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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School

From Mrs Cunningham 9th June 2020

World Ocean Day

In celebration of World Ocean Day yesterday, why do you think our Oceans are important?

There are many interesting creatures who live in the ocean.  Which creature is your favourite and why?

Mrs Cunningham

  • Fox James 3 years ago
    Hi Mrs Cunningham My favourite sea animal is the dolphin because they go so fast they can be really nice they leap over and then under the water a lot and they are just so cute when you see 1 in person. I think the oceans are so important because f we didn't have them we wouldn't be able to live because or water gets filtered from the ocean into our taps. Whats your favourite sea animal?
  • Ela 3 years ago
    Good Morning Mrs Cunningham, My favorite sea creature is the seahorse because it can float when it wants and go back underwater when it wants too. From Ela!!
  • Fox John 3 years ago
    Hello Mrs Cunningham, My favourite sea animals are sharks🦈 , people think that they are very dangerous to us but only about 1 person dies from a shark attack every year whilst we kill about 100,000,000 sharks every year which is mostly done for shark fin soup. I think that the ocean is important because over 90% of life is found there🐳🐬🐟🐠🐟🦑🐙🦐🦞🦀🐋🦈🐡 Best wishes, Johnny👦🏼
  • foxphoebe 3 years ago
    My favourite sea animal is a green turtle because they grow up to three feet long and look so sleepy in the pictures online. i can't wait to get back to school.
  • Fox Zachary 3 years ago
    Hellooooo Everyone! My favourite marine animal is a clown fish because I like orange, and the way works with the anemones so it can live in them and be protected by their sting. Mum and I have been reading the Youth Ocean Guide and have found out some interesting facts, you can see the Great Barrier Reef from the moon! and we were amazed at how much salt is in the sea! My sunflower is growing really well, we will send in a photo of it later. We have been reading Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and i really want to read the next one now. We have also listened to the audiobook Tales of Beedle the Bard from JK Rowling.
  • Fox will 3 years ago
    Hi, My favorite sea animal is a pufferfish because they can come in different sizes and they look funny!:D To see one yourself time in google "puffed up pufferfish" there are some funny ones there
  • Fox Esme 3 years ago
    Hi Mrs Cunningham, I think oceans are important because lots of creatures live in the sea and if we don't look after it, all the animals will die. My favourite animal is a dolphin because I love how friendly they are.🐬 From Esme
  • Mrs Cunningham 3 years ago
    Hi James, so lovely to hear from you and I agree about the dolphin as they are my favourite animal as well. I love the way they are so gaceful gliding through the water and the sounds they make. I would love to see them in the ocean one day. :)
  • Mrs Cunningham 3 years ago
    Hi Ela, It is lovely to hear from you and I agree with your choice, seahorses are beautiful. They are very graceful and delicate looking. Hope you are well.
  • Mrs Cunningham 3 years ago
    Hi John, I hope you are well and it's lovely to hear from you. Sharks are a very interesting creature, one I admire but would not like to meet face to face in the sea! You are correct in the fact that they do get very negative press coverage when they attack. Wow that is a lot of sharks that are killed every year to make soup which is very sad. :(
  • Mrs Cunningham 3 years ago
    Hi Phoebe, it's fantastic to hear from you and I can't wait to see you back at school. I hope you are well and keeping safe. Oh yes green turtles are lovely and glide through the water very gracefully. There markings are beautiful too.
  • Mrs Cunningham 3 years ago
    Hi Zachary, It's great to hear from you and clown fish are an amazing animal with striking markings. I didn't know that they worked with the anemones, I've learnt something new today! The Youth Ocean Guide sounds great with lots of amazing facts in, I love the fact you can see the Great Barrier Reef from the moon. It sounds like you are taking great care of your sunflower, well done.
  • Mrs Cunningham 3 years ago
    Hi Will, It's lovely to hear from you and I love the puffer fish that you have chosen, they are fascinating creatures and do look very funny. I did as you suggested and googled puffer fish and found some great images which made me laugh, thanks. :)
  • Mrs Cunningham 3 years ago
    Hi Esme, it's lovely to hear from you and yes you are correct, the oceans are very important as they provide homes to many different creatures. So we all need to look after our oceans and help protect the creatures who live in it. My favourite sea creature is also a dolphin as they are so graceful in gliding through the water and I also love the sounds they make.

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