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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School

Fox Class Y5/6

Friday 8th January 2021

Answer for today's comprehensions are at the bottom of this page.


Thursday 7th January 2021

Answers for today's  Spelling and Grammar (unless you are doing the compound sentences task) can be found at the bottom of this page

Wednesday 6th January 2021

Go to the bottom of the page to find the powerpoints for maths today (multiplying X10, X100 and X1000)



Fox Class Autumn 1 2020 Update

Dear Parents and Carers,

Our children have really begun to settle into their new class and are coping extremely well with the COVID 19 safety measures, with hand  washing and social distancing ongoing musts. Our learning sessions are becoming more extended, as the children’s ability to relax and focus increases.  We are almost back up to full speed again already, while busily continuing to fill any learning gaps from the previous 6 months of the lock down period.  Well done, Foxes! We have uploaded this term's curriculum overview onto the bottom of our class page for your information, in addition to sending a copy home with your child/ren on a double-sided page containing both of these documents.

The school is in the process of adopting an online home learning platform and you will  very shortly be receiving details about how  to join and use the programme.  Until this new learning platform is in place, we are continuing with our existing  'offline' daily, home learning expectations:

  • 15-20 mins reading and text discussion with an adult, recorded in Reading Record Book
  • 15-20 mins number fact practice using TTRockstars
  • 15 mins spelling practice of the current two-week spelling pattern being taught in school. Spelling is taught in class on Tuesdays and Thursdays and the spelling pattern home learning is taken home on Fridays.

Reading Record Books

Our child/ren  have already brought home their new, 'updated' Reading Record Books . They are now packed with information and ways to help you support your child/ren with their reading:

  • One page for each school week with a section to note down any new vocabulary learnt
  • 50 recommended reads for Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5
  • Details about how to  go about supporting  reading in the home
  • An overview of  the development of reading skills in school
  • Questions to encourage reading and discussion when your child had chosen a book; before your child begins to resume reading a book and how to explore when your child has finished reading a book
  • An opportunity to list books read during the term on the back cover

These Reading Record Books are monitored weekly in class  and two children are chosen to be Reading Stars of the Week, as a result of demonstrating that they are reading regularly at home and at school and recording their reading activities. Please remember to  the record each time you read with your child/ren and include any comments for the class teacher.

We are really looking forward to enjoying  another busy and learning-packed term  - watch this space for updates!

Yours sincerely

Mrs Laurie and Mrs Burningham


Friday 17th July 2020

Our final suggested activities before your well-earned summer holiday!

Reading and Writing

Diary Entry

Imagine that you are one of the main characters in the book that you are currently reading or have read recently. Write a diary entry for (an imaginary) day in their life. Remember to include as much detail as possible about every-day routines/events and your chosen character’s feelings and reactions to their day.

Interpret and Predict

Design, draw and label a set of clothing for the main character/s in the book that you are currently reading.

What design might their T-shirt have on the front?



Thursday 16th July 2020

Suggested Activities:


Visit this link on BBC Bitesize to learn about how the internet works:


Art and Design

Visit this link to learn how to draw using perspective.

We look forward to sharing your examples and attempts at perspective when we are all back in school together.


Wednesday 15th July 2020

Suggested Activities:


This week’s spelling pattern is:

Adverbs - Suffixes ‘ly’ added to words ending in ‘y’, ‘le’ and ‘ic’

Have a go at one of  the Twinkl spelling activities downloaded onto THE BOTTOM of our class page titled 15th July


Complete these activities that we have uploaded onto THE BOTTOM of the class page:

Year 4 WhiteRose Week 7 Home Learning

Lesson 3

Hundredths as decimals

Lesson 4

Divide 1 or 2-digits by 100


Year 5 WhiteRose Week 7 Home Learning

Lesson 3

Rounding decimals

Lesson 4

Order and compare decimals


Tuesday 14th July

Suggested Activity

Hello All, it appears our website had a wobble yesterday and hid the suggested activity! So today, please can you complete yesterday's activity as below.

Monday 13th July

Suggested Activities

White Rose Maths - Find the maths worksheets uploaded at the bottom of the page, saved under 13th July Yr4/5 Worksheet.  I have saved the answers as well.

Year 4 Video Link:

Year 5 Video Link:

Friday 10th July 2020

Suggested Activity:

Maths: - Folding Flowers 1 and 2

Folding Flowers 1

Below is a picture of an unfolded piece of paper. Can you work out what shape is made when it’s folded up using the crease pattern shown? (**See bottom of problem  for answer/example)

  • Can you make one of these shapes with a new piece of paper?
  • Now make several of the same shape from A4, A5 and A6 pieces of paper in two contrasting colours.

Challenge 1

  • Take a large and small shape made from your first colour and a medium shape made from your second colour.
  • Make a pattern from your shapes, by laying them on top of each other, that fits both of these rules:You must be able to see at least part of each shape.All three shapes must fit inside the perimeter (outline) of the largest shape.

Challenge 2

  • Use a new large, medium and small shape to recreate the same pattern but in opposite colours from Challenge 1.
  • Place these two patterns next to each other and continue to fold and add to your pattern until you’ve made a flower. 

Can you predict how many of your original Challenge 1 pattern you will need?

We would love to see photos of your flowers!

If you enjoyed these challenges, why not have a go at Folding Flowers 2?

** Answer: Kite


Thursday 9th July 2020

Suggested Activity:


Watch this amusing savannah story and tell someone what happened to get the events in the story clear in your mind.

Your task is  either:

To tell the story from a meerkat's point of view. Remember that stories are told in the past tense and that time conjunctions (next, when, then, later, suddenly) are used to place and link events in time.

Example: One day, under the searing heat of the African sun, my trusty band of courageous meerkats and I carried out our daily check of the precious fruit we had been guarding with pride for many months, while it grew and ripened.  Having checked all was well, we began our busy search for food. Meanwhile, a cunning vulture flapped down through the savannah heat waves and settled on the branch immediately above our prized treasure. This looked like trouble!


Create a commentary for the 'rugby' scene at the end of the film. Think about how commentaries contain the who, what, where, when and why to tell the viewer/audience exactly what is happening in the present tense.

Example: Slinky Joe, comes up  craftily on the left, hurling himself like a human cannon ball at the vulture’s fearful talons and wraps himself around the precious fruit. Brilliant footwork from the meerkat team!

Wednesday 8th July 

Suggested Activities:


This week’s spelling pattern is:

Prefixes ‘super’, ‘anti’ and ‘auto’

Complete  the Twinkl spelling pattern worksheets uploaded onto THE BOTTOM of our class page titled ‘8th July super anti auto prefixes’



Year 4

WhiteRose Week 6 Home Learning

Complete the home learning sheets for your year group dated 8th July  that we have uploaded onto THE BOTTOM of our class page.

Lesson 3

Calculate fractions of a quantity

Lesson 4

Calculate quantities

Year 5 WhiteRose Week 6 Home Learning

Lesson 3

Fraction of an amount

Lesson 4

Using fractions as operators



Tuesday 7th July

Suggested Activity

Read the following poem by Roger McGough.  After you have read it, have a go at creating your own colour poem.  Then you may like to create a piece of art work to express your poem.  You art could show all the items you list, or a collection of all the colours you mentioned.

The Colour Collector


A stranger called this morning

Dressed all in black and grey

Put every colour into a bag

And carried them away


The goldenness of cornflakes,

The ivory of milk

The silverness of soup spoons,

The see-througness of silk


The greenness of tennis courts

When play has just begun

The orangeness of oranges

Glowing in the sun


The blueness of a dolphin

Nosing through the sea

The redness of the breast,

The yellowy blur of a bee


The creaminess of polar bears

Sliding on the floes

The little piggy pinkness

Of tiny tickly toes


The sky that smiled a rainbow

Now wears a leaden frown

Who’s sobbing in the circus tent?

Wizzo the monochrome clown


A stranger called this morning

He didn’t leave his name

We live now in the shadows

Life will never be the same

Monday 6th July

Suggested Activity

White Rose Maths - Find the maths worksheets uploaded at the bottom of the page, saved under 6th July Yr4/5 Worksheet.  I have saved the answers as well.

Year 4 Video Link:

Year 5 Video Link:

Friday 3rd July 2020

Suggested Activities


Complete the BBC Bitesize activities included in the following link:


Book Review

Complete a review of a book that you have read recently  use the book review booklet document titled 3rd July 2020 that we have uploaded onto THE BOTTOM of our class page  to help you.


Thursday 2nd July 2020

Suggested Activities


Enjoy and complete the activities contained in the Hampshire Music power point titled ‘2nd July 2020  Weekly Wonder Aquarium’ uploaded onto THE BOTTOM of our class page.


