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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School


Monday 11th May 2020

Happy Monday Hedgehogs, how was your weekend? Did you celebrate VE day? I saw lots of flags, social distancing street parties, yummy food, and some great music from back in the 1940s.

What I wanted to discuss today is a word which has been used a lot in the news, this word is ‘resilience’.

When things go wrong, resilience is what helps us to cope and get through hard times. Sometimes it makes us even stronger than you were before. During this time of lockdown and at least 3 more weeks of it you all have shown amazing resilience.

Resilience can be described as:

Bouncing back after difficult times

Dealing with challenges and still holding your head up

Giving things a go or trying your best

Being strong on the inside

Being able to cope with what life throws at you and shrug it off

You all have done this and more and I am proud of everyone of you. Each email I get showing me your work, every phone call I make hearing how well you are doing, and every blog post makes me the proudest teacher! Keep up the incredible work!

I want to know what you are proud about. Is it learning to ride a bike, cook a meal, help friends, love your family?

  • Hedgehog Holly 3 years ago
    Hi Mr Ralph I had a lovely VE Day, I made scones with my mum and made a new friend on my street called Willow like my dog! I took my bunny for a walk down the street on its harness and we met another bunny too, doing the same! I am most proud of winning my gymnastics medals and being part of the IAC aerobics team at Basingstoke, we have been training over zoom during lockdown. From Holly
  • Abigail hedgehog 3 years ago
    Hi Mr. Ralph! here is my WRITE LAUGH poem: One morning I got out the wrong side of bed, And everything suddenly turned round in my head, “Oh, what shall I do” I thought to myself, I know, I will go out in stealth, I rapped on the door, And ate a smoore, It oozed round my mouth and out came a mouse, It bit my toe, Then it began to snow, Oh, what a surprise, I rubbed my eyes, They turned big and red, I said to myself, I think I`d better go back to bed. By Abigail Komrower I hope you are well. from Abigail xxx
  • Hedgehog Toby 3 years ago
    hi Mr Ralph, i'm proud i have stuck to the lockdown. i have been staying indoors, not seeing friends and going out for exercise once a day. We celebrated VE by making and decorating 3 cakes each. we ate in our front garden and had a BBQ. I have been on lots of bike rides and have found lots of new things to see in Hook. Bye Toby
  • Matilda 3 years ago
    Hi mr ralf for VE day i went out and had a picnic with my village also me and grace met grace
  • Mr Ralph 3 years ago
    Hi Holly, that sounds like an amazing day. I bet that was interesting seeing someone else walk their rabbit. I am proud of you for that aswell, keep up the good work Holly. From Mr Ralph
  • Mr Ralph 3 years ago
    Hi Abigail, that is an amazing poem I am VERY impressed! Keep up the brilliant work I'm proud of you. From Mr Ralph x
  • Mr Ralph 3 years ago
    Hi Toby, I am proud of you sticking to lockdown I know how full of energy you always are and wanting to be outside. Well done. What cakes were they? How did you decorate yours? What is there to see