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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School

Wednesday 15th July

Your favourite read... AND bring in/send in  your lockdown library books

Good Morning, Good Morning!

A little bit of housekeeping regarding library books

If you are intending to visit school before the end of term, please could you remember to drop off the school library books that you took home with you. If you are coming in to class next week, simply bring them with you. There is a table outside reception and books can be left there. THANKYOU!

We are all really excited about seeing you all very soon and we will no doubt have lots to talk about. 

What has been your favourite read since we last saw each other? Mrs Laurie and Mrs Burningham  have dusted off and re-read several old favourite classics , such as 'Persuasion' , 'Pride and Prejudice' and 'The Hound of the Baskervilles' to name a few.  Let us know what you have perhaps picked up 'again' because it's a story that you enjoy returning to and why  the book is a 'go to' read.

Looking forward to hearing from you you and don't forget to have a hunt around for those library books... :)


  • johnhy berghinz 3 years ago
    Hello everyone, I have read many books in lockdown. My favourite book that I have read in Covid-19 times is Slime by David Walliams, and I recommend it to you all because it is funny and gets you hooked very easily. And I re read Billionare boy always by Walliams. Best wishes, Johnny PS: I could not put my emojy this time because this time I wrote the blog on my PC
  • Mrs L & Mrs B 3 years ago
    Hi Johnny, David Walliams is a 'go to author' when you want to have a good chuckle. His stories can pull you in and want to see what happens next. I think we like him because he is so 'naughty' sometimes with characters doing things that they 'shouldn't' or that you least expect, like 'Gangsta Granny'. Thanks for sharing and take care.

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