the grand trees like streams of pure gold lighting everything in its path. During the day the forest is just like any other forest but at night is when the magic is revealed....


Tuesday 24th March update

Dear Hedgehog class. Today marks the second day of home learning, a very new experience for everyone involved. I hope you and your families are all safe and well during this difficult time. During this year you have all achieved a lot and it is very strange being at school without having my fantastic class here.  Remember that you are stronger, braver and smarter than you know keep up the good work, continue to learn and stay active.

Task for the day If you were given five wishes, what would you wish for and why?


Home Learning Update 19th March 2020

Children who were in school today have all received hard copies of their Home Learning for the next few weeks. Below, adults can find digital copies of the 2 letters sent home today and all the activity sheets that were included inside your child's Home Learning book. Please keep checking the website and Parentmail for updates. I wish you and your families the very best during this challenging time. Stay safe and well. 

Autumn Term.

In Class 3 we have enjoyed a very busy Autumn half term and I am extremely proud of how well the children are all doing. Our children performed part of 'The Wind in The Willows' when Toad, Rat and Mole have a serious caravanning accident and read a resulting powerful letter of complaint to the Riverbank MP, Sir Ralph Rat, about the terrible incident. Our children have created fantastic leaflets encouraging people to come and visit the Remarkable Riverbank. They all showed great examples of descriptive language and amazing alliteration.

In history the children have been learning about the Amazing Anglo-Saxons and Vicious Vikings. They have learned about the different ways in which the Anglo-Saxons an Vikings lived, the Kings, the way religion changed over time and the different Gods they prayed to. The children also studied the artefacts these civilisations left behind and were fantastic detectives. Friday the 13th of December we all enjoyed a fantastic Anglo-Saxon day! This brought the history topic to an interesting and exciting conclusion.

In RE the children have been learning about the Creation story and our responsibilities as stewards to look after God’s wonderful creation. They all came up with great ideas of how to look after our planet and how we need to look after everyone in it as well. They have also learned about The Holy Trinity and how the three aspects of God impact on Christians lives.

In maths the children have been working hard on developing their understanding of number and place value and relating this to their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts. This term our maths lessons have followed the following format; fluency, reasoning and problem solving. The children will first demonstrate they can answer a questions, then give reasons to their answer and then use those facts to solve problems building upon their knowledge. We have been looking at number patterns and related facts e.g. 2x5=10 so they know 20x5=100 and 20x50=1000.

It has been a great first term and I am excited for the rest of the year.