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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School

Results from Day 2 - Whitewater Sports Week

What a day yesterday! Special mention to Fox Class who seemed to love day two! Have a look at the amount of blogs they had and all of the detail that they included! It is also wonderful to see so many families taking part together including the Heavers, Brooks and Bucks as well as fellowship from Lex and William!

The children in school seemed to have a lot of fun too with lots of water being spilled and improvements being made with each attempt. Well done to all of you who representing your house and earned your 10 points!


Due to the weather today and tomorrow there is a slight change to the order of the events. 

Obstacle course meant for today and the fancy dress race meant for tomorrow will both now take place on Friday!

Scores from day two:

Diamond -  200 points
Emerald -  110 points
Ruby -  100 points
Sapphire -  80 points

Total scores after day two:

Diamond -  380 points

Emerald -  250 points

Ruby -  200 points

Sapphire -  120 points

The results from yesterday will be updated by 9:30 today

Have a look at the PDF below for the main activity where you can score your house some points as well as the extra activities to take part in.

Main activity - Bucket Ball

Optional extra activities: water balloon catch and recycled bowling