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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School

Rabbit Class YR/1


Welcome to Rabbit Class

Please see the ELSA page for information on emotional support. Remember to scroll down to find the resources!

Friday 3rd July

pointillism for kids - Google Search | Homeschool art, Classroom ...

In school this week we have created our own art work by using a technique called 'Pointilisim'. It is where you create a picture by dipping a cotton buds into paint and pointing it onto the paper. 

This is a lovely video to watch and explain how the technique works.

Thursday 2nd July

Suggested activity

Mini Beast Hunt - The Land Trust

As the weather is finally looking a little brighter we thought it would be nice to get outside and look for some mini beasts. I know you may have done something similar but with all this wet weather we have had we are sure there will be lots more to find! At the bottom there is a sheet you can use to record what bugs you find and where. Happy hunting! 

Wednesday 1st July

Suggested activity

Today we would like you to get someone to help you do the butterfly folding activity that we have been doing in Rabbit class. 

There is a folding butterfly and a challenge with a origami butterfly. Both good for practising following instructions and your fine motor skills to help you do neat writing. Find the instructions and template attached at the bottom.

From Mrs Proctor, Mrs Zebedee and Mrs Baronne.

Tuesday 30th June

Suggested Activity

Watch the clip below and learn all about the parts of  a plant.

If you have got any weeds in your garden that you could pull up you could look really carefully at all of the plant. PLEASE check that it is a weed! Can you draw and label it?

You might like to watch this time lapse film  of a runner bean growing.

From Mrs Proctor


Monday 29th June

Suggested Activity

Enjoy listening to some children using the pictures to help them tell the story of 'Lucy and Tom at the seaside' by Shirley Hughes.

Then find a story with lovely pictures that you enjoy or a new one and tell it in your own words. You could do it with someone else, taking it in turns to tell it in your own words. Some of you might like to act it out too.

Mrs Proctor, Mrs Zebedee and Mrs Baronne

Friday 26th June

Suggested Activity

Set 1 Maths - Half Term Challenge

Today's activity is based around a maths challenge! There isn't a set task we would like you to focus on so feel free to choose something that takes your interest. 


Year 1:

Mrs Zebedee, Mrs Proctor and Mrs Baronne

Thursday 25th June

Suggested Activity

Time for some Yoga...

This session is all about 'Stella the Stick Insect'...enjoy and try not to get to hot and bothered! 

Mrs Zebedee, Mrs Proctor and Mrs Baronne

Wednesday 24th June

Suggested Activity

Enjoy 'The Caterpillar shoes' story, it can be found on the link below.

Listen really carefully. How many rhyming words can you hear? 

How many shoes did the caterpillar give away? 

Can you design a pair of foot wear for a creature?

From Mrs Proctor, Mrs Zebedee and Mrs Baronne

Tuesday 23rd June

Suggested Activity

Henri Matisse. The Snail. 1953 | MoMA

Today we are going to look at 'The Snail' by the artist Henri Matisse that is hanging in the Tate Gallery.

Can you see the spiral shape in his collage picture?

The Snail By Henri Matisse | Henri Matisse Snail | Matisse snail ...Henri Matisse's The Snail: Meaning & Facts |


Have a go at making your own snail picture in the style of Henri Matisse using collage. To find out more information about him and how you might do it go to Tate kids at

Here are some examples 

Blog Archives - SWITZER ELEMENTARY ART GALLERYWe are Artists! | St Teresa's Catholic Primary SchoolHenri Matisse Snail from our last summer Holiday to Tate Modern in ...


Have fun with your collage

From Mrs Proctor, Mrs Zebedee and Mrs Baronne


 Monday 22nd June

Suggested Activity

Have a go at making a racing caterpillar by following the instructions on

Perhaps you could make a few so that you can race them with someone in your household. 

Practise learning first, second, third, fourth carrying on with as many as you can. Challenge - can you read and write the words ?

From Mrs Proctor

Friday 19th June 

Suggested Activity

As it's Friday we thought we would bring back our Friday challenge that we use to complete in school. So below we have attached  an animal word search. 

