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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School

Tuesday 5th May 2020

Movie Time!

With our evenings being spent at home, we have been able to explore our movie collection once again.  Movie watching has become a regular occurrence in my ( Mrs B’s) house.  Yesterday evening I enjoyed watching Coco.  Has anyone else seen it?

I loved all the colour and music in the film, it is a very bright movie! The film is focused around the Mexican holiday ‘Day of the Dead’, a festival I have always found fascinating, with the theme of family running through it.  It has made me want to learn more about the festival.

What was the last film you saw and what did you think of it?

Mrs L & Mrs B

  • Fox Oliver 4 years ago
    Hello Mrs B and Mrs L the latest film i have seen is UP i like how the balloons just lift up the house from the floor. PIXAR has done a really good job at doing that film.
  • Ela 4 years ago
    Hi Mrs B and Mrs L, I have seen Coco before, it was a happy movie and I liked how the boy could play guitar so well. We watched an old movie made in 1960!!! Swiss Family Robinson. It was about a family who got lost in the ocean on their ship and landed on an island also some bad pirates and a girl whose grandad protected her by cutting her hair and dressing her in boys clothes. Then the ending was happy because the grandad came back for her and burned the pirate ship, before that there was a little boy in the family who was crazy with ideas and he caught a baby elephant and got to keep him, made traps for tigers (dug a pit)... They built a big jungle treehouse to live on the island. The two older brothers went exploring the island and met the girl who was dressed as a boy with a bandana covering her head. They rescued her but left her grandad to sort the pirates out. At the end the girl and the 2 older brothers became friends. The girl and the older brother fell in love and stayed on the island but the middle brother went to London with her grandad to study at university because he was very smart. The little brother was delighted to stay because he loved the wild animals on the island!
  • Helena 4 years ago
    The last film I watched was Shallow Hal. I really enjoyed it as it was very funny. I love watching films with my family. We are going to watch Mrs Doubtfire next. Have a good day!
  • Fox Jacob 4 years ago
    Hi Mrs B and Mrs L I recently watched hotel Transylvania 2 . I thought it was very funny from fox Jacob
  • Fox James 4 years ago
    Hi Mrs L and Mrs B The latest film I saw was ' Star Wars rise of Skywalker'. I saw it yesterday with my Dad in the lounge and today it's The Revenge Of The Fifth because yesterday it was May the 4th be with you known as Star Wars day. I liked the film because it was all action and fighting also did you know it's the last Star Wars film because Rey (the main character) has all the Sith and the Jedi inside of her. It has all the big events in it to like Han Solo returns in Ben's (Kylo Ren's) imagination and makes Ben throw his lightsaber away into the water to never be touched again. Have a nice day bye!
  • fox god william 4 years ago
    the answer is 3612 because 6x6=36 and 6+6 =12 so you put 36+12=!3612!
  • Fox John 4 years ago
    Hi Mrs L and Mrs B, We have also seen a lot of films in lockdown. Every Wednesday we see a Star Wars film, the next one is The revenge of the Sith. I have also seen The Fugitive with Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones 5 times since lockdown😮. We also watched Timmy Failure about a detective child who has a 1,500 pound polar bear as a helper. We also started watching good a film about a sledge dog called Togo which is a true story. My cousin’s stick insects have hatched only 4 of them are out of the eggs right now and are less than 1cm. Can’t wait to hear from you, Johnny👦🏼
  • Fox Zachary 4 years ago
    Hi after yesterday's blog a goldfish died. But it's nearly time for the pheasant eggs to hatch. I'm really happy that I that Zoom and FaceTime has invented because when the Spanish flu was around there wasn't.
  • Fox Esme 4 years ago
    Hi Mrs L and M rs B, I have watched Coco and my mum loves the sound track. The last film I watched was Forrest gump. I thought it was a good film. It is about a not very smart boy who speaks funnily. From Esme
  • Mrs L & Mrs B 4 years ago
    Hi Oliver, Up is such a great film! I love the talking dogs. When the voice box goes wrong and makes the scary dog's voice sound so silly, is one of my favourite parts. Mrs L & Mrs B
  • Mrs L & Mrs B 4 years ago
    Hi Ela, Swiss Family Robinson is another fantastic film. I wonder what you thought of how it was filmed. It is a bit different from movies today isn't it. None the less, it is a great story! It seems like you really enjoyed watching it. Mrs L & Mrs B
  • Mrs L & Mrs B 4 years ago
    Hi Helena, Watching films together as a family is such a great thing to do. We even have popcorn sometimes! I hope you like Mrs Doubtfire, I think it is a very funny film! Mrs L & Mrs B
  • Mrs L & Mrs B 4 years ago
    Hello Jacob, I have seen the first Transylvania film but not the second. I thought the first was very funny. I think I will try and find the second one and have a watch! Mrs L & Mrs B
  • Mrs L & Mrs B 4 years ago
    Hi James, Wow, you know so much about the Star Wars films! I have to admit, I have watched one or two of them but I don't really understand them. Weren't they released out of story order, I think that is what confuses me. Maybe when we get back to school you can help me work them out! Enjoy your film with you Dad. Mrs L & Mrs B
  • Mrs L & Mrs B 4 years ago
    Hi William, Yes! Correct! Well done, your method is correct. I wonder if anyone else managed to solve it? Mrs L & Mrs B
  • Mrs L & Mrs B 4 years ago
    Hi Johnny, You have been watching lots of films with your family! You are obviously another Star Wars fan, maybe you and James can compare notes on what you think about the films? Togo sounds like an interesting film; I may have to find that one! I enjoy films that are true stories. So exciting to hear that your cousins stick insects have hatched! Maybe you could take some pictures of them over the next few weeks to chart how they grow. I'd love to see the pictures when we get back to school. Mrs L & Mrs B
  • Mrs L & Mrs B 4 years ago
    Hi Zachary, So sorry to hear about the Goldfish, fish are tricky things as I am sure you know. Hopefully you can focus on the excitement of your pheasant eggs! You must let us know when they hatch and take some pictures to show us! I'm also so glad we have the modern technology that we do. I have been using zoom to speak to lots of my family and to the other teachers at school. We are very lucky to have it to help us stay in contact with our friends and family. Mrs L & Mrs B
  • Mrs L & Mrs B 4 years ago
    Hi Esme, Glad you enjoyed Coco as well! Your mum is right, the sound track is fantastic! I have seen that there is a program dedicated to a live performance of the Coco soundtrack. Disney made this as well, maybe you and your Mum could look for it? Forrest Gump is another great film to watch with your family. Mrs L & Mrs B

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