Wednesday 1st July 2020

Suggested Activity

Water Safety – RNLI home learning resources

Your suggested task is to design a water safety poster titled ‘Keeping Safe This Summer ‘.

To help you include as much useful information as possible, click on these links to learn more about keeping you and your families safe, especially at this time of year when warmer weather draws us towards our beaches, rivers and lakes to relax and have fun:

We have uploaded several PDFs onto THE BOTTOM of our class page dated 1st July 2020 that contain water safety information and worksheets for you to complete to help you to learn about and practise water safety thinking and actions.



Tuesday 30th June

Suggested Activity

Use the following link to explore food chains in different environments around the world.

Once you have explored the website, create a set of your own food chains.  You can choose an environment you have explored on the webpage, or you can create one for an environment local to you.


Monday 29th June 2020

Suggested Activities

White Rose Maths - Find the maths worksheets uploaded at the bottom of the page, saved under 29th June Yr4/5 Worksheet.  I have saved the answers as well.

Year 4 Video Link:

Year 5 Video Link:



Friday 26th June 2020

Suggested Activities


Year 4

Complete the WhiteRose worksheets, titled 26th June Year 4 c/w answers uploaded to THE BOTTOM of our class page. Use these videos to help you.

Lesson 3

Perimeter of rectilinear shapes

Lesson 4

Area counting squares


Year 5

Complete the WhiteRose worksheets, titled 26th June Year 5 c/w answers uploaded to THE BOTTOM of our class page. Use these videos to help you.

Lesson 3

Convert between improper fractions & mixed numbers

Lesson 4

Compare and order fractions

Personal Project - Study of a Major Artist

As part of your study, draw  sketches imitating the style of your chosen artist and create colour swatches of the tones and shades that they liked to use. For example: Paul Klee , the  Swiss graphic artist, started  out as an impressionist artist who favoured using black and while in his earlier works.  A visit to Tunisia brought about a huge change in his move to a wide range of colour and a development of the use of letters, numbers and rectangular shapes that resulted in the style he is now most recognised and remembered for.

Early work

Later style





Thursday 25th June

Hot from the Press

Zachary's Sunflower

Suggested Activities:


Try  this Year 4 Myminimaths on the following  link:

Try this Year 5 Myminimaths on the following link:


English Comprehension

Tackle the 25th June Year 4 or Year 5 Literacy Shed Comprehension c_w answers uploaded onto THE BOTTOM of our class page.

Can you try and use your knowledge of our spelling pattern this week (prefixes un, dis, in) and root words to help you towards an understanding of the meaning of any new words that you come might come across?


Art – Colour Treasure Hunt

Go to this link here

to go on a 30-minute colourful treasure hunt walk through your neighborhood or around your house. Have fun and we look forward to sharing your fabulous creations when we are all back together again!




Wednesday 24th June 2020

Suggested Activities


Prefixes ‘un’, ‘dis’, ‘in’ – meaning ‘not’ or ‘opposite’


  • What might ‘innate’ mean?
  • Which of these descriptions is closest in meaning to the adjective ‘disingenuous’ ?
    • Not clever or intelligent
    • Not interested in
    • Not sincere or candid
  • Can you explain why the word ‘innocuous’ is a word from our spelling pattern? What does ‘innocuous’ mean


Year 4

Complete the WhiteRose worksheets, titled 24th June Year 4 c/w answers, uploaded to THE BOTTOM of our class page. Use these videos to help you:

Lesson 1

Multiplication and division problem solving Sheet: Correspondence problems

Lesson 2

Perimeter of rectangles


Year 5

Complete the WhiteRose worksheets, titled 24th June Year 5 c/w answers uploaded to THE BOTTOM of our class page. Use these videos to help you:

Lesson 1

Area of rectangles

Lesson 2

Equivalent fractions


Tuesday 23rd June 2020

Suggested Activity

Today you are going to use art work to help you create a story!

Have a look at the following website:

You will also need to look at the worksheet I have uploaded at the bottom of the page - Tuesday 23rd June - Surreal Story

First, have a look at the ' get some surreal inspiration' tab on the website.  Explore the pictures shown.  Which do you like, why?  You might like to share these with your family.  What do you think each picture is showing?

Then, use the worksheet to create your own surreal character and create your own surreal universe.  You might like to challenge yourself and write a story about your surreal character.  Or you could create your own surreal artwork using inspiration from the pictures you looked at. 


Monday 22nd June



Anecdotal evidence from teachers and the Hampshire Education Service indicates that children are returning to school with much lower levels of resilience than before. Please visit the Mentally Healthy Schools website here: 

for activities  you may like to carry out with your child to help them build and nurture resilience so they are ready for their return to school,when it comes.

Monday 22nd June 2020

Suggested Activity:

It is National Rainforest Day today.

Have a look at the following link There will be a number of different live streams throughout the day you might like to watch with your family. 

Explore the website and then pick one of the following to complete:

1) Design and create a poster to display some of the information you have found on the website.

2) Create a fact file about a rainforest plant of animal.

Friday 19th June 2020

Suggested Activities:

Maths - Napier's Bones

Use this link here to go to to look at the problem online . We have uploaded an explanation  onto  THE BOTTOM of the class page of how to solve  the questions  called 19th June Napiers Bones hints and solutions.


  1. Can you work out 13 X 2 by using the diagonals to help you?
  2. What about 17 X 2?
  3. What are you beginning to notice about the sum of diagonals and your answers?
  4. Can you use Napier’s Bones to work out 13 X 6? Look at the hint on the answer page if you need help to get started.
  5. Can you use Napier's Bones to work out 24 X 6? 
  6. How about 461 X 4?

When you are  very confident  you might like to attempt the final questions below. But first,  if you can, challenge an adult to  use Napier's Bones to answer some  two-digit by one-digit questions that you pose!

Challenge Questions

  • Now try 8931 x 6.
  • Can you work out how you would use them to calculate the product of 3541 and 768?


Thursday 18th June 2020

Suggested Activities:

English – Writing an alternative ending

  • Think about a book, story or film that you know. If you can, recount the main events of the book/story/film to an adult or someone in your family.
  • How does it end?
  • How would you like the book/story/film to end?
  • Make a note of the main events in your imagined ending to plan your text and  include the time conjunctions that will place the events in time (next, then, later, after this, when, meanwhile)
  • Don't forget to demarcate/mark fronted adverbials  with commas. Example:

              Quickly blowing out the candle, he hid behind the heavy curtains and waited.

  • Write your alternative ending and read it aloud to someone.


Division Fluency Practice

Have a go at the  Thursday 18th June Myminimaths document  for your year group that we have uploaded to the BOTTOM of the documents on our class page.


Wednesday 17th June 2020

Spelling Week 3

Words with the /s/ sound spelt ‘sc’ (Latin in origin – for example science, descend, ascend).

How many words containing this 'sc' pattern can you find in your reading today? Do you know what ascend and descend mean? 

Suggested Activities:


Year 4 - Division

Have a go at one or both of the Year 4 White Rose activities  (c/w answers) that we have uploaded onto THE TOP of the bottom of the page.  So, these documents are at the top of the uploads today. Remember to watch the videos to help you.

17_6 Year 4 Lesson 3 - Divide 2-digits by 1-digit

17_6 Year 4 Lesson 4 - Divide 3-digits by 1-digit

Year 5 – Division and Perimeter

Have a go at one or both of the Year 4 White Rose activities  (c/w answers) that we have uploaded onto THE TOP of the bottom of the page, as per the Year 4 documents. Remember to watch the videos to help you.

17_6 Year 5 Lesson 3 - Divide with remainders

17_6  Year 5 Lesson 4 - Calculate perimeter


Personal Project - Study of a major artist

Have you made a start on your study of a major artist yet? Now is a good time to begin. You might like to create a time line of the major events in your artist’s life over the next few days. We have uploaded an example of a time line at THE TOP of the documents  list at the bottom of the page (called 'June 17th example of time').  This way you don't have to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the class page!

Remember to research your facts on reputable sites, such as  BBC History and the Encyclopaedia Britannica, for example. Don't forget:

  • Try and triangulate your information by checking facts from at least three different sources so that you can be sure that the information is accurate.
  • Place + + or  "" around the keywords of your search question to refine your search to these words only, such as +Leonardo Da Vinci artworks+  will bring up up results about artworks and +Leonardo Da Vinci life+ will give examples of sites containing biographical information about his life.



Tuesday 16th June

Suggested Activity

National Fudge Day!!

Today is National Fudge Day.  Follow this link to explore some of the history around fudge.

On this page you will find a 'ditty' that the women who made the fudge used to sing.  After you have researched the history of fudge have a go at writing your own ditty.

You may also like to try to make some fudge with your adults.  Here is a link to a recipe

You might like to take some pictures to share with us or write a review about how your fudge tasted.