Good luck :)

Mrs Zebedee, Mrs Proctor and Mrs Baronne

Thursday 18th June

Suggested Activity

Today at school we are getting creative and making butterflies from old toliet rolls and paper....

Jennifer's Little World blog - Parenting, craft and travel ...

Follow the link above and it will give you instructions of how you make this colourful creature. 

Have fun! 

From  Mrs Zebedee, Mrs Proctor and Mrs Baronne.

Wednesday 17th June

Thank You Thank You Card | Caroline Gardner UK

Suggested Activity

Yesterday at school we were thinking about things that we are thankful for. We made a Thank you card for Mr Baronne because we are really enjoying watching the caterpillars transform into butterflies.

So your activity today is to think about all the things or people that you are thankful for. You could make a list, draw pictures of them or make someone a thank you card.

From Mrs Proctor, Mrs Zebedee and Mrs Baronne.

Tuesday 16th June

Suggested Activity

Our caterpillars at school have been eating so much that they are ready to turn into chrysalis. Read or listen to The very Hungry Caterpillar by  Eric Carle

Make your own Hungry Caterpillar menu.  A different type of food for each day of the week. Don't forget that the amount of food goes up for each new day. You could make it like a zig-zag book.

While you are doing it you can make sure that you can say the days of the week in order, some of you will be able to read and spell it too.

We are looking forward to hearing about your delicious Hungry Caterpillar menu

From Mrs Proctor, Mrs Zebedee and Mrs Baronne.

HUNGRY+CATERPILLAR 17 files uoloaded | Hungry caterpillar, Very ...

Monday 15th June

Suggested Activity

Today we would like you to think of the word 'symmetry'. Look around and see if you can find anything that is symmetrical. Then make a symmetrical butterfly or pattern. You could use a lego board divided into 2 and put your lego bricks on it so that they make a symmetrical pattern. Maybe you could make a model that is exactly the same on both sides. Sometimes it helps to make a pattern and hold it up to a mirror to see what it would look like whole.

We would love to to see your symmetry work 

From Mrs Proctor, Mrs Zebedee and Mrs Baronne

Exploring Symmetry With LEGO - Mama.Papa.Bubba.Shape Symmetry |A Study of Symmetry: When, Where, and Why to Use It - DesignFestivalBeautiful land art mandala made from natural materials - great way ...Symmetrical Pattern Making with Natural Materials - The ...


Friday 12th June 

the life cycle of a butterfly - I just think this is so amazing ...

Suggested Activity

A science activity today...we thought it would be interesting to look at the life cycle of a butterfly. So at the bottom we have attached at powerpoint with all the facts you need. Please record your findings as that is what all great scientists do. We have also attached something for out record on, but if your would like to do it in your own way then that is absolutely fine! 

From Mrs Zebedee, Mrs Proctor and Mrs Baronne

Thursday 11th June

Suggested Activity

Today's task is to re-read 'The Cautious Caterpillar'. What happens at the beginning, middle and end of the story?  Make sure you pay lots of attention as you are going to create a story map. At the bottom of this page there is a template you can follow or if you want to create your own then please do! 

From Mrs Zebedee, Mrs Proctor and Mrs Baronne

Wednesday 10th June

Suggested Activity

Have a go at making your own dragon fly. Use the ideas below to help you or create  some of your own. Please send your creations with Mrs Fox so that we can share ideas. 

Handprint Dragonfly Craft - Raising Little Superheroes   Clothespin Dragonfly | Kids' Crafts | Fun Craft Ideas ...    Easy Button Dragonfly Craft (With images) | Dragon fly craft ...  

Dragonfly Craft Template -Easy Paper Craft for Kids!     Art & Craft Ideas - Page 15 of 69 - Get Daily Art and Crafts Ideas ...

Milly did a great job with her caterpillar. I like the way that you used different sized chains Milly.


Tuesday 9th June

Suggested Activity

Design a menu for a Mini beast Cafe. Think about the kind of things the different creatures might like to eat  and drink. Then make up some good names for each dish. Choose a dish and write the ingredients you might need. Maybe you could make write and illustrate the recipe. We are going to make some today in the mud kitchen.

