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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School

Class 4

Spring Term 2018 - Welcome Back

Class 4's teachers are Mrs Whyment (Monday - Wednesday) and Mrs Moore (Thursday & Friday)

Happy New Year to you all.  Class 4 have lots to keep us busy this term - you can find a summary at the bottom of the page.  Click on the Curriculum Summary Spring Term  2018 to find out more about our work 'On Thin Ice'. 

We have already tried some tricky challenges to further develop our growth mindset: drawing a world map from memory generated a particular buzz.  Try it yourself!  After using some great strategies to increase our knowledge our second attempts were vastly improved.

We will be having a Geography focus in our topic work as we learn more about Alaska: its landscape, people, settlements, natural resources, biomes and wildlife and comparing it generally with the UK.  Map skills will be developed as we locate Alaska in the world and compare its state capital, Juneau, with Hampshire's county town of Winchester.  Earthquakes, volcanoes and glaciation will be among the natural geomorphological processes we will encounter.

Many other subjects will link into our topic too:

  • Music on the theme of 'Peter and the Wolf'
  • Cooking using salmon and blueberries - natural produce of Alaska
  • Designing and making ATVs to cope with all the snow, ice and mountainous terrain in Alaska
  • English - David Attenborough's diary, debates about animal captivity and conservation, wolves in storyland and reality
  • Tribal art - Native American totem poles

To develop our learning about Arctic wildlife, we will be going on a class trip on Wednesday 21st February to see the wolves at the UK Wolf Conservation Trust in Beenham.  Look out for some great photos and writing from this inspirational day.

Other dates to put on the calendar are:

Whole School 'Modern Biathlon' - Friday 9th March.

Bikeability for Y5 in the week beginning 19th March.  A letter with more details will be sent home.

Class 4's class assembly - Friday 23rd March.

Walk Through Easter for Y5 - Monday 26th March.  A letter with more details will be sent home.


Viking Day - November 2017

Class 4 shared an amazing day in November with the Viking warrior Erik Erikkson.  He brought a huge collection of Viking objects with him, which we were able to handle, try on and ask questions about.

The children took part in a village meeting (called a “Thing" by the Vikings). We found out about the different types of trial that were used including Trial by Worth, Trial by Ordeal and Trial by Combat. Some of our brave Vikings undertook the trials and found out about the possible punishments they might face.

We heard about how Viking names were given and loved thinking about ours, e.g. Isla Rachellesdottir.  Two children were horrified to find that they were very nearly old enough to get married and even worse, that their eldest male relative would decide who they should marry!  We even helped provide a bit of muscle for Erik to help him mint two Viking coins.

Handling axes, spears, shields, swords, helmets and armour including replicas of two of the most famous and iconic helmets of the period, the Jorvik helmet and the Sutton Hoo helmet from one of the largest private collections in the UK were  highlights of the day.  Both classes came up with a blood-curdling battle chant of their own, which they performed to terrifying effect!

It turned out to be an inspiring and memorable way to launch our learning about the Vikings this half-term, which was impressively demonstrated in our class assembly.  We really enjoyed sharing all our expertise with the rest of the school and our families.

Click into the News and Events section to see photos from Viking Day.

The Road Through The Woods - September 2017

Class 4 have had an inspiring and rewarding time this half term exploring the village woodland called Hudson Copse.  We spent six hours over three days really getting to know the woods and letting nature get right under our skin.

We put on our wellies and walked down The Street to the wood where we explored the new paths which have recently been opened up the woodland and made our own maps.  It was really exciting to have the freedom be able to find out more about our local area.

Once we had explored the paths we looked at the trees in more detail and discovered that there are six main species growing in the copse.  Having identified them from their bark, leaves, size, shape and any berries or nuts we then split into groups and took one tree each as our emblem. 

Over the course of the week we learnt more about our special trees, including trying to find the tallest and oldest one growing in Hudson Copse.  With some very long tape measures we were able to find their approximate age by halving their circumference at 1.5m above the ground and their height by walking away from them and looking back through our legs!  It was a funny sight – but quite effective.

In our art lessons at school we have been learning about Andy Goldsworthy and inspired by him, we made 3D environmental art in the woods.  It was great fun to find materials where before we hadn’t really thought there were any and also to choose a spot to showcase our work.  Some was under the sheltering boughs of trees, others hung in the honeysuckle and yet others balanced on fallen branches.

Looking at the woodland from different perspectives gave us a whole new way of thinking about the world around us: we lay on the leaf litter and looked up into the canopy; we got down low and studied the moss and lichen; we took photos from different angles and will submit them to the Woodland Trust as part of our school’s work towards the Silver Tree Award.

For many people a highlight was coming face to face with a newly hatched grass snake as it slithered harmlessly across the Scout Hut car park.  Others loved to make art out of nature.  For others it was the ‘mystical’, ‘magical’ experience of just being in a wood and feeling and hearing different things from ‘normal’. 

As Monty said, “It is special to have a wood.  They must never build houses here.”

Click into the News and Events section to see photos from Hudson Copse.

Autumn Term 2017 - Welcome Back

We are looking forward to working with your child this year.  Partnership between home and school is very important.  Please do make us aware of any issues or worries that may be affecting your child. You can write a message in their Reading Record Book (which replaces the old Homework Diary), speak to us in the playground after school, send an email to or call the office and make an appointment.

  • We will be encouraging the children to become more independent when completing academic tasks and to think about ways to extend and challenge themselves.  Throughout the year we will continue to develop a culture of positivity and persistence – having a growth mind-set makes a huge difference to learning outcomes.
  • Spellings are taught according to school policy. The children will take part in spelling sessions during the week focusing on different aspects of spelling.  A list of words will be sent home on a Monday for your child to focus on over the coming days.  Stick it up somewhere obvious and refer to it!
  • Year 4’s are expected to spend 30 minutes on both of their weekly maths and English homework tasks.  Year 5’s should spend 40 minutes on each. As was the case with Maths last year, the children will be using a variety of different strategies. If your child is completing some homework and is unsure of the strategy please discuss with us. 
  • The KS2 Times Table Challenge will continue.  Each week your child will have a times table to learn and they will be tested on a Tuesday.  There will be a note in their maths homework book to show which one they should work on.  The test could include multiplication or division facts and will be in a random order.

This year is another exciting step in your child’s academic development - we hope you enjoy being on the journey with us!