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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School

Class 4

Summer Term Update 2019

This  term we are looking forward to the summer and  beginning our learning about Stewardship as part of 'Working Together to protect God's World and to serve the Common Good'. We will also be exploring the rise and fall of great civilisations, such as the Ancient Greeks and linking this with our study of rivers and coasts. In English, our initial focus will be on how authors tell stories in poetry and our mathematics will be linked to our learning in Art involving pattern in its different forms. 

We are also looking forward to working with the Lowde Foundation  and Sign 2 Sing to promote sign language and  increase our skills as singers. Our learning and efforts will culminate in a live singing and signing performance  at 6:30pm on Saturday 6th July in Hazeley Bottom at the Heart of Gold Charity Ball.  We will be in contact in the first week of term with details about how you can support our children to take part in this fantastic musical opportunity.

Spring Term Update 2019

We have enjoyed 3 busy weeks now in Class 4 and our history learning about the Romans is well underway with the children soon to begin designing and assembling their Roman vehicles during our DT sessions. We are still planning our linked offsite trip and will be in contact shortly with details regarding the proposed venue and date for our visit.

The whole of KS2 enjoyed an amazing afternoon of music On Thursday 23rd January  with the Philharmonia orchestra  at the Anvil for 'Orchestra Unwrapped'. The performance was led by the composer of 'Leon And The Space Between', Mr Paul Rissman. He narrated the story and children sang with him conducting.  It was a fantastic opportunity that the children really enjoyed and one that will be remembered by many for a life time.


Stonehenge - October 2018

Class 4 had an inspiring day out at Stonehenge.  It's interesting to hear so many people say they've driven past it (or sat in a traffic jam) and seen it, yet have never stopped to discover more. 

Class 4 would thoroughly recommend you stop one day and see the World Heritage Site for yourself.  Standing by the stones is a quite different experience - definitely 'awe-inspiring'.  The wider area has 350 burial mounds and other archaeological remains.  We walked up onto a Bronze Age burial mound - out of bounds to the public - and re-enacted a burial with artefacts and correctly positioned 'corpse' (thanks to Helena).

The visitor centre has an amazing 3D virtual Stonehenge which means you can stand in the centre of the stones and look through them.  At first you see Neolithic people walking around the earliest arrangement of wooden posts and a gleaming white chalk ditch and bank, then time moves on to when the iconic sarsen trilithons (the cricket wickets!)and the bluestones famously hauled from Pembrokeshire to Wiltshire were installed before finally coming to the modern day with cars racing past and the remains of the stones as they are today.

This is what James H had to say about the trip:

We arrived at Stonehenge on a coach and we went on a bus to the stones of Stonehenge.  We had a look around and then we had a picture with the stones behind us.  It was quite cold there.  We explored around to feel like we were living in the Stone Age.  Fact: their beds were made out of twigs {It was logs on the side to keep the bed standing}, the shelves were made from really hard logs. They had roofs made out of sticks turned round in a circle, their doors were made out of really hard sticks so they are hard to get in if they are locked.  When we went to the stones they were massive.  I don’t know how they got the stones all away from wales to here without any help just themselves.  One of the stones looked like a man winking at us it was really fun and we all didn’t want to go home!

You can see some photos of the trip on the photo gallery page in 'news and events'.


Autumn 2018 - Welcome to Class 4

Your child's class teachers are Mrs Arrol (Monday - Wednesday) and Mrs Moore (Thursday & Friday).  We are looking forward to working with your child this year.  Partnership between home and school is very important.  Please do make us aware of any issues or worries that your child may be experiencing. You can write a message in your child’s Reading Record Book; speak to us in the playground after school; send an email to; or call the office and make an appointment to speak to us.

  • We will be encouraging the children to become more independent when completing academic tasks and begin to think about ways to extend and challenge themselves.  Throughout the year we will continue to develop a culture of positivity and persistence – having a growth mindset makes a huge difference to learning outcomes.
  • Spellings are taught according to school policy with three sessions each week focusing on a particular aspect.  A list of words will be sent home on a Monday in a small green book.  These will either be drawn from the 100 words which are a statutory requirement for your child’s year group or else share a common theme or pattern.  This should be practised and investigated over the week which will support the work we are doing in class.  There will be no formal weekly spelling test as such.
  • The KS2 Times Table Challenge will continue.  Each week your child will have a times table to learn and they will be tested on a Tuesday.  There will be a note in their maths homework book to show which one they should work on.  The test could include multiplication or division facts and will be in a random order.  Once your child has achieved their gold times tables certificate they will work on all their tables each week.
  • Year 4’s are expected to spend 30 minutes on both their weekly maths and English homework.  Year 5’s should spend 40 minutes on each. As was the case with Maths last year, the children will be using a variety of different strategies. If your child is completing some homework and is unsure of the strategy please discuss it with us.

Class 4 will be very busy this term with lots of exciting learning within our topic of 'Changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age'.  You can find out more by reading our curriculum summary at the bottom of this page.

Some important dates to put on the calendar are:

Stonehenge - our class trip is on Tuesday 2nd October.

Celebration of learning - come in and see your child's learning from 3:15pm on Thursday 18th October.

Class Assembly - please join us at 9:00am on Friday 19th October.