Monday 15th June 2020

Suggested Activity

Please find today's maths sheets saved at the bottom of the page.  They are saved under todays date.  Answers have been uploaded as well.  

Year 5 - Video link

Year 4 - Video link

Friday 12th June 2020

Suggested Activities


Year 4

Have a go at completing Pages 1-9 of Y4-Unit King of Fishes T4Writing. Remember to ask an adult if you are becoming stuck and/or get in touch with us at school via the blog or email if you have any questions at all.

Year 5

Have a go at completing Pages 1-11 of Y5-Maria-Rhizeb T4Writing. Remember to ask an adult if you are becoming stuck and/or get in touch with us at school via the blog or email if you have any questions at all.



A Box of Wishes

  • First, draw or write wishes for the special people in your life. These might include special hopes and wishes for people who are close to you in your family or your dearest friends
  • Next, design and make a box or special container that hints at the kind and loving thoughts that are inside
  • Finally, if you feel comfortable to do so, share these treasures with the people involved


Thursday 11th June 2020

Suggested Activity:


Year 4 - Money, WhiteRose Lesson 3 and Lesson 4

Have a go at one or both of the Year 4 White Rose activities (c/w answers) that we have uploaded onto the bottom of the page. Ask permission first and try and use real money to support your thinking and working out and watch the videos (see links below) to help you.

Y4 Lesson 3 Pounds and pence

Y4 Lesson 3

Y4 Lesson 4 Ordering money

Y4 Lesson 4


Year 5 – Adding and Subtracting Decimals, WhiteRose Lesson 3 and Lesson 4

Have a go at one or both of the Year 5 White Rose activities (c/w answers) that we have uploaded onto the bottom of the page. Watch the videos (see links below) to help you.

Y5 Lesson 3 Adding decimals with a different number of decimal places

Y5 Lesson 3

Y5 Lesson 4 Subtracting decimals with a different number of decimal places

Y5 Lesson 4




Wednesday 10th June


Suggested Activities

Hampshire Music - Notation

Go through the Powerpoint titled ‘KS2 Hampshire Music Read, Write and Remember Music – Notation’ at the bottom of our class page and complete the activities contained in the presentation. Have Fun!

Create an Instrument

Try and create your own musical instrument from different items around your home or garden. Please make sure you have permission to take and use things first! You might, for example, choose a range of different objects of different sizes but made of the same material (i.e. glass) and ‘play’ them by striking them, shaking or blowing into them. Be inventive and have fun!

  • What sound/s does your instrument make?
  • Why does it sound the way it does?
  • Can you describe the sound it makes using musical vocabulary such as pitch and timbre?
  • Can you create a tune with your instrument and write down the tune using notation?



Tuesday 9th June 2020

Suggested Activity

World Ocean Day!

Yesterday was World Ocean Day, the start of a week to get us thinking about our Oceans.

Have a look at the following link to an online information booklet

Then create a poster displaying some of the most interesting facts you have learnt from your reading . Share this with your family, you may like to research something you read a little further. 

Tuesday 9th June 2020

Weekly Spelling Pattern

Words with the /i:/sound spelt ‘ei’ (usually after ‘c’ – for example, ceiling) 

Please look at the bottom of our class page for Spelling Bank PDF examples and rules to help you learn this week's pattern.


Monday 8th June 2020

Suggested Activity

Maths sheets - please find todays maths worksheets at the bottom of the page.

The file names are - Monday 8th June Yr4/5 Worksheet.  I have also uploaded the answers under Monday 8th June Yr4/5 Answers.

Friday 5th June 2020

Suggested Activities

'The Present' Video Comprehension

Use this link to watch the video:

Then answer the questions in the 'The Present Video Comprehension' uploaded onto our class page.

Revisiting and Consolidating Decimals

Year 4

Have a go at one or both of the Year 4 White Rose activities (c/w answers) that we have uploaded onto the bottom of the page. Remember to use your place value knowledge to the right of the decimal point (tenths, hundredths, thousandths) and look at these video links to help you:


Year 5

Have a go at one or both of the Year 5 White Rose activities (c/w answers) that we have uploaded onto the bottom of the page. Use these video links to help you:


Thursday 4th June 2020

Home Learning 

Just to remind you that a copy of our latest Y3/4/5 home learning letter to parents is on the bottom of our class page.


Suggested Activity

English – VE Day First News Comprehension

First, read the First News 725 edition covering the VE Day celebrations that took place on 8th May that we have uploaded onto the bottom of our class page. Note down any new words that you come across and check that you understand what they mean. If you can, talk with an adult about what you have read.

Then, have a go at completing the ‘First News Look Closer 725 ’ and ‘First News L2 Crossword 725’ activities that you will also find at the bottom of the class page.

Spelling  words ending 'ous'

What words ending 'ous'  (adjectives) did you come across when reading the VE Day First News? 

Do you know the 3  'rules' yet for adding 'ous' to the root word? 

We have uploaded an 'ous' spelling work and pattern sheet from Twinkl and Spelling Frame on the class page to help with your practice this week.



Wednesday 3rd June 2020

June Home Learning Update  -  Hot from the press!

Our Home Learning  letter outlining  expectations and resources for this new half term was sent out  by parent mail yesterday. We have uploaded a copy of the letter onto the bottom of our class page for your information.

Suggested Activity

Top Trumps!

Create your own pack of Top Trumps for the characters of your favourite book, series of books or film.

Remember to include on each card a brief but detailed description of the character and their backstory or background.


Hermione Granger

'Eager as ever to return to school and her two best friends, Hermione is determined to study as many subjects as possible. How she will fit them all in to her school day is another matter entirely and a secret that she does not immediately share with her trusted allies Harry Potter and Ron Weasley.'

Scores/ratings should highlight themes, such as ‘magic’, ‘friendship’, ‘cunning’ or ‘wisdom’ in the Harry Potter series of books, for example. Try and include some detail about the score/rating , such as  for Hermione  strong magic skills due to her long hours of study at Hogwarts . Favourite spell  - 'Wingardium Leviosa' 

You might like to use the Top Trumps template uploaded onto the bottom of our class page to help you.

Tuesday 2nd June 2020

Suggested Activity

Maths Sheets - Please find the maths sheet for your year grouped saved at the bottom of the page.  They are called ' Tuesday 2nd June Maths Yr (4 or 5) Workbook.  Complete the worksheet then use the answers that are also at the bottom of the page ( Tuesday 2nd June - Yr (4 or 5) Answers to mark your work. ​​​

Monday 1st June 2020

Spelling Pattern of the Week Commencing 1st June 2020

Learn to spell words with the suffix 'ous'.

See the bottom of our class page for the suggested  Year 4/5  8-week  home learning spelling plan.

Suggested Activity

Design a Giant - Have a look at the picture of the BFG from the film version of Roald Dahl's book The BFG.  Today you are going to design your own giant.  They could be kind or helpful, like the BFG.  Or they can have a more undesirable personality, you decide.  

Draw your giant making sure you colour them in.  

Then write one or two paragraphs to describe your giant to someone who has never seen them.  Remember to use the writing techniques we have looked at, such as similes and metaphors.  Use the senses to help structure your description.   Include information on their personality.  

To challenge yourself - think carefully about how you want to portray your giant.  Make sure you are using language that conveys this message.  Can you rewrite your paragraph using different choices of language to make your giant seem the exact opposite in personality and looks? 

Film Fallout Podcast #22 - The BFG | Spielberg is back with … | Flickr

Friday 22nd May 2020

Suggested Activity

Geography – Maps, contours, keys and symbols and mapping the world

Look at the BBC Bitesize learning about maps in the link above. Using your own map, or the Ordnance Survey Key and the  small (handmade) Rotherwick Parish map grid uploaded onto the bottom of our class page:

  • Give someone verbal directions from one location to another on the map using Ordnance Survey references and position and direction vocabulary
  • Create your own treasure map with instructions about how to locate the treasure using Ordnance Survey references and position and direction vocabulary, such as North, South, South East etc
  • Have fun learning geography tackling quizzes and games using this link:



Thursday 21st May



As we often do during BooK Talk and Guided Reading in school, discuss and text mark this sentence with someone. As we do in class, note down all of your thoughts and questions that arise from you reading and thinking  about this very short but intriguing text. For example, why was 'he' listening?

'He came out from under the root very slowly, peeping first one way and then another, listening.'


Inference and Deduction

Read this description carefully.

a) Then draw the character that you think that the text might be describing. You might like to label your drawing with all the precise details that you have noticed from the description.

