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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School

Friday 10th July 2020

Fancy Dress and Obstacle Course

Hey there Foxes - Happy Friday!

Remember to check the home page for scores so far. Well done you Foxes who are determined to try each challenge and score points for your teams.

Today's are the dressing up  race and an obstacle course.  Why not try the Onesie, Lycra or Wetsuit challenge just to add that little extra to the silliness and fun?! See the document  below for more details about the activities.

Looking forward to hearing from you - have fun!

  • Mrs L & Mrs B 3 years ago
    Hi Kitty, pleased to hear you enjoyed the day as much as we did! The bicycle sprint finish sounds an exciting and fun way to end the race. Well done for all the hard work you have done towards earning points for your team this week.
  • Mrs L & Mrs B 3 years ago
    Hi Mabel - we're so pleased that you enjoyed the activities. You clearly put a lot of effort into the design of your obstacle course - well done. You paint a brilliant picture of Betsy running off with your socks too. Dogs do crazy things like that when they get excited and want to join in. Looking forward to seeing you soon too!
  • Mrs L & Mrs B 3 years ago
    Hi Zachary and Jake, lovely to hear from you both. Well done for trying to perfect your welly throwing technique. Some people here in school sent for selecting the heaviest welly they could find and there were some unusual techniques that looked more like hammer and discus throwing but still did the trick. We're really pleased that you had a lot of fun - take care,
  • Isabella Buck 3 years ago
    Hello again! Today mummy and I went for a run today with Frankie really early. When we got back we made and obstacle course and I completed the fancy dress race in 1:44 minutes. Then while I was in my wacky outfit, I did the obstacle race and I completed it in 1:53:71 minutes. Stay safe and have fun Isabella
  • Mrs L & Mrs B 3 years ago
    Hi Isabella, you have been busy! It sounds like you had fun in your wacky outfit - it's not as easy as you think, is it? We had a lot of fun here in school doing the fancy dress race too. The trouble was that people were giggling and laughing so much that they really struggled to get their dress up clothes on. It was hilarious watching them trying to run round and through obstacles with their crazy sunglasses, hats and long clothes! We're pleased you enjoyed having a go at home too. Take care and have a lovely weekend, Isabella.
  • Fox Aston 3 years ago
    Hi everyone I did the fancy dress race and it was very funny especially when I was hopping trying to put on my onesie and I looked funny at the end. The first time it took me 3 minutes but th second time it only took me 1and a half minutes. Have a good weekend.🦄
  • Mrs L & Mrs B 3 years ago
    Hi there Aston - pleased to hear you had some fun today and took on a onesie challenge. Well done for having another go and getting an even faster time. You team will welcome the points that you have earned for them. Have a brilliant weekend and thank you for taking part!
  • Fox Kitty 3 years ago
    Good afternoon, I really enjoyed today because I beat Mabel in all the activities! My favourite was the obstacle course because I like jumping and making the course itself was a lot of fun, We had a ladder, a balance beam, stepping stones and a bicycle sprint to the finish! I hope you all enjoyed the day? See you soon, Kitty
  • Fox Mabel 3 years ago
    Hi Everyone! Today I had a great day doing the Sports Day activities - I am very sad that it has come to an end. My favourite activity was the assault course because I enjoyed designing and making it using resources from my garden. I used chairs to go over and under, pieces of wood were used for stepping stones and to dribble a football through. I even used a ladder and my bike for a sprint to the finish! The fancy dress race didn't quite go as planned as Betsy (my dog) kept taking the socks and running off with them! Hope everyone is doing OK wherever they are? Looking forward to seeing you all soon. Mabel
  • Zachary and Jake 3 years ago
    Hello everyone, we met up at the park today to do the welly wanging from the other day and the fancy dress race. We ended up in a pile laughing as I couldn’t get my top on and Jake had shorts too big for him. Welly throwing we took some time to find the best way to throw and then took it in turns to throw. We had one win each then Jake threw a massive throw and i was rubbish so Jake won that game. It has been fun! Have a fun weekend! Zachary and Jake

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