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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School

Fox Class Y4/5

Autumn Term Update 2019

 We have enjoyed  a very busy Autumn 1 half term and were extremely proud to present our learning last week in the Class 4 Assembly. Our children performed part of 'The Wind in The Willows' when Toad, Rat and Mole have a serious caravanning accident and read a  resulting powerful letter of complaint to the  Riverbank MP, Sir Ralph Rat, about the terrible incident. Pupils also explained through role play how the Grampian Mountains were formed and the impact of the Scottish landscape on the lives of the ancient Picts and Scots.  The class then showed their interesting attempts to draw in the style of Michelangelo, achieved by drawing on paper placed on the underside of their tables!  We then finished our performance by reciting an amusing French nonsense poem, ' Une araignee sur le plancher',  about a boot-knitting spider and her unusual friends. Well done, Class 4!

Next half term, in the run up to Christmas,  we are looking forward to learning about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. To bring this history topic  to an interesting and exciting conclusion, we are really pleased to announce that Class 4  and Class 3 will be taking part in  Anglo- Saxon workshops here in school on Friday 13th December.  This does coincide with the annual 'Christmas Jumper ' day. Fear not! Children in Class 4 and Class 3  will still be taking part in this and can wear their special Christmas sweaters with pride.  The day is not a 'dress up as an Anglo-Saxon day' and children are not expected to come to school dressed as Anglo-Saxons. 

Summer Term Update 2019

This  term we are looking forward to the summer and  beginning our learning about Stewardship as part of 'Working Together to protect God's World and to serve the Common Good'. We will also be exploring the rise and fall of great civilisations, such as the Ancient Greeks and linking this with our study of rivers and coasts. In English, our initial focus will be on how authors tell stories in poetry and our mathematics will be linked to our learning in Art involving pattern in its different forms. 

We are also looking forward to working with the Lowde Foundation  and Sign 2 Sing to promote sign language and  increase our skills as singers. Our learning and efforts will culminate in a live singing and signing performance  at 6:30pm on Saturday 6th July in Hazeley Bottom at the Heart of Gold Charity Ball.  We will be in contact in the first week of term with details about how you can support our children to take part in this fantastic musical opportunity.

Spring Term Update 2019

We have enjoyed 3 busy weeks now in Class 4 and our history learning about the Romans is well underway with the children soon to begin designing and assembling their Roman vehicles during our DT sessions. We are still planning our linked offsite trip and will be in contact shortly with details regarding the proposed venue and date for our visit.

The whole of KS2 enjoyed an amazing afternoon of music On Thursday 23rd January  with the Philharmonia orchestra  at the Anvil for 'Orchestra Unwrapped'. The performance was led by the composer of 'Leon And The Space Between', Mr Paul Rissman. He narrated the story and children sang with him conducting.  It was a fantastic opportunity that the children really enjoyed and one that will be remembered by many for a life time.