He wore a short coat and waistcoat of mouse-skin with a strip of snake-skin round his middle; moleskin breeches tied in below the knee, but no shoes or stockings…He carried a hunting knife in his belt, made of hammered iron, part of an old hinge which he had found in the stream.

b) Write a brief wider description or explanation about the character that you imagine from the text

  • Who do you think ‘he’ is?
  • Why?
  • Where might ‘he’ live?
  • Why?
  • What might ‘he’ live in and why?


Wednesday 20th May 2020

Suggested Task:

Have a go at these maths word problems at your own level of challenge (Challenge 1 = all of column 1; Challenge 2 = all of column 2 etc ). Remember to read the question carefully to establish the type of calculation/s  (operation/s) that you are being asked to carry out and in what order to solve the problem.

These questions and the answers have been uploaded as a document at the bottom of our class page.


Good Luck! 



Tuesday 19th May 2020

Suggested Task:

Hampshire Music Service have provided a fantastic Powerpoint for you to follow at home.  In the session you will learn to play parts of a song using a piano, keyboard or a virtual piano. Find the powerpoint at the bottom of the page, it is called 'Music Lesson Tuesday 19th May'

You must ask your adults for help to access, download and use the virtual piano.

Have fun making music! 

Monday  18th May 2020

Suggested Task:

Maths Revision:

Scroll down to the uploaded documents at the bottom of the page.

With your adults help, download the Year 4 or 5 Maths Activity/Revision Workbook and work your way through the activities.

We have also uploaded the answers so you can mark your work when you have finished.

Complete as much of the booklet as you can but don't worry if you don't get all the way through it.

If you get stuck, just move onto the next question.

Friday 15th May 2020

Heartsmart During Closure

Today's suggested activities

The Invisible Man

Story starter!

Task Suggestion: Can you use this starter to write your own beginning to a thrilling story?

Just minutes before, everything had been completely normal. He had sat eating his breakfast at the kitchen table, as he did every day of his life.

It was only when he looked in the mirror that he realised something was wrong. For several seconds he had panicked, and a sick feeling grew in his stomach. His mouth felt dry and he started to sweat as he sprinted from room to room, trying in vain to find a reflection.

How could this have happened? Of all days, why did it have to be today? This was the most important day of his life. He had to find help…

The Invisible Man - Letter

  • Why is today the most important day of his life? What is supposed to be happening?
  • Who is ‘he’?
  • What has happened to him?
  • When did it happen?
  • What caused him to finally realise what happened?
  • How will he find help?
  • Why is he wearing gloves?
  • What will he do next?

Task Suggestion: Can you have a go at writing the content of the letter?

Sentence challenge!

Adverbs describe how something is done. They make a sentence more interesting and informative by adding detail to the verb. For example:

                The pen scribbled frantically across the page.

Task Suggestion: Can you add an adverb to the following sentences to add detail to the verb?

                1)The man dashed from room to room.

2)He wrote on the paper.

3)He stared into the mirror.

4)His heart pumped inside his chest.


Can you add an adverbial phrase or clause, demarcated appropriately with commas, to add more detail to your sentences?

               His mind racing wildly, the man dashed frantically from room to room.

               He wrote nervously on the paper, while he sought to calm the incessant shaking of his gloved hands.



Thursday 14th May 2020

Suggested Activity

Local History Investigation

All of May is the Local and Community History month across the UK! The Historical Association, which is a charity registered and incorporated by the Royal Charter, supports education, enjoyment and the learning of history. Their mission is to “inspire, enable and encourage” people across all walks of life to get involved with history, and the Local and Community history month is one of their ways to do it. During May 2020, the Historical Association wants everyone to research and read, share information and raise awareness about the history of their communities and local areas.

So, today your suggested activity is to try and carry out a history study or investigation. Perhaps you have an historical site or building near your home (such as Tylney Hall in the picture), or know of one that you would like to learn more about. Your parents/carers/family may also have links to an historical setting or local historical event that they can share with you.

Record your findings using any of these possible formats:

  • Recording – video and/or audio
  • Non-chronological report
  • Recount (of an historical event)
  • Information leaflet
  • Poster
  • Letter to a friend

We look forward to sharing what you find!


Wednesday 13th May 2020

Suggested activity

Feelie Bag Fun

This activity requires at least 2 players and also works well with two teams. It is a fun way to practice your speaking and listening skills and is a good opportunity to recap and use precise, descriptive vocabulary. We have uploaded some shape vocabulary at the bottom of the class page to help you. Challenge yourself to use as many mathematical words as you can to earn bonus points! You could also challenge yourself to use precise adjectives, similes and metaphors if you want to  use this game to practise English vocabulary and your descriptive skills.

Resources needed to play the game

  • A small cloth bag that you cannot see through, such as an empty, drawstring shoe or P.E. bag.
  • Several small objects from around the home that have been gathered up secretly without being seen by the players

Purpose of the game

A ‘Describer’ describes an object by placing a hand inside the bag, using only the sense of touch, to answer questions from the ‘Questioners', such as:

  • Is the object 2-D or 3-D?
  • How many vertices does it have?
  • Is the object rough or smooth?

To earn a point for the team or themselves as an individual, Questioners have to work out what the object in the bag is based on the description given by the Describer. You can also earn bonus points for using a correct mathematical term or word or precise adjective etc.

The Describer must not say what the object is used for– if they know!


Tuesday 12th May 2020

Suggested Activity:

Have a go at the following problem.  You could find some coins to help you work this out.

Then have a go at solving Pascal's Triangle

Monday 11th May 2020

Suggested Activity:

Poetry Writing - write yourself an acrostic poem from the word 'Lockdown'.  Think about focusing on all the positive memories you have been making and all the things you have seen while on your walks or in your garden.

Don't forget to use interesting adjectives and similies and metaphors to make your poem more interesting. 

When you finish, why don't you write it up neatly and decorate it so you can keep it to help you remember this time. 

Thursday  7th May 2020

Suggested Activities

Share memories about the 75th anniversay of VE Day 

Tomorrow, Friday 8th May,  our country is celebrating VE Day - Victory in Europe Day  - marking the end of the Second World War seventy-five years ago. We will not be posting any learning activities or blog on  VE Day because it is a national holiday.

However, a suggested activity for you today is to visit the link below sent to us by Rushmoor Borough Council. Explore some of the games and activities that are on offer, ranging from puzzles to online packs for learning about this time in our history and joining the celebrations from your home.

Some of you may be fortunate enough to have elderly relatives or have family friends who actually experienced the day. Why not get in contact (ask permission from an adult first) and learn about the day and that very special time at first hand?!

Keeping writing fit

Another suggested activity today is this useful link from the HIAS English Team for practising your gross and fine motor skills to keep writing fit. It contains several exercises that are  really fun to do and get those muscles moving! The activities involve the parts of your body that help you to have the correct posture and core strength in order to write comfortably and effectively  so it won't just be 20 minutes of finger wiggling! There are really useful moving images to show you how to complete the exercises too.  Why not try this instead of a Joe Wicks workout today?!




***Just a quick reminder that we will not be posting a daily blog or suggested daily activities this coming Friday 8th May. This bank holiday commemorates Victory in Europe Day, when our country celebrated the end of the Second World War***

Wednesday 6th May 2020

Suggested activities

Stay Safe - JRSO

Mrs Joliffe and Mrs Baronne hope that you are enjoying your daily exercise  - especially with this lovely weather - and remembering the important Road Safety rules when you are out on the streets.  They asked us to remind you that when you are on your bikes, you must wear a helmet!

Your suggested activity for today is to write some rules, do’s and don'ts -  for example , do get off your bikes and walk when crossing a road, rather than stay on your bikes to cross.

Can you make some fun safe games up or role play for when you come back to school or to share?

We look forward to hearing  and sharing your ideas!

Last but not least,  please check out the Road Safety Update letter from school which was sent out to your parents. You will find some detailed information there about the competition stop animation and the Arility resource

Music To Our Ears – Revise and Recap!

The Hampshire Music Service have made two fantastic powerpoints as part of their ‘Stay  Calm and Make’ programme, called ‘Discovering the Musical Dimensions’. Our other suggested activity  for today is to view the slides that are packed with fun activities to revise and recap musical knowledge and understanding. Check out the virtual piano on for making your own music! We have uploaded both powerpoints onto the bottom of our class page.

Tuesday 5th May 2020

Suggested Activity:

Have a look at the following number sentences.  Use them to work out the final problem.

Tip: Think about patterns. You can use other operations to get the answer. 

If:  2 + 2 = 44

3 + 3 = 96

4 + 4 = 168

5 + 5 = 2510

Then what is:  6 + 6 = ?

Monday 4th May 2020

Suggested Activity:

Vegetable Paint

The above link takes you to a recipe for home made vegetable paint.  With your adults, make the paint.  Powdered Sugar is also known as Icing Sugar.  

