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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School

Monday 4th May 2020

When I grow up....

Good Morning Everyone

Mrs Laurie and I have been thinking a lot about the future recently.  In particular we have been thinking about having you all back in school and being able to get out and about visiting friends and family.  We have talked about where we would like to go and what we would like to do.  All this future talk got us thinking about what your futures may look like, and we realised we have never had the chance to discuss with you what you would like to be when you grow up.

So, if you could be anything at all (no limits) what would you like to be when you are older?

Mrs L & Mrs B

  • Fox Oliver 4 years ago
    Hello Mrs B and Mrs L as soon as lockdown has finished i will go and visits my friends my cousins and my family. I am really missing my family also when i go back to school i will be enable to play with my friends again. I will also go and explore the place and see what has changed.
  • Fox James 4 years ago
    Hi Mrs L and Mrs B When i grow up i want to be a drummer because i find drumming enjoyable and i want to be a rock star (not in Times Tables rock stars) May the 4th be with you all. I hope you have had a great weekend.
  • Fox John 4 years ago
    Dear Mrs L and Mrs B When I grow up I would like to be a footballer and a rapper. I am training every day to improve my footy skills and my coach gives me a weekly task to practise, I have also started writing my own rap songs. I am planning to build my own house, Johnny Hall. I can’t wait to hear from you, Johnny👦🏼
  • Fox Zachary 4 years ago
    When I'm older I want to sell fish but also play a sport . My dad went to get some fish ( 2 pleco's , 2 goldfish , 1 pearl gourami and 1 clown loach ) there all babies !!!! That kept me quiet . see you tomorrow .From Zachary
  • Helena 4 years ago
    Hi Mrs L and Mrs B! When I am older, I would like to be an astronomer. I would like to be this because I am extremely interested in Space/ the Universe. I would like to have a big observatory in my garden with loads of telescopes. I would sit out in my observatory at night time and watch all the stars!
  • Fox Esme 4 years ago
    Hi Mrs L and Mrs B, when I grow up I used to want to be a vet because I love animals but like my mum I have really weak ankles so mine go wobbly when I get squeamish and I can't stand up properly. What I want to be now is a performer, that's why I go to stage coach. When you where younger, did you want to be a teacher, if not what did you want to be? Hope you are staying sane, from Esme
  • Mrs L & Mrs B 4 years ago
    Hi Oliver, We are missing having you all in school. It will be so lovely to have you all back in school so you can all play with your friends again. I'm sure all your family and friends are looking forward to seeing you too. Mrs L & Mrs B
  • Mrs L & Mrs B 4 years ago
    Hi James, What a fantastic idea for your future! Make sure you remember to invite us to one of your sell out gigs! We both had lovely weekends thank you, looking forward to the better weather this week. Mrs L & Mrs B
  • Mrs L & Mrs B 4 years ago
    Hi Johnny, A rapper wow! Maybe you and James could create some songs together? Great to hear you are still able to train while in lockdown. Maybe you could learn a few tricks and show us when we are back in school? Mrs L & Mrs B
  • Mrs L & Mrs B 4 years ago
    Hi Zachary, Selling fish, great idea! I ( Mrs B) have a fish tank at home too, we love it. It needs a few more fish in it now. It will be lovely for you to be able to watch how the baby fish grow over the next few weeks. Maybe you could take some pictures to chart their growth? Mrs L & Mrs B
  • Mrs L & Mrs B 4 years ago
    Hi Helena, A very interesting job idea! I wonder if you have been following any of the SpaceX launches or trying to spot the satellites? Looking at the stars is so much fun, as is wondering what it would be like to stand on another planet. Mrs L & Mrs B
  • Mrs L & Mrs B 4 years ago
    Hi Esme, I am with you with the weak ankles! I could not be a vet!! Great idea about being a performer. I wonder if you want to be in film, TV or on the stage, or maybe all three! I (Mrs B) have always wanted to work with children and my jobs before teaching all included some form of teaching, its such a fantastic profession to be in. Mrs L & Mrs B