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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School

Tuesday 12th May

Magic Powers

I have been watching the birds flying in and out of my garden over the last few days.  It made me wonder where they were off to when they flew away and what it must be like to be able to fly.  If I could have any magical power I liked, I think I would like the ability to fly.  It would be amazing to just fly up into the air whenever I wished and fly off to wherever I liked.

If you could have any magical power you liked, what would you have and why?

Mrs L & Mrs B

  • Ela 3 years ago
    Good morning Mrs B and Mrs L, if I could have any power I would love to be invisible because then no one could see where I was going but I would! I would go and get snacks from the snack cupboard and play roblox without anyone knowing. We have lots of birds here too. We had a black bird flapping in our attick for 3 days. He kept going in and out. Then when I woke up the other day I heard flapping and it had come down from the chimney into our living room! me and my mum opened the window so it could fly out but he didnt budge! then I was looking outside at the neighbour's cat and he came flying over to me and made me jump so I ran away to my room and shut the door! From Ela! Stay Safe.
  • Fox James 3 years ago
    Hi Mrs L and Mrs B If I could have any magic power I would have the ability to turn into a robin because they can fly and they look like they are always happy they have lovely colours and they fly into other people's gardens and look through their windows. Also you know blossom (my cactus) she is going to a different place but shes growing different plants in her soil! I have a new echeveria subsessilis succulent called Amber and guess what she is a mother to 5 other baby's! She is also flowering shes looks amazing my mum will send a picture to the school and hopefully you can see it .
  • Fox Isabella 3 years ago
    Good morning everyone!! I hope you are all well and having fun! When I was younger I also wanted the ability to fly so that I could go anywhere by flying, but now that I have been watching the Harry Potter series again, I really want to be a witch and get my Hogwarts letter when I am 11. 3 years ago, i fulfilled my dream of flying when i went to ifly in basingstoke and it was amazing. Everyone was so kind and I loved going all the way to the top. I really wish that the experience lasted for longer so that I could learn more and more tricks in the air. The reason I want to go to Hogwarts is because I could learn so many things using magic. It would be awesome to be able to do spells and charms with just a flick of my wand. My nanny says that she is a witch and that she does spells on my grandad! Thank you all for reading my blog. I cannot wait to hear what powers fox class would have! Stay safe from Isabella
  • Fox Jacob 3 years ago
    Hi Mrs L and B if I had a super power it would be to teleport so i can get to places quickly and safely not getting covid 19.. from Fox Jacob
  • Fox Esme 3 years ago
    Hi Mrs L and Mrs B, If I had a magic power, I would like to fly, but I would also like to have ice power or water. If you could fly, where would you fly? Our house does not fancy chimneys to answer your question, but we do have traditional windows. From Esme
  • Fox Aston 3 years ago
    If I had a magical power it would be to have laser eyes because then I could light a fire to keep warm wherever I am and I could toast marshmallows and have light 🍡🍡👀
  • Fox Oliver 3 years ago
    Hello Mrs B and Mrs L if i had a super power i will choose to fly because then i can escape any thing that is coming my way
  • Mrs L & Mrs B 3 years ago
    Hi Ela, Being invisible sounds so much fun! Think of all the chocolate you could sneak from the kitchen! I hope the blackbird got out of your house okay. I wonder if it is nesting somewhere in the roof? Mrs L & Mrs B
  • Mrs L & Mrs B 3 years ago
    Hi James, Robins are such lovely birds. We have one that visits our garden every morning and has a bath in the bird bath. Being able to turn into one sounds like a good power to me! The news about your cactus sounds exciting. I have to admit, I had to look up 'subsessilis succulent' but I recognise the plant! They look so beautiful, I can't wait to see the pictures. Sounds like you are doing a great job of looking after them! Mrs L & Mrs B
  • Mrs L & Mrs B 3 years ago
    Hi Isabella, Going to Hogwarts, a great idea! I wonder what it would be like to be a witch and have a full range of magical powers. I imagine you could have lots of fun! I have not heard of Ifly, so I looked it up. Wow! It does look like fun. I would love to try something like that, thought I would probably crash land! Mrs L & Mrs B
  • Mrs L & Mrs B 3 years ago
    Hi Jacob, Teleportation is a fantastic power to have, I agree. Think of all the places you could go in a blink of an eye! Going away on holiday would be so much easier, you wouldn't have to use a car or a plane. Great idea! Mrs L & Mrs B
  • Mrs L & Mrs B 3 years ago
    Hi Esme, If I could fly, I think I would fly to Jersey, I love the island and have had many fantastic trips there. I wonder what you would do with your ice and water powers? Mrs L & Mrs B
  • Mrs L & Mrs B 3 years ago
    Hi Aston, I like the sound of using your powers to help your roast marshmallows! That is a great idea! A very handy power indeed. Mrs L & Mrs B
  • Mrs L & Mrs B 3 years ago
    Hi Oliver, I'm glad you agree with the flying power, I think it would come in very handy for a lot of reasons. It would make the trip to school a lot more interesting if you could fly! Mrs L & Mrs B

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