Once you have made your paints, create a Pattern Painting using blocks of colour.  Have a look at the pictures below for inspiration. 

The Framework Paintings Square - Free image on PixabayColorful Abstract Painting · Free Stock PhotoThe Framework Paintings Abstract - Free image on Pixabay

If you don't fancy making the paints you could use any ready mixed paints, or colouring pencils you have at home. 

Friday 1st May 2020

Suggested Activity:

Our whole-school value for this first half of the summer term is ‘Friendship’. Bearing this in mind, our suggested activity today is that you try and live/show this value in some way.

You could choose to make a poster about what this value means to you, or make some form of sculpture or model.

You could make contact with someone.  It might be that you write a letter to a friend or member of your family that you have not seen or heard from for a while, or perhaps send an email or make a  telephone call (make sure you have permission from an adult).

Have a look at the ‘Friendship Home School Values Sheet’ on the Religious Ethos section of the website too for some fun friendship activities.  Just a few suggestions of how you could shed a few rays of friendship sunshine today!



Thursday 30th April 2020

Suggested Activity:

Write out the ingredients for your favourite recipe. If you do not have a recipe to hand, use the sample recipe below.

  1. What if you had to make the recipe for twice as many people/servings ?
  2. What if you had to make the recipe for half the number of servings?
  3. What if there were a) 100 or b) 1000 servings needed? How much of each ingredient would you need in each instance?

Remember to record all your working out and to use number facts that you already know to help you solve these real-life maths problems. There is a multiplication square at the bottom of the class page to support you with this.

Sample recipe – Serves 10 people:

Victoria Sponge

  • 200g caster sugar
  • 200g softened butter
  • 4 beaten eggs
  • 200g self-raising flour
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 2 tbsp milk

Hot from the Press - Activities from the Diocese of Winchester!

We have uploaded a PDF of a range of fantastic activities that we have received from the Diocese that we think many of you will enjoy doing and taking part in over the coming weeks. They range from song lyrics to learning about Rwanda in Africa. Go for it!


Wednesday 29th April 2020

Suggested Activity

A little recap and practice using verbs and adverbs by writing 5 super sentences.

Verbs are doing, being, having and action words, such as:

          she slept

          he is happy

          he had six sheep

          she was waving

As you might have noticed, verbs can contain more than one word – was waving

Adverbs describe how, when, where and to what extent the doing, being, having and action is, has or will be taking place, for example:

  • she slept deeply;
  • he is curiously happy;
  • he fortunately had six sheep;
  • she was waving excitedly.

Adverbs are placed close to the verb they are describing.

Your suggested task today is to first gather your own word bank by listing between 5 and 10  of the verbs and between 5 and 10 of the adverbs from one paragraph or page from a book, magazine or newspaper that you are reading or have read.

Then, use at least 5 of the verbs and 5 of the adverbs to write 5 super sentences of your own.

Your sentences can be about anything you like. Silly sentences can be very amusing to read and can still contain high quality language and accurate punctuation. Example:

She grabbed frantically at the writhing spaghetti monster, that slithered silently over the smooth work-surface.

Share your sentences with an adult. You could also challenge yourself to edit and correct your spelling and punctuation independently, remembering to begin at the end of your sentences to check for spelling errors and look for those words that  'just do not look right’.

At the bottom of our class page, we have uploaded verb, adverb, noun and adjective mats to help you.


Tuesday 28th April

Suggested Activity

Master Chef!

Design a three course menu for your family to enjoy.  

You might want to research ideas for your menu.  You could use the CBBC Master Chef website:

Once you have decided what you are going to cook, design the presentation of each dish.  Draw your ideas and label. Then pick one of you dishes and write your own set of instructions.

You could then cook one or more of your dishes with an adult and serve it to your family one day. 

If you want to challenge yourself, ask a member of your family to pick two or three ingredients, that you have in the cupboards, that you have to use in your dish. 

Monday 27th April

Suggested Activity:

Nature Watch - You are going to survey the type and number of birds you see today then present your findings.

Step 1: Research the type of birds you might find in our back gardens or which you may see while on your walk.

Step 2: Create a table to help you record what type of birds you see and how many of them you see.  Think about the different types of table we have looked at in maths and science lessons eg. A tally chart.

Step 3: Set yourself a time limit for collecting your data then head out into your garden or out on your family walk and look out for birds.  Use your table to note down the types and numbers of birds you see.

Step 4: Present your data in a graph of your choice.  If you want to challenge yourself, write a short paragraph explaining why you used the type of graph you did and share this with your adult, would they have used a different type of chart? Why? Again, think about the types of graph we have looked at in maths and science lessons. eg. bar graphs, line graphs etc.

Friday 24th April 2020

Suggested Activity:

Make your own time capsule of memories during your time at home staying safe from the Corona virus.  We have also uploaded a printable version at the bottom of our class page that Mrs Miles kindly found for us. This may take you several days to do over the next few weeks and will be a lasting  souvenir of this unusual period in your life. So take your time and try not to rush it.

If you are making your own, you  might like to include:

  • Pictures or drawings of your friends, family and any pets
  • An 'all about me' page with details about your hobbies and interests
  • Interviews with your family including their thoughts and feelings about being in lock-down
  • A journal detailing what you have been doing during  your time at home
  • A letter from you and/or your family to whomever might find  your time capsule

If you do decide to bury or put  it somewhere safe, remember to make a note or map of where it is hidden!


Thursday 23rd April 2020.

Suggested Activity:

Create a report about St George's famous fight against a fierce dragon in order to save a maiden from certain death.  You might like do this in the form of a cartoon strip, newspaper report and/or poster. We have uploaded onto the bottom of our class page a newspaper template, a newspaper report checklist and a short powerpoint of facts about the story of St George and the dragon to help you.  You could use some of the time connectives and conjunctions from Monday 21st April' suggested task to place events from the story in time order.

P.S. The  latest Y3/4/5 home learning letter sent out by parent mail has also been added to the bottom of our class page.


Wednesday 22nd April 2020

File:Row of Poplar Trees - - 1481344.jpg ...

Suggested Activity:

A farmer has been asked to plant 10 trees in five rows so that each row contains 4 trees.  How does he do it?

Tip: Make yourself 10 trees, you could use counters or even draw yourself your own trees!

Tip: Think shapes! Could a tree be in more than one row?


Don't forget to have a look at our new ELSA page which has lots of fantastic activates to help support you and your family.


Tuesday 21st April 2020

Suggested Activity:

Design and/or make a real or imaginary  hat for your favourite book character. 


Monday 20th April 2020

Suggested Activity

Our current situation with learning from home is like nothing we have experienced before and we feel you should make yourself something to keep to help you remember this time and all the fantastic things you did.

Your task is to write yourself a diary entry to summarise your Easter Holiday.  You may like to include pictures or drawings to add detail to your work.

Don't forget to use your time connectives to help you order your writing.  There is a list uploaded at the bottom of the page to help you with these.


Easter Music

The Hampshire Music Service has provided a fantastic collection of Musical Easter Activities which you may like to look at over the break.  We have uploaded the 'Easter Music' document at the bottom of the page. 

Easter Holidays Update from the Winchester Diocese

Winchester Diocese has sent us this link to  resources that 'can be used at home, and are fun and meaningful activities to complement the curriculum work that so many parents are committing to engage with their children who aren’t at school.'

These resources  include:

  • Palm Sunday - A resource for discussing Palm Sunday with children and encouraging them to reflect on its meaning.
  • Picture Challenge Week 2 - An excellent resource for exploring Easter with children.
  • Invitation to Pray with the World - Compassion UK is a charity that supports vulnerable children all over the world, and they are calling for us all to pray at this time.
  • Divine Chocolate National Poetry Competition – with some great prizes!

We have uploaded these resources at the bottom of our class page - have fun using them!

Easter Holidays

There will be no Suggested Activities uploaded over the Easter Holiday because we do not expect you to be completing school work. 

However, if you are looking for something to do, you might like to get creative and make some Easter Cards. The link below has some lovely ideas.

But most importantly, take time to relax and have fun! 

Mrs Burningham & Mrs Laurie

Friday 3rd April

Hello Everyone,

Well, today marks the end of a very strange term.  As we head into the Easter Holidays we want you all to know how proud we are of you all, and how we miss you all.  Over the next two weeks spend time with your families, relax and have some fun.  The Summer Term won't begin in the normal way but we will still be here and we have some exciting things planned, so watch this space.  Keep active and don't eat too much chocolate! 

Below is today's suggested activity, we hope you find it interesting and fun!

Suggested Activity

Pick a few of the common exception words you have been learning (lists can be found at the bottom of the page) and learn to spell them using British Sign Language.  Involve your family, see if they can guess what word you are spelling.

