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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School

Wednesday 6th May 2020

Musical Memories

***Just a quick reminder that we will not be posting a daily blog or suggested daily activities this coming Friday 8th May. This bank holiday commemorates Victory in Europe Day, when our country celebrated the end of the Second World War ***

Good Morning All - another glorious sunny day and I can  hear a cuckoo for the third time this week - the first time being actually on May 1st. What a sign that summer is definitely on the way!

Changing the subject and staying  with the theme of one of our suggested activities today, what is your favourite piece of music/song/theme tune?

When did you first hear it?

What is it about this music that you love or like? Why?

Do you always turn to or think of  the same piece of music/song or tune when you are in certain frames of mind, such as on a sunny day like today or when you are perhaps feeling thoughtful or sad?

Is there any music that has become special to you since the lock-down?

Have a lovely day  and we look forward to hearing from you!

P.S Check out this link to a beautiful and uplifting song and video sent to us by Rev. Marion called ‘Looking To The Rainbow’ by Beckie Drake.  Hopefully you too will be inspired to try and learn the song that we could all sing together, when we are back together at Whitewater.





  • Fox James 3 years ago
    Hi Mrs L and Mrs B My favourite song is Flow Rida Low and the Final countdown because they both are original songs.I first heard the Final countdown in Star Wars attack of the clones (the song has been removed from the movie now and i don't know why).I first heard Flow Rida Low in the car on the radio (me and my mum always have a sing along when it comes on).P:S I also like summer of 69 by Bryan Adams. It was in honour of the year 1969.
  • Fox Esme 3 years ago
    Hi Mrs L and Mrs B, I have heard some cuckoo birds too and they are really annoying, I couldn't sleep with them always cooing! I don't have a favourite song, I am constantly listening to music. I hate classical music, it gives me a headache. From Esme
  • Fox jacob 3 years ago
    Hi mrs B and L I like happier because I like the beat
  • Mrs L & Mrs B 3 years ago
    Hi James, Like your song choices! Flo Rida Low was big when it came out and The Final Countdown is one of those huge stadium 'anthem' songs - a real air guitar and head banger opportunity! Summer of 69 - great summer tune too. Thanks for bringing those fab music memories to mind James!
  • Mrs L & Mrs B 3 years ago
    Hi Esme, are you sure it isn't the pigeons near your window that are 'froo, frooing' and keeping you awake? Wood pigeons like to coo/froo early in the day too and Mrs Laurie sometimes has to shut her bedroom window if they settle on her fence and decide to sing in the early morning! Not a classical music lover yet? There's still time! It can be hard to have a favourite song, we agree. Thanks for sharing!
  • Mrs L & Mrs B 3 years ago
    Hi Jacob, great tune that - always makes you feel good. The video that was released with it, that had all different dancers ,was great too. Just right for a day like today! Take care,

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