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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School

Wednesday 29th April 2020

Where in the world ?

It’s amazing how the weather in our country can change so much! Yesterday there was hardly enough blue in the sky to make a pair of sailor’s trousers (old weather saying), while last week the sky was brilliant blue and contained a warm sun, giving temperatures of more than 20 degrees Centigrade! This week’s forecast gives rain so most of us, except perhaps Evan ,who loves his shorts and clearly has ‘strong’ knees able to withstand the British weather, will be back in jeans and cagoules:/

Many of you have been fortunate enough to visit different places in the world with your family, especially in search of the sun during school holidays. Lots of you have travelled to different places in the British Isles. Where is the best place that you have ever visited? What was it about the place that you like so much? Why?

When travel restrictions are lifted, tell us where would you like to visit and for what reasons? It does not have to be somewhere warm. You may choose somewhere mountainous and cold – it’s up to you!

Have a good day!


New addition to Whitewater Website - Religious Ethos Page

Our religious ethos at Whitewater CofE Primary informs the character, culture, learning and life of our school. We are pleased to share how we live and breathe our beliefs on the ‘Religious Ethos Page’ that can now be found within the ‘Our School’ section of the Whitewater website. It includes useful information under the headings of School Prayers, Church Community, Collective Worship, Home School Values, R.E. Curriculum, Spirituality and The Big Freize.

  • Fox John 4 years ago
    Hello everyone👋🏻, It is very hard for me to pick my favourite holiday. Probably just going to visit my Dad and family back in Italy 🇮🇹. I can have fun with friends and be in the boiling sun🌞. I can also go swimming at the beach, apparently in that very beach there are sharks at the moment! Good wishes, Johnny👦🏼
  • Fox James 4 years ago
    Hi Mrs L and Mrs B My favourite country is Ibiza in Spain. I like it because its hot and every house has a pool. When i went to Ibiza me and my sister saw a wall lizard it sort of looked like a chameleon . But before you know it it zooms off. In Ibiza the pine cones are massive!I would like to go back to Ibiza when this is all over.
  • Fox Oliver 4 years ago
    Hi Mrs B and Mrs L i have loved writing down my favourite holiday it was a lot of fun!! I just finished and i'm going to see if i can find pictures of my holiday From Oliver. 😊
  • Fox Oliver 4 years ago
    Hello Mrs B and Mrs L i have loved writing down my favriote holiday and i hope to do something like this again From Oliver 😊
  • Mrs L & Mrs B 4 years ago
    Hi James, hot sun, blue pools and white-walled houses sounds just the ticket at the moment. Mrs Laurie can remember lizards when she has been in Spain and taking a picture of one climbing on a fence that looked huge in the viewfinder but disappointing tiny when the photograph was developed, because the camera had not been set to 'close up'! We hope you achieve your dream of going back to Ibiza soon!
  • Mrs L & Mrs B 4 years ago
    It's lovely to hear from you Oliver! We're really pleased that you are enjoying telling us about your favourite holiday and look forward to seeing your description and any photos that you can share with us. Take care.
  • Fox Esme 4 years ago
    Hi Mrs L and Mrs B, my favourite holiday was going to Mallorca (Spanish island) in 2017 to celebrate my grandma's birthday with my cousins. I liked it because the weather was so nice and we had a massive swimming pool! From Esme
  • Fox Zachary 4 years ago
    Hi it's Zachary here i've lots of fun. I'm properly going to have a lockdown birthday because it's in 4 weeks. I'm still doing Jim Wicks. My plants are doing well because of the rain.
  • Mrs L & Mrs B 4 years ago
    Hi Esme, Mallorca is very beautiful. Did you know that Mallorca means 'the big island' (insula maior) in Latin and the other Balearic island of Menorca means 'little island'? It would be lovely to see any photos that you may have taken whilst you were there. It sounds like lots of us like a pool!
  • Fox Zachary 4 years ago
    My favourite place i've been to is France and i want to go see my Nanny and Grandad in Somerset.
  • Mrs L & Mrs B 4 years ago
    Hi Zachary, pleased to hear that you are having lots of fun. Well done for keeping up with Joe Wicks each day - that's quite an achievement! Perhaps you could keep a record of just how much your plants are growing each day in the form of a graph - as our daily activity suggestion? That's if you are not already doing it anyway of course. You've got plenty of time to plan for a really amazing lock-down birthday - we'd love to hear all about it, when it comes.
  • Mrs L & Mrs B 4 years ago
    Hi again Zachary, where did you go to in France, can you remember?

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