If you would like a challenge see if you can learn to spell your full name.

Fingerspelling Alphabet - British Sign Language (BSL)

Thursday 2nd April 

Good Morning Everyone!

Another beautiful bright blue sky sprang into view as the curtains were pulled back this morning.  We wonder if the sky you all can see is so brilliantly blue too!

Today's Task Suggestions:

English:  Write a paragraph or two to describe the picture below.

Tips: Don't forget to use all the descriptive devices we have looked at so far; alliteration, similes, metaphors, noun phrases.

If you find it hard to start writing, try creating 4 sentences to tell the reader what you can see, hear, touch and smell.

If you'd like a challenge, try to add a sinister atmosphere to your writing through your choice of language.  

Don't forget to share your description with someone at home. 

Image from:

Maths:  Target 300!

How many different ways can you make the number 300 using the four operations (add, subtract, multiply, divide)?

Wednesday 1st April 2nd Update

A kind parent sent this prime number problem in that they thought the class might enjoy. We have uploaded the  solution at the bottom of the class page.

Wednesday 1st April Update

Thank you for all your email updates. It sounds like the great sunflower race is definitely on !  We can sense some keen competition in some households - you've got to be in it to win it.  It is said that singing also helps plants to grow...:).

Topic update - Hopefully you are working hard on your personal projects. Like on Monday's update, today's brain teaser might help you with this.

Maths update - Piet Mondrian the artist (1872-1944) is perhaps best known for his compositions using only vertical and horizontal lines at 90° angles, primary colours and sometimes greys or black against a white background.

Mondrian's painting  'Komposition' is an interesting exploration of simple fractions. You will find a copy at the bottom of the class page, together with a fraction wall.
Try investigating and exploring the maths in the picture by cutting out all of the pieces. Then perhaps look for:

  • Those that are ¼ of the red square;
  • Those that are half the yellow oblong;
  • Those that are 1/8 of the red square and so on.

As you do this, compare the fractions and find how many of the quarters/halves/eighths will make the whole, or a half and quarter as appropriate.  

  • Can you make your own picture in the style of Mondrian using other fraction denominators? 
  • What understanding of number facts/patterns will you need to use to do this?
  • Will it be possible to make a picture that is a mixture of different fraction denominators?
  • Can you explain and prove your thinking?

Brain teaser - 

If you could interview your favourite character from history,  such as Queen Victoria for example, which 10 questions would you ask and why?

Have fun and stay healthy!

Mrs Laurie and Mrs Burningham

Tuesday 31st March - Home/School  Whitewater E-Safety

Just a reminder about our E-Safety rules to use at home as we do in school to keep children and adults safe online. Whitewater E-Safety poster is attached below.

Tuesday 31st March Update

A lovely sunny day to help keep us all cheerful and hopefully well.

Maths update - well done to all of you who are taking the time to use this opportunity to learn those number facts that you find tricky. 59% of the class now  using TTRockstars. Keep at at - knowing these basic maths building bricks will help with all your maths learning:)  Try this BBC Bitesize link to recap our learning about factors and prime numbers:

Brain teaser for today:

This is a famous painting by De la Tour (1630) called 'The Fortune Teller'. 

Who might these people be?

Where are they and what is happening?


Sunflower progress - if you can,  take pictures or draw the progress of your sunflower in readiness for sharing when you get back to school. This sunny weather will certainly help its progress.

Have fun and stay healthy!

Mrs Laurie and Mrs Burningham

Monday 30th March 2nd Update

Please look at the bottom of our Class page for more useful ELSA  support information and activities kindly prepared by Mrs Miles.

Monday 30th March Update

Week 2 - and lots to do!

English update - We have downloaded this month's free resources from First News - 2 comprehensions, 2 puzzles and 2 quizzes c/w the PDF of the newspaper itself. The activities are slightly different, so choose your own level of difficulty (Level 1 or Level 2).  Many of you really enjoy reading this newspaper in school, so hopefully you will enjoy the challenges that the newspaper has set for you.

Topic -  We were visited on 13th Feb by some very interesting rain forest and  savannah creatures and we have attached 3 pages of pictures and some facts about the animals. You may wish to use some of this information in your 'Equal and Opposite' presentation about the learning you have done so far in geography this term.  

Maths brain teasers for today :

                  Puzzle 1 :                                                                                         Puzzle 2:


        Challenge - can you create  your own balancing number sentences or equations?

Have fun and stay healthy!

Mrs Laurie and Mrs Burningham


Friday 27th March Update

Well done - we have managed our first week! Mrs Miles has found a really useful powerpoint (see the bottom of our Class page) that answers thoughts, questions  and worries that you might have if you, or your family, now know someone who has been diagnosed as having the Coronavirus. 

TT Rockstars update - Go team Fox ! 56% of the class now accessing TTRockstars. Keep going up towards that 100%...

Myminimaths update - There is a daily practice for each learning strand/area -  see below in white on grey background 'Adding using formal written methods ' , Mon, Tue'.   Clicking on the day of the week will give you 4 questions practising addition ,then  4 questions using the 4 operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) complete with answers. The yellow circle icons containing a blue  'i' are  'intelligent questioning' questions and give the opportunity for you to problem solve and reason, once you are secure with a method, such as addition. The red and white forward arrow icon are direct links to  video tutorials explaining and showing methods. Have fun!

Brain teaser for today:

Draw and describe your dream bedroom.

You could choose to do this in the form of a detailed, labelled diagram;  a labelled diagram with a written description; or a powerpoint or video recording. 

Have fun and stay healthy!

Mrs Laurie and Mrs Burningham

Thursday 26th March Update  

Myminimaths update - The first page, when you get to 'Year 4',  is very long.  You need to scroll down the page,  past different sections of information,  to find the daily activities. There is a document at the bottom of this Fox Class Y4/5  page that helps to navigate this very useful site.  Myminimaths provides video tutorials in addition to daily activities and challenges c/w answers. Have a go!

TTrockstars  update - Only 44% of Fox Class have accessed your TTrockstars  account this week.  We can do better than that! I am looking forward to our active users reaching closer to 100% by the beginning of next week and your correct response times improving as a result of some much-needed practice :)

It has been very strange seeing several of you only from a distance walking, on your bikes or out for a run (very impressive!) in and around the village. It's good to know that you are still able to be active while keeping yourselves safe.  If you are unable to go outside, the PE teacher and body coach, Joe Wickes, is live streaming PE sessions for children every day. The link for yesterday's sessions is:

Remember to get permission from an adult before trying to use this link.

Brain teaser for today - you might want to use the space-themed writing template in the class documents below:

You are on Moon Base 1. Write a postcard or letter to your home on Earth.

Remember to describe what the weather is like, your daily routine and how you are feeling .

Have fun and stay healthy!

Mrs Laurie and Mrs Burningham


Wednesday 25th March Update

Half way through our first week with each day bringing new challenges. Our brain teaser for today:

 You can invite three book or nursery rhyme characters for tea.

Who would you choose and why?

As the weather is still being so kind to us, perhaps you may have the opportunity to complete some 'hoop' art outside. Make a small circle (approx 1m diameter) using  a hoop or skipping rope, or natural objects such as pebbles/stones and fallen twigs and sticks. Create a picture inside your shape using organic, natural objects - please do not pick flowers or leaves. Always check with an adult that the things you have collected are safe to use. Take a photo of your creation  or draw it to include in your Home Learning book.

Have fun and stay healthy!

Mrs Laurie and Mrs Burningham


Tuesday 24th March Update

Another day of warm sunshine to help keep us all cheerful. Mrs Miles found some  lovely window-art that some of you may like to have a go at completing. Please see the bottom of our class page for details of this activity.

Have you remembered to water your sunflower seed since bringing your 'love grows' plant pot home? Remember to keep the pot on a sunny windowsill to make the most of the warm sunshine to help germinate the seeds.

Brain teaser for today:


What could be in this wrapped parcel? Where has it come from?

Have fun and stay healthy!

Mrs Laurie and Mrs Burningham

Monday 23rd March Update

Day one of a very new way of learning for us all. Websites such as TTRockstars have been really struggling today to keep up with all you keen mathematicians that are getting to grips with your daily home learning routine. Well done! Your logins do work - just keep trying. Remember there are copies of all the home learning activities at the bottom of this class page, together with some very useful links to ELSA resources. We do hope you get the chance to spend some time out in the glorious sunshine today. If not, try this little brain teaser:

You find a message in a bottle. What does the message say?

Have fun and stay healthy!

Mrs Laurie and Mrs Burningham

Home Learning Update 19th March 2020

Children who were in school today have all received hard copies of their Home Learning for the next few weeks. Below, adults can find digital copies of the 2 letters sent home today and all the activity sheets that were included inside your child's Home Learning book. We wish you all the very best in these trying times and please keep checking the website and Parentmail for updates.