This is one of the choices on my menu.

Wood louse burger - Layers of dried leaves and bark in a tasty green grass bun served with Gloopy Green mud sauce on the side to dip your wood chips in.

Enjoy designing your yummy Mini beast menu!

From Mrs Proctor, Mrs Zebedee and Mrs Baronne

Monday 8th June

Suggested Activity

At school we have been reading  The Cautious Caterpillar.

We will be doing lots of work around this story during the week.

Today make your own paper chain caterpillar, as long and as colourful as you like.  You might like to make it into your own number line by writing numbers on each chain, perhaps it is an odd or even caterpillar? You could write the alphabet on it.

Have fun

Mrs Proctor, Mrs Zebedee and Mrs Baronne

14 Paper Crafts That Will Keep Your Kid Occupied For Hoursadorable, paper-chain caterpillar / Preschool items - Juxtapost

Friday 5th June

Suggested activity

As it's Friday we thought we would bring back our Friday challenge that we use to complete in school. So below we have attached a mini beast word search for you to complete. 

Good luck :)

Mrs Zebedee, Mrs Proctor and Mrs Baronne

Thursday 4th June

Suggested activity

Today we would like you to paint your favourite mini-beasts!

  • Find a stone
  • Give it a wash
  • Paint on your favourite mini-beast
  • Once it's dry they are a lovely thing to have in your garden

Hand painted stones # minibeast# (With images) | Hand painted ...

Have fun!

Mrs Zebedee, Mrs Proctor and Mrs Baronne

Wednesday 3rd June

Suggested activity

Today we would like you to watch the video clip

It is all about wood louse. Can you compare a wood louse with yourself. Look for the similarities and differences. When we watched it in class yesterday there was one fact on the video clip that made us laugh, I wonder if you can guess what it was? Let us know on our class blog.

From Mrs Proctor, Mrs Zebedee and Mrs Baronne

Tuesday 2nd June

Suggested Activity

This half term as part of our topic work we will be looking at creatures you might find in different environments. Today is all about the number 6. How many creatures might you find living in your garden, a park or woodland that has 6 legs? Can you make your own information poster or booklet about one of them? Maybe you could make a model of it?

Mrs Proctor, Mrs Zebedee and Mrs Baronne

See the source image


Monday 1st June

Suggested Activity

Space mission

During the half term holiday on 30th May two astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken travelled  into space to the international space station.

See the source image

Would you like to travel into space? They made the rocket so that it can be used again so maybe one day soon more people will be able to travel into space. 

  • Make or draw your own space rocket.
  • You might like to find out about a planet you could visit.
  • Make some space music using objects around you. 
  • Write or make a space journey picture story 

Enjoy your space mission

Mrs Proctor, Mrs Zebedee and Mrs Baronne


Friday 22nd May 

Suggested Activity

Rainbow Jar

Today we have set a really fun science experiment that you can easily do at home! It is all about 'density', if you don't know what that is then don't worry you will when you have finished the task! At the bottom of this page is your activity. 

Don't forget next week is half term so there will be no suggested activities. 

Rainbow in a Jar Science Experiment

Thursday 21st May 

Suggested Activity

Teddy Tombola 

The school fair inspired this game…TOY TOMBOLA

  1. Write numbers on a bit of paper. Go up to the number you think your child will be able to do confidently. For Ewan I did 1-20.
  2. Cut the numbers up and fold into quarters and pop into a bag or box.
  3. Grab the corresponding number of toys/items. I used Paw Patrol cards and small toys. Lay them out in a line.
  4. The game is pick a “ticket” from the bag and open it (fine motor skills required to unfold the paper – tick!) and then count along the line to see which toy they’ve ‘won’
  5. Put the number next to the toy and choose again until they are all done.

Have fun!

Mrs Zebedee + Mrs Proctor +  Mrs Baronne

Wednesday 20th May

Suggested Activity

Kims Game

This is a  memory game that you need to play with someone else. One of my friends plays it virtually with her granddaughter at the moment, they both have a tray with different things on it and then they both practise using their observational skills and memory!

Have a look at the link below. Make your own by adding more objects, writing some of the tricky words you are learning on pieces of paper and putting those in the middle, words with the phonics you need to practise in or maybe numbers to recognise.

Have fun

Mrs Proctor, Mrs Zebedee and Mrs Baronne

Tuesday 19th May

Suggested Activity

Exercise and singing today! Learn these songs from 'Out of the Ark'.

Can you make your own actions to go with the Cardboard box song? You might like to make your own verse to go with it to and share it with us all on our class blog.

Mrs Proctor, Mrs Zebedee and Mrs Baronne

Clap Hands! Stamp Feet  -

I've  got a cardboard box -






Monday 18th May


Suggested Acti

Image result for Crafts Wind Chimes to MakeImage result for Crafts Wind Chimes to MakeImage result for Crafts Wind Chimes to Make

Today we would like you to have a go at making your own wind chime.

There are lots of different types of wind chimes that you could try. You could use  a mixture of natural objects like different shaped twigs, leaves  and human made things like bottle tops, old CDs, spoons, beads, bells  . 

Some wind chimes just look beautiful moving in the wind so think about the colours and shapes you might use. Some make a sound as they move in the wind so if you want to make one of those you need to think about the things you will need that make sounds you like. 

This video clip might help you and at bottom of the page there is an example of how to make one and some ideas for your grown ups.




Mrs Proctor, Mrs Zebedee and Mrs Baronne

Friday 15th May

Suggested Activity

Today we would like you to choose your favourite animal and find out as much about it as possible! 

  • Where does it live?
  • What does it eat?
  • What does it look like?
  • What are it's babies called?

These are the types of things you could try and find out. Once you have done this you could make a poster or information book about you chosen animal. My chosen animal would be the Giant Panda! 

14 Wildlife Cameras of Animals That Have No Idea the World Is in ...

Mrs Zebedee, Mrs Proctor and Mrs Baronne

Thursday 14th May

Suggested Activity

This is a great activity that can be adapted to pretty much all learning and different age ranges. It is also a great one to do with siblings. Enjoy! 

Wednesday 13th May

Suggested Activity

Design your own board game! Over these last few weeks we have been playing lots of games at home. I wonder if you could make you own game, what would you create? What could you collect? What might you land on? All you need is a piece of paper, pens, and your creative brains! Make it as colourful as possible. At the bottom of the page is a template you could use, but feel free to design your own. 

Have fun!

Mrs Zebedee, Mrs Proctor and Mrs Baronne

Tuesday 12th May

Suggested Activity

Today is International Nurses Day.  It celebrates all the hard working nurses around the world. One of the most famous was Florence Nightingale who was born 200 years ago today. One of the things she is is famous for is showing everyone how important it is to make sure everything was kept clean and organised in hospitals. 

Today we would like you to watch some of the nurses at Northampton General Hospital singing

They are all working as part of a team. At school we often talk about working as a part of a team, as part of a class team, in a sports team or a team of people who help us in our school. 

Activities for you to try

  • Think about all the qualities you think a good team needs to have and why sometimes it is better to do something as part of a team rather than on your own.
  • Draw or write about when you have been part of a team.
  • Find out some more information about Florence Nightingale.
  • There are lots of different types of nurses, find out about some of them.
  • Make a International Nurses Celebration Day card.

Mrs Proctor, Mrs Zebedee and Mrs Baronne



Monday 11th May

Suggested Activity

We have been thinking about celebrations this weekend so  todays suggested activity is to use the letters in the word       celebrations to make lots of new words.

Writing each letter of the word on to a small piece of paper or use magnetic letters if you have them so that you can keep moving them around to make words might help you. Use your phonics to help you. 

Other challenges

  • Put some of the words you have found in alphabetical order.
  • Use a timer.
  • What is the longest word you can make?
  • Group them according to the phonic patterns you can see.
  • Use some of the words in a sentence, not all the words in the sentence need to be made from 'celebrations'. Say the sentence to someone or get someone to help you write the sentence.

My sentence is           Can you use your brain?  

I wonder how many words you can make?

Mrs Proctor, Mrs Zebedee and Mrs Baronne

Thursday 7th May

Suggested Activity

Hopefully from yesterday's activity you have a little more understanding about what VE day is. My Nonna is 95 and remembers the day clearly. I phoned to ask her what happened and she said they had a huge street party and stayed up very late singing songs and playing games. Her strongest memory was of her waving a flag when the news broke that the war was over. 

So I thought it would be lovely if you could make your own union Jack flag out of things you have at home. Be as creative as you can! Nonna said she would love to see some of the flags you have made to put a smile on her face, so if you wanted to email them to Mrs Fox then please do!

As tomorrow is a bank holiday there will be NO suggested activity or blog!

Mrs Zebedee, Mrs Proctor and Mrs Baronne 

Coronavirus ruins VE Day anniversary plans — but Britons move ...

Wednesday 6th May

Suggested Activity

Today we would like you to design your own celebration cake.

It might be to celebrate a birthday  or perhaps for the VE day celebrations on Friday. It is the 75th aniversary, when guns fell silent at the end of World War 2 in Europe. Perhaps a grown up could help you learn a little bit more about VE day.

VE-day 50th anniversaryMinions Signature Celebration Cake Decorating Set - Stef Chef

You might like to bake a cake or make one from recycled material, it won't taste so nice but it will look good!

Mrs Proctor, Mrs Zebedee and Mrs Baronne

Tuesday 5th May

Suggested Activity

What would you live in?

When we were altogether at school we had been working on our history topic of the Great Fire of London. 

 We had been looking at the way they lived and what their homes looked like. London House Silhouette

For todays activity you need to think about what you would like your home to be if you could choose. You could draw it, build it from something like lego or craft materials  or make it so that you can fit into it!

Have fun

Mrs Proctor, Mrs Zebedee and Mrs Baronne

Monday 4th April

Suggested Activity

Todays activity is from Mrs  Baronne  and Mrs Jolliffe and is part of the work they do in school with our school  JRSO (Junior  Road Safety officers) representative's. Use our class blog to let us know some of your rules.

Mrs Proctor, Mrs Zebedee and Mrs Baronne

Dear Rabbit Class,
We hope that you are enjoying your daily exercise and remembering the important Road Safety rules when you are out on the streets. Especially when you are on your bikes you must wear a helmet! 

We would like you to write some rules, do’s and dont’s for example ; when crossing a road to get off your bikes and walk across rather than stay on your bikes to cross.
Can you make some fun safe games up or role play for when you come back to school or to share?
Look forward to hearing your ideas!
Mrs Baronne and Mrs Jolliffe


Friday 1st May

Suggested Activity

Our school value for this half term is Friendship! Which is quite tricky to think about at the moment when we can't see them. I know I miss mine very much but I love speaking to them on the phone or sending them a text. Hopefully it won't be much longer before we are altogether again. 

I would like you to think about one of your friends and create a friendship poster about them. You could draw a picture. then you could write some adjectives around them about why they are good friend. e.g funny, kind, brave etc. 

Please head over to the blog when you have finished your poster to tell me why your friend is so special, if you don't want to tell me their name then that is absolutely fine. 

New addition to Whitewater Website - Religious Ethos Page

Our religious ethos at Whitewater CofE Primary informs the character, culture, learning and life of our school. We are pleased to share how we live and breathe our beliefs on the ‘Religious Ethos Page’ that can now be found within the ‘Our School’ section of the Whitewater website. It includes useful information under the headings of School Prayers, Church Community, Collective Worship, Home School Values, R.E. Curriculum, Spirituality and The Big Freize.


Thursday 30th April

Suggested Activity

Smash an Egg!

Five Minute Mum - EGG-CELLENT SMASHING...(a video from...

So this is the reason why I asked you to save all your egg shells! This is a great activity that I have been doing a lot of at home. You can relate it to pretty much any number work you like or even phonics. Here are some maths ideas you could try. 

  • Find the number...
  • Smash the egg that is 2+2=...
  • One more/One less...
  • Smash the egg that is 5 less than 10...

This idea came from a blog that I have been following for while...have a look at her website as she has some great ideas! She is also on Facebook and Instagram. 

Have a smashing time!

Mrs Zebedee, Mrs Proctor and Mrs Baronne 


Wednesday 29th April

Suggested Activity

Wet weather designs

You may need some wet weather gear this week. I have a very boring black umbrella because my daughter borrowed my lovely red and white spotted one and has left it at university! So I was thinking about what kind of umbrella I would have if I could design my own. Maybe it would have some special features. Rather like Mary Poppins uses her umbrella to fly over the roof tops.

Have a think and design your own special umbrella or a pair of boots maybe. Think about the colours and extra features. We look forward to hearing about your designs  on our class blog.

Mrs Proctor, Mrs Zebedee and Mrs Baronne


Tuesday 28th April

Suggested Activity

Make your indoor game to play today.

It might be something like your own Snakes and Ladders game. 

There is an example below where you add your own snakes and ladders, it also has some questions about snakes so you might like to make your own fact file to answer the questions. 

You could adapt it for different challenges.

For example

  • Put a different number at the start or make an alphabet one instead
  • Have a question that you need to answer before you can go up the ladder "Tell me the number that is 1 less, 2 more" etc
  • Don't use snakes and ladders in the game, use your own theme instead.

Have fun and tell us all about your new game on our class blog

Mrs Proctor, Mrs Zebedee and Mrs Baronne

Monday 27th April

Suggested Activity

It is Tell a Story Day. Go to the link and listen  to someone very familiar to you reading Mrs Armitage on Wheels by Quentin Blake.

When you have listened to it I would like you to think about what you would add to your bicycle and why. You might like to draw a picture of it, make a list of what you would need or add some of them to your own bicycle. I hope you have as much fun as I did!




Friday 24th April

52 Homemade Musical Instruments to Make | FeltMagnet

Suggested activity 

Using anything from your house can you make you own musical instrument? You could make a shaker using an old bottle and rice. A drum using a can and rubber balloon over the top. Once you've made and decorated it does it work? Head over to the blog once you've done this and let me know how you got on. 

Activity for next week: Please can you ask you grown up to save any eggs shells from when they crack an egg. Please save as many as possible by washing them out carefully as we will need them for an exciting activity next week :) 

Thursday 23rd April 

Suggested activity 

This week at home my 2 sons and I made special potions from all the things we could find in our garden or from our walk. We used an old bowl and filled it up with water and added different ingredients e.g. cut up a bright yellow dandelion, a sprinkle of  mucky mud etc. Yes this might be a messy one but they loved it! They used wooden spoons to mix their potions and spent hours adding different ingredients.  Now with your potions can you:

  • Write  list of ingredients
  • Describe the different ingredients and their amounts e.g. 1 white, small daisy etc.  
  • Write a message on our blog about what special power your potion would do/give.  Can't wait to hear how creative you have been!

Growing a Magic Potion Garden - Picklebums

Wednesday 22nd April

Suggested activity

I have found lots of mini beasts whilst I have been doing my gardening. Go on a mini beast hunt. At the bottom of the page is an attachment of a mini beast recording sheet that you might like to use. Don't forget to be gentle when searching for your mini beasts and to be careful not to disturb their habitat.

If you were a mini beast what would you be and why?

Tuesday 21st April

Suggested activity

Be creative today with rainbows.  Quentin Blake has written and illustrated many books, including one of my favourites 'Mrs Armitage on wheels' He  has created 10 e-cards to raise money for the NHS. Each illustration has a rainbow in it. The rainbows are in unusual places! 

More of them can be found at

You are all so creative so have a go at making your own pictures or models of rainbows in unusual places.

Have fun and keep safe

From Mrs Proctor, Mrs Zebedee and Mrs Baronne.

Monday 20th April   

Suggested activity

You may have been using Joe Wicks keep fit session or other ways to keep yourself fit over the last few weeks. Well todays suggested activity is to make up one of your own! Use some of the shapes that we have been learning in Gymnastics, Pike, Straddle ,Straight, Tuck and Star, see the link below for examples. There are some extra ones too that you might like to use or add in some of your own.

Get everyone involved and see if you can make your own exercise poster or video.

Have fun and make sure there are no injuries! 

Mrs Proctor, Mrs Zebedee and Mrs Baronne

Friday 3rd April

Easter Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock

Good morning Rabbits! So it's the last day before the Easter holidays where we get to eat lots and lots of tasty treats :) I know these last few weeks have been very different and at times quite challenging for us (myself included). But now we can have a couple of weeks of just spending quality time with our family and no school work. If you do want to keep busy over the holidays then have a look here:

Therefore there will be NO suggested activities over the next 2 weeks. But don't worry after the Easter holidays we have something very exciting planned! So watch this space :) 

At the bottom of this page is a suggested activity for today. It is called 'Science investigation-Float or Sink'. 

Make sure you try to relax over these next 2 weeks and stay safe!

Mrs Zebedee, Mrs Proctor + Mrs Barronne

Thursday 2nd April

Kids+exercises+vector Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

Hello Rabbits! I'm currently sat here in my PE kit waiting to start Joe Wick's PE lesson. Make sure you have a look if you have not already done so. It's great and definitely gets your heart pumping. He runs a class everyday at 9am via YouTube.

Challenge Signs, Literacy Signs and Maths Signs | Teaching Resources

We thought we would set you some Maths challenges today. So we have attached some problems at the bottom of the page for you. There are some for Reception and some for Year 1. Don't forget, tell your grown up how you know what the answer is...what did you have to do to get there?! Also what could you use around the house to help? Enjoy!

Mrs Zebedee, Mrs Proctor + Mrs Baronne


Tuesday 31st March

It is the last day of March.  It looks like we are going to have some sunshine. March has 31 days in it. Can you find out how many other months of the year have 31 days?

Today there is a fun measuring challenge to do with your feet. Please make sure they are clean, no cheesy feet!

The task is attached at the bottom of the page.

Enjoy your challenge

Mrs Proctor, Mrs Zebedee and Mrs Baronne

Just a reminder about our E-Safety rules to use at home as we do in school to keep children and adults safe online. Whitewater E-Safety poster is attached below.

Monday 30th March

I hope you all had a good weekend. Did you have really varied weather where you live? I had sunshine, rain, snow and lots of wind! Mrs Proctor  was out in her garden planting lots of vegetables and helping her son to put a new liner in our pond. Hopefully when we are all back at school we will be able to pond dip in our lovely school pond.  

This Happy Monday is based on  the Winnie The Pooh stories by A.A. Milne


Todays task

Can you make your own  'Happy Monday' poster? Make one with your  favourite characters from a book, television. or film.  You might choose to do one that includes the people you live with or your friends . Make it really bright and eye catching. Something that might cheer you up if you are having a bad day.

Have a good day and stay safe

Mrs Proctor, Mrs Zebedee  and Mrs Baronne




Friday 27th March

It's Friday!! Which means one thing, it's nearly the weekend for you and your grown ups ;)

I have attached your learning task for today and it's at the bottom of this page, it's called 'Spot the Difference'. Don't worry if you don't have a printer you can just find the differences on the computer screen. 

Have a lovely weekend and stay safe!

Mrs Zebedee, Mrs Proctor + Mrs Barronne


Thursday 26th March 

Good  morning! It looks like it's going to be another beautiful if you can try and make the most of it :) 

How did you get on with your challenge yesterday!? I'm sure you all managed to workout that it was....Elmer! 

Now today's task is a little different. As part of keeping everyone smiling the government have asked you to create a rainbow picture to put up in your windows at home. Then when you go on a walk you can count how many you can spot. You can use any material to create you picture so go wild!! The more colourful and crazy the better. 

Mrs Zebedee, Mrs Proctor + Mrs Baronne

See the source image