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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School

Thursday 2nd July 2020

Tired eyes?

Good Morning All!

How are we today? Many people are commenting that they are feeling more tired than usual these days, possibly as a result of all the stress from the changes brought about by COVID-19 and its impact on our lives. One thing that is for sure, many of us are spending more time in front of phone, tablet, laptop, computer and/or TV screens. These devices are great for keeping in touch with our friends - there is no doubt that this contact is important to so many of us.  However, are we making sure that we are being sensible about the amount  of time we are spending online, apart from time spent completing home learning ? 

Why not turn to something other than picking up  an online device today, once you have finished your home learning routine and chatting to friends? Suggestions:

  • Read a book, magazine or comic
  • Talk to someone about something you have seen or read
  • Draw, paint, colour a picture
  • Make a model using lego and/or any spare items around your home (ask permission first!)
  • Go out for a walk or bike ride
  • Plant or tend to something in your garden

Have fun today being active away from a screen!

  • Ela 4 years ago
    Good morning everyone, (I am having my breakfast right now) but I love going on the comuter but i go on for about 1 hour in the morning and half an hour in the afternoon. we usally go on walks yesterday i tried out my new scooter around the park and While i eat my lunch sometimes i am lucky enough to watch tv. Every day i factie my grandparents in Turkey and see what they are up to 3 or 4 days ago it was my grandads birhtday and he turned 80!! From Ela Stay Safe! (:
  • Fox James 4 years ago
    Hi Mrs L and Mrs B As you already know we have finished our bike challenge and now we are still bike riding every day but we are going to these horses and one of them (my favourite) is called snippy because when we 1st came he was trying to nibble my coat sleeve. Snippy when we leave he will follow us because some times I always just stay next to him. He's quite a funny horse and I think he's his pack leader because when he comes to us all of the other horses follow. We heard that there is a bull and some cows in the horse area but we have only seen cows. We think the bull has been shot for its horns. Snippy I think is always telling me "lets ride off into the sunset" because whenever I say I really just want to ride snippy off with me and take him home he always starts nodding at like " lets go!" I just cant stop looking at him because he looks like my mums old horse Alfie but he's smaller and he likes to follow me and my mum. We once brought some carrots and snippy didn't get a lot I think he only got one so today we are bringing him a carrot for himself. Yesterday when we went there he barged through all the leaves just to walk over to me for some strokes. He's a very kind boy and Izzy is really scared of horses she is practising social distancing, but yesterday she stroked Snippy! her goal was complete. After we gave Snippy some strokes he followed us as we walked away and my sister was screaming because she was behind all of us I almost just wanted to hop on snippy and do some riding. Also they are wild horses, one day I just want to do a little bit of riding on snippy because he's quite a good boy. The horses there are in good condition and snippy is in the best he's got a normal horse body and he smelled beautiful and his mane is always really tidy he doesn't have a owner though I thought I could get some fly masks for some of them because they keep on twitching and in there eyes they have some wasps but we think someone will take advantage and cut it off. P:S I think I got a little bit carried away talking about snippy and the horses
  • Isabella 4 years ago
    Hi everyone! I hope you are all well! I totally agree that we all have been spending more time in front of the screen to socialise, home school, play games and more. My family and I have defiantly been trying to spend less time with screens and my little sister Florence has recommended playing bored games and completing puzzles with our family. When its not raining we can play out side but, due to all the rain, we has to be a little more creative. I hope everyone is having fun, even if the rain has taken over! Stay safe Isabella
  • Mrs L & Mrs B 4 years ago
    Hi Ela, it's good to hear that you are conscious of how much time you are spending online or in front of a screen. Do you mean that you are Facetiming your grandparents? What a lovely way to stay in contact with them! I am sure they love 'seeing' you every day. Well done for making sure that you get out and do some exercise each day and that you have a balance of screen time and being active. Take care,
  • Mrs L & Mrs B 4 years ago
    Hi James, Snippy sounds like such a lovely horse - you clearly think the world of him. We also like the way that he got his name from his habit of nibbling! Well done for helping your sister try to overcome her fear and managing to stroke him. We are not surprised that you would like to ride Snippy off into the sunset one day! Thank you for sharing this with us and take care,
  • Mrs L & Mrs B 4 years ago
    Hey there Isabella, lovely to hear from you. Your little sister sounds very wise for her years - how sensible that she has suggested playing board games and puzzles! It is really tricky being active and getting outside when the weather is rainy and /or cold. You're right - this is when we do need to be more creative and perhaps stick on a jumper and waterproofs and get on out there walking and exploring! Have a lovely day and take care,

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