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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School

Wednesday 17th June 2020

Strange but true!

Good Morning Foxes!

As I was driving home yesterday I heard a 'strange but true' fact about rain on the radio. There are companies that 'seed' clouds to try and stop it from raining on important occasions (such as a wedding day) and they charge people £100.000 for the service! The science behind it is that a chemical is sprayed into the air that the water molecules in the air can 'stick' to and form clouds.  What strange but true facts do you know or could you find out today?

Enjoy the sunshine and have fun!

  • Fox Oliver 4 years ago
    Good morning everyone! You can hear about facts anytime and you don't even notice i might be listening to one right now but i don't notice. Maybe today ill hear something like 10-15 today a fact ill hear is maybe a fact about bee's or a tree fact you never know!!
  • Mrs L & Mrs B 4 years ago
    Hi Oliver. Yes, sometimes we do not hear all the brilliant facts that are literally going on around us. So, as our blog suggests, try and keep your ears open and remember something amazing but true today, if you can. Could you perhaps try and find out an amazing but true fact about trees, Oliver?
  • Fox Esme 4 years ago
    Hi Mrs L and Mrs B, did you know that in a year, you can make enough saliva to fill 3.5 bathtubs? Last night there was some baby deer in our garden. They had lost their mum and they was calling for her. It was really loud and I could not get to sleep! From Esme
  • Fox James 4 years ago
    Hi Mrs L and Mrs B I found this strange but true fact which is 'It would only take one hour to drive to space'. Apparently if you hopped into your car turned it to 60mph and drove up into the sky you would be in space by a hour but this is just a theory because cars cant fly or go up into the sky. It's a very strange theory though in my opinion.
  • Fox John 4 years ago
    Hi everyone, We are back in Hampshire now and in our new flat 😀 but sad because we left Northumberland where we had a very nice time in lockdown. My fact is that Mammals can’t be green. That is because mammal hair is coloured by a pigment which can only be black, brown, orange and yellow (or white if there is no pigment). These colours even if mixed can’t make green. During evolution it would not have been convenient for them to be green. Some sloths can look green because they have moss growing on their hair. Best wishes, Johnny👦🏼
  • Mrs L & Mrs B 4 years ago
    Hi Esme, what a delightful but rather icky fact! Oooh - we do hope that the fauns managed to find their mum! It's amazing how loud animals can sound - especially at night. Hopefully you did manage to get some sleep. Have a good day, Esme!
  • Mrs L & Mrs B 4 years ago
    Hi there James! That is a strange but true fact. We understand it is because space is approximately 60 miles above the Earth. So, if you could drive there in your car at a speed of 60 miles per hour, it would take you one hour to travel there. We guess you need to imagine Ron Weasley's flying car from Harry Potter!
  • Mrs L & Mrs B 4 years ago
    Hi Johnny - lovely to have you back closer to us all. We are loving your strange fact about mammals not ever being green in colour and why this is true. Those sloth lovers in our class (and we know that there are quite a few!) will enjoy your fact about sloths looking green sometimes because they have moss growing in their fur. Enjoy the rest of your day in your new flat and take care,
  • Fox Aston 4 years ago
    Hello everyone My fact is gorillas have unique nose prints like we have unique fingerprints. My Guinness book of records has lots of good ffacts that are a bit strange
  • Isabella Buck 4 years ago
    Hi Everyone! As soon as I saw today's blog I knew i had to share some weird facts that I have randomly read about during lockdown. When i was looking through my Dad's old Believe it or not book from 2014, i found this strange fact i just have to tell. As a way to demonstrate their love to the deceased, family members in the Toraja district of Indonesia exhume their ancestors' mummified bodies every three years and dress them in new clothes. As a part of this strange ritual, called Ma'nene, the smartly dressed dead are taken for a walk around their local village. What a crazy way to show love to deceased! I've got another quite creepy fact. For more than 80 years, visitors from all over the world have been lured to a wedding dress shop in Chihuahua, Mexico, to study the spookily realistic bride mannequin in the window. But, the mannequin is not really a model at all, but the perfectly preserved corpse of the previous owners daughter! How are those for some crazy but true facts? I hope you all enjoyed reading my blog. Stay healthy and have fun!! Isabella
  • Mrs L & Mrs B 4 years ago
    Hey there Aston! Unique gorilla nose prints - how interesting! Imagine trying to take a gorilla's nose print. You would have to press the gorilla's nose onto paper! Thank you for this strange but true fact, Aston.
  • Mrs L & Mrs B 4 years ago
    Great to hear from you Isabella. We're not sure that we would want to buy a wedding dress from that particular shop! People do some very unusual things don't they? We are all so very different, that's for sure. Most definitely very strange but true facts!

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