Spring Term Update 2020

Before the half term break, our children hugely enjoyed being visited by a host of tropical rain forest and savannah biome animals including a chameleon, a tarantula, a very cheeky meerkat and an impressive Burmese python , called Severus. We are continuing our topic theme of 'Equal and Opposite' and are now turning our thinking towards human geography in the rain forest. We will be considering human settlement and resources through the sustainable global development goals of good health & wellbeing (goal 3) , gender equality (goal 5) and reducing inequalities (goal 10).

Autumn Term Update 2019

 We have enjoyed  a very busy Autumn 1 half term and were extremely proud to present our learning last week in the Class 4 Assembly. Our children performed part of 'The Wind in The Willows' when Toad, Rat and Mole have a serious caravanning accident and read a  resulting powerful letter of complaint to the  Riverbank MP, Sir Ralph Rat, about the terrible incident. Pupils also explained through role play how the Grampian Mountains were formed and the impact of the Scottish landscape on the lives of the ancient Picts and Scots.  The class then showed their interesting attempts to draw in the style of Michelangelo, achieved by drawing on paper placed on the underside of their tables!  We then finished our performance by reciting an amusing French nonsense poem, ' Une araignee sur le plancher',  about a boot-knitting spider and her unusual friends. Well done, Class 4!

Next half term, in the run up to Christmas,  we are looking forward to learning about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. To bring this history topic  to an interesting and exciting conclusion, we are really pleased to announce that Class 4  and Class 3 will be taking part in  Anglo- Saxon workshops here in school on Friday 13th December.  This does coincide with the annual 'Christmas Jumper ' day. Fear not! Children in Class 4 and Class 3  will still be taking part in this and can wear their special Christmas sweaters with pride.  The day is not a 'dress up as an Anglo-Saxon day' and children are not expected to come to school dressed as Anglo-Saxons. 

Summer Term Update 2019

This  term we are looking forward to the summer and  beginning our learning about Stewardship as part of 'Working Together to protect God's World and to serve the Common Good'. We will also be exploring the rise and fall of great civilisations, such as the Ancient Greeks and linking this with our study of rivers and coasts. In English, our initial focus will be on how authors tell stories in poetry and our mathematics will be linked to our learning in Art involving pattern in its different forms. 

We are also looking forward to working with the Lowde Foundation  and Sign 2 Sing to promote sign language and  increase our skills as singers. Our learning and efforts will culminate in a live singing and signing performance  at 6:30pm on Saturday 6th July in Hazeley Bottom at the Heart of Gold Charity Ball.  We will be in contact in the first week of term with details about how you can support our children to take part in this fantastic musical opportunity.

Spring Term Update 2019

We have enjoyed 3 busy weeks now in Class 4 and our history learning about the Romans is well underway with the children soon to begin designing and assembling their Roman vehicles during our DT sessions. We are still planning our linked offsite trip and will be in contact shortly with details regarding the proposed venue and date for our visit.

The whole of KS2 enjoyed an amazing afternoon of music On Thursday 23rd January  with the Philharmonia orchestra  at the Anvil for 'Orchestra Unwrapped'. The performance was led by the composer of 'Leon And The Space Between', Mr Paul Rissman. He narrated the story and children sang with him conducting.  It was a fantastic opportunity that the children really enjoyed and one that will be remembered by many for a life time.



  1. 6-1-2021 Maths Input Grp4 Yr5
    PPTX File
  2. 6-1-2021 Maths Input Grp4 Yr5
    PPTX File
  3. 6-1-2021 Maths Input
    PPTX File
  4. Fox Class Topic Web_curriculum overview Autumn 2020.doc
    PDF File
  5. 15th July Spelling Bees Add An Adverb
    PDF File
  6. 15th July Spelling Bees Adverb Sentences
    PDF File
  7. 15th July Spelling Bees Make Your Own Word Search
    PDF File
  8. 15th July Lesson 3 - Hundredths as decimals 2019
    PDF File
  9. 15th July Lesson 3 Answers - Hundredths as decimals 2019
    PDF File
  10. 15th July Lesson 4 - Dividing 1 and 2 digits by a hundred 2019
    PDF File
  11. 15th July Lesson 4 Answers - Dividing 1 and 2 digits by a hundred 2019
    PDF File
  12. 15th July Lesson 3 - Rounding decimals 2019
    PDF File
  13. 15th July Lesson 3 Answers - Rounding decimals 2019
    PDF File
  14. 15th July Lesson 4 - Order and compare decimals 2019
    PDF File
  15. 15th July Lesson 4 Answers - Order and compare decimals 2019
    PDF File
  16. 15th July Spelling Bees Add An Adverb
    PDF File
  17. 15th July Spelling Bees Adverb Sentences
    PDF File
  18. 15th July Spelling Bees Make Your Own Word Search
    PDF File
  19. 13th July Yr4 answers
    PDF File
  20. 13th July Yr4 Worksheet
    PDF File
  21. 13th July Yr5 answers
    PDF File
  22. 13th July Yr5 worksheet
    PDF File
  23. 8th July super anti auto prefixes worksheets
    PDF File
  24. July 8th Y4 Lesson 3 - Fractions of a quantity 2019
    PDF File
  25. July 8th Y4 Lesson 3 Answers - Fractions of a quantity 2019
    PDF File
  26. July 8th Y4 Lesson 4 - Calculate quantities 2019
    PDF File
  27. July 8th Y4 Lesson 4 Answers - Calculate quantities 2019
    PDF File
  28. 8th July Y5 Lesson 3 Answers - Fractions of an amount 2019
    PDF File
  29. 8th July Y5 Lesson 3 Fractions of an amount
    PDF File
  30. 8th July Y5 Lesson 4 - Fractions as operators 2019
    PDF File
  31. 8th July Y5 Lesson 4 Answers - Fractions as operators 2019
    PDF File
  32. 6th July Yr 4 Maths Answers
    PDF File
  33. 6th July Yr4 Maths Worksheet
    PDF File
  34. 6th July Yr5 Maths Answers
    PDF File
  35. 6th July Yr5 Maths Worksheet#
    PDF File
  36. 3rd July Book-Review-Booklet
    PDF File
  37. 2nd July Keep Calm and Make Music - Weekly Wonder - Aquarium - KS2
    PPTX File
  38. 1st July Making safe choices - worksheet
    PDF File
  39. 1st July Making safe choices - workshop slides
    PDF File
  40. 1st July RNLI Water Smart Leaflet
    PDF File
  41. 1st July Spot the dangers - worksheet 1
    PDF File
  42. 1st July Spot the dangers - worksheet 2
    PDF File
  43. 29th June Yr 4 Answers
    PDF File
  44. 29th June Yr4 Worksheet
    PDF File
  45. 29th June Yr5 Answers
    PDF File
  46. 29th June Yr5 Worksheet
    PDF File
  47. 26th June Year 4 Lesson-3-Answers-Perimeter-of-rectilinear-shapes-2019
    PDF File
  48. 26th June Year 4 Lesson-3-Perimeter-of-rectilinear-shapes-2019
    PDF File
  49. 26th June Year 4 Lesson-4-Answers-Counting-squares-2019
    PDF File
  50. 26th JUne Year 4 Lesson-4-Counting-squares-2019
    PDF File
  51. 26th June Year 5 Lesson-3-Answers-Convert-between-Improper-and-mixed-numbers-2019-1
    PDF File
  52. 26th June Year 5 Lesson-3-Convert-between-Improper-and-mixed-numbers-2019
    PDF File
  53. 26th June Year 5 Lesson-4-Answers-Compare-and-order-fractions-less-than-1-2019
    PDF File
  54. 26th June Year 5 Lesson-4-Compare-and-order-fractions-less-than-1-2019
    PDF File
  55. 25th June Year 4 Literacy Shed Comprehension c_w answers
    PDF File
  56. 25th JuneYear 5 Literacy Shed Comprehension c_w answers
    PDF File
  57. 24th June Year 4 Lesson-1-Answers-Correspondence-problems-2019
    PDF File
  58. 24th June Year 4 Lesson-1-Correspondence-problems-2019
    PDF File
  59. 24th June Year 4 Lesson-2-Answers-Perimeter-of-a-rectangle-2019
    PDF File
  60. 24th June Year 4 Lesson-2-Perimeter-of-a-rectangle-2019
    PDF File
  61. 24th June Year 5 Lesson-1-Answers-Area-of-rectangles-2019
    PDF File
  62. 24th June Year 5 Lesson-1-Area-of-rectangles-2019
    PDF File
  63. 24th June Year 5 Lesson-2-Answers-Equivalent-fractions-2019
    PDF File
  64. 24th June Year 5 Lesson-2-Equivalent-fractions-2019
    PDF File
  65. Tuesday 23rd June - surreal story
    PDF File
  66. 19th June Napiers Bones hints and solutions
    DOCX File
  67. Thursday 18th June Myminimaths Y4_5
    DOCX File
  68. Thursday 18th June Myminimaths Y4_5
    DOCX File
  69. June 17th example of time line
    DOCX File
  70. 17_6 Year 4 Lesson-3-Answers-Divide-2-digits-by-1-digit-2-2019-1
    PDF File
  71. 17_6 Year 4 Lesson-3-Divide-2-digits-by-1-digit-2-2019-1
    PDF File
  72. 17_6 Year 4 Lesson-4-Answers-Divide-3-digits-by-1-digit-2019
    PDF File
  73. 17_6 Year 5 Lesson-3-Answers-Divide-with-remainders-2019
    PDF File
  74. 17_6 Year 5 Lesson-3-Divide-with-remainders-2019
    PDF File
  75. 17_6 Year 5 Lesson-4-Answers-Calculate-perimeter-2019
    PDF File
  76. 17_6 Year 5 Lesson-4-Calculate-perimeter-2019
    PDF File
  77. 17_6 Lesson 4 Divide 3-digits by 1-digit 2019
    PDF File
  78. Monday 15th June - Yr 4 Maths Worksheet
    PDF File
  79. Monday 15th June - Yr 5 Maths Answers
    PDF File
  80. Monday 15th June - Yr 5 Maths Worksheet
    PDF File
  81. Monday 15th June - Yr4 Maths Answers
    PDF File
  82. Y4-Unit King of Fishes T4Writing
    PDF File
  83. Y5-Maria-Rhizeb T4Writing
    PDF File
  84. Year 4 WhiteRose Lesson-3-Answers-Pounds-and-pence-2020
    PDF File
  85. Year 4 WhiteRose Lesson-3-Pounds-and-pence-2020
    PDF File
  86. Year 4 WhiteRose Lesson-4-Answers-Ordering-money-2020
    PDF File
  87. Year 4 WhiteRose Lesson-4-Ordering-money-2020
    PDF File
  88. Year 5 WhiteRose Lesson-3-Adding-decimals-with-a-differen-number-of-decimal-places-2020
    PDF File
  89. Year 5 WhiteRose Lesson-3-Answers-Adding-decimals-with-a-differen-number-of-decimal-places-2020
    PDF File
  90. Year 5 WhiteRose Lesson-4-Answers-Subtracting-decimals-with-a-different-number-of-decimal-places-2020
    PDF File
  91. Year 5 WhiteRose Lesson-4-Subtracting-decimals-with-a-different-number-of-decimal-places-2020
    PDF File
  92. KS2 Hampshire Music Read, Write and Remember Music - Notation
    PPTX File
  93. Spelling words with ei after c
    PDF File
  94. Monday 8th June Yr4 Answers
    PDF File
  95. Monday 8th June Yr4 Worksheet
    PDF File
  96. Monday 8th June Yr5 Answers
    PDF File
  97. Monday 8th June Yr5 Worksheet
    PDF File
  98. White Rose Y4 make a whole
    PDF File
  99. White Rose Y4 make-a-whole-answers
    PDF File
  100. White Rose Y4 write decimals answers
    PDF File
  101. White Rose Y4 write decimals
    PDF File
  102. White Rose Y5 Adding decimals crossing the whole answers
    PDF File
  103. White Rose Y5 Adding decimals crossing the whole
    PDF File
  104. White Rose Y5 Complements to 1 answers
    PDF File
  105. White Rose Y5 Complements to 1
    PDF File
  106. The Present Video Comprehension J (1)
    PDF File
  107. Spelling_Rule_37_-_Endings_which_sound_like_s_spelt_cious_or_tious
    PDF File
  108. Suffix-ous-Application-Activity-Sheet
    PDF File
  109. First News L2-Crossword-725
    PDF File
  110. First News Look-Closer-725
    PDF File
  111. FIRSTNEWS_725
    PDF File
  112. Year 3 4 5 Home Learning Letter June 2020
    PDF File
  113. Top Trumps Template
    DOCX File
  114. Tuesday 2nd June - Yr4 Answers
    PDF File
  115. Tuesday 2nd June - Yr5 Answers
    PDF File
  116. Tuesday 2nd June Maths Yr 4 Worksheet
    PDF File
  117. Tuesday 2nd June Maths Yr 5 Worksheet
    PDF File
  118. Suggested Spelling Y4_5 Summer Term 2
    PDF File
  119. Rotherwick Map Grid
    JPG File
  120. Ordnance Survey Map Key
    PDF File
  121. Wednesday 20th May Maths Activities.docx
    PDF File
  122. Music Lesson Tuesday 19th May
    PPTX File
  123. Year 4 Maths Activity - Answers
    PDF File
  124. Year 4 Maths Activity Revision Booklet
    PDF File
  125. Year 5 Maths Activity Answers
    PDF File
  126. Year 5 Maths Revision Practice Booklet
    PDF File
  127. shape vocabulary list
    PDF File
  128. Keep Calm and Make Music - Discovering the Musical Dimensions 1
    PPTX File
  129. Keep Calm and Make Music - Discovering the Musical Dimensions 2
    PPTX File
  130. April 29 - Diocese of Winchester Resources
    PDF File
  131. Multiplication Square
    PDF File
  132. word-mat-pack-adjectives-adverbs-and-verbs-_ver_9
    PDF File
  133. 2020-COVID-19-Time-Capsule-EN-US
    PDF File
  134. Year 3 4 and 5 Home Learning Letter Summer Term
    PDF File
  135. all-about-st-georges-day-powerpoint Twinkl
    PPTX File
  136. newspaper-writing-template
    PDF File
  137. features-of-a-newspaper-report-checklist
    PDF File
  138. well being calendar for April
    PDF File
  139. Time Connectives - Twinkl Made
    PDF File
  140. Easter Music
    PPTX File
  141. Chocolate Poetry Competition (1)
    PDF File
  142. Invitation to pray with the world (1)
    PDF File
  143. Palm Sunday (1)
    PDF File
  144. Picture challenge Week 2 (1)
    PDF File
  145. Prime Number puzzle answer
    PDF File
  146. Fractions-Wall (1)
    PDF File
  147. Piet_Mondriaan,_1921_-_Composition_en_rouge,_jaune,_bleu_et_noir
    JPG File
  148. Whitewater_esafetyPoster
    PNG File
  149. Year 5 6 common exception words
    PDF File
  150. Year-3 4 common exception words
    PDF File
  151. ELSA resources 30th March 2020
    PDF File
  152. Crossword-719 Level 1
    PDF File
  153. FIRSTNEWS_719 Newspaper PDF
    PDF File
  154. Four-Stories-719 Level 1
    PDF File
  155. Look-Closer-719 Level 2
    PDF File
  156. Mystery-News-719 Level 1
    PDF File
  157. News-Pics-719 Level 2
    PDF File
  158. Word-definition-719 Level 2
    PDF File
  159. Rain forest and savannah creatures visit day doc.197115447 (1)
    PDF File
  160. Someone-I-know-has-coronavirus
    PDF File
  161. How to navigate myminimaths
    PDF File
  162. Space-themed writing template Lined - Portrait
    PDF File
  163. Sunshine window- art activity
    PDF File
  164. Children's Coronavirus Workbook
    PDF File
  165. Emotional Support for Children
    PDF File
  166. Home Learning Letter for parents
    PDF File
  167. Home School Learning for Y345 Spring 2020
    PDF File
  168. 25 non screen activities to do
    PDF File
  169. 30 Day Kids Reading Challenge
    PDF File
  170. 50-things-activity-list
    PDF File
  171. Lego30daychallenge
    PDF File
  172. Some useful items to have at home
    PDF File
  173. Fox Class Homelearning Menu Spring 2020
    DOCX File
  174. Fox Class Topic Web_curriculum overview Spring 2020
    PDF File
  175. Class 4 home learning spelling activities Spring 2020
    PDF File
  176. Class 4 Topic Web_curriculum overview Autumn 2019
    DOC File
  177. Class 4 Welcome Letter Autumn 2019
    PDF File
  178. 7th Jan 2021 Answers Year 4 able ible Spellings P31
    PDF File
  179. 7th Jan 2021 Answers Year 5 able ible Spellings P32
    PDF File
  180. 7th Jan 2021 Answers Grp 2 Grammar Subordinating conjunctions
    PDF File
  181. 8th Jan G1 Answers The Big City Comprehension
    PDF File
  182. 8th Jan G3-G4 Comprehension Answers Pelican
    PDF File