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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School

British Values

British Values:

The British Values (2011) of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and values are closely integrated with our school values of Fellowship, Courage and Creativity.


How We Promote It


  • Fellowship
  • We have an elected School Council with representatives from each class
  • Eco-Council meets weekly and includes members from every class
  • The school has two Junior Road Safety Officers
  • Each class develops a Class Charter with agreed rights and responsibilities for the coming year
  • Year 6 are encouraged to take on posts of responsibility throughout the school, including Librarians, House captains and Sports Captains
  • All children belong to a school house and housepoints are awarded for citizenship, as well as academic progress and attainment.
  • We follow the Hampshire guidelines in our PSHE curriculum – including units on community and belonging


The Rule of Law

  • Fellowship
  • Courage
  • Our Behaviour Policy has been recently reviewed and updated – promoting a consistent approach to recognising good behaviour across the school and imposing sanctions for inappropriate behaviour. Good behaviour is often rewarded through our weekly Golden Assembly
  • The recognition and understanding of right and wrong is constantly referred to within our collective worship
  • The PSHE curriculum contains topics based on how laws are developed and managed in the UK and elsewhere.
  • Classroom Charters set out agreed practices for each class


Individual Liberty

  • Fellowship
  • Courage
  • Creativity
  • The PSHE curriculum encourages the children to make sensible informed choices and understand age appropriate risks and pressures
  • Each term the children are able to choose from a wide range of clubs and activities run by school staff and outside agencies
  • Inter and intra school events are open to children eg: writing and sports events
  • The JRSO’s promote the sensible choices to be made in road safety awareness
  • Year 6 attend the annual Junior Citizen event to prepare them for their growing independence
  • The Eco- Council promotes responsibility and the choices to be made in helping to protect the environment


Mutual Respect

  • Fellowship
  • Creativity
  • The school has a Single Equalities policy which promotes the celebration of differences and the respect of all
  • The class charters identify the rights and responsibilities of every child
  • Themes within collective worship encourage the respect of ourselves and others
  • The PSHE curriculum includes units at each age range to promote self- respect and respect of others


Tolerance of other Faiths and Beliefs

  • Fellowship
  • Courage
  • The curriculum provides opportunities for visitors from other faiths
  • The school follows the Hampshire Agreed RE syllabus Living Differences and focuses on Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Islam
  • Although we are a Church of England school, our collective worship themes include stories and references to other faiths



These values are promoted throughout our school community, curriculum, PSHE programme, focus days and weeks, groups and clubs, as well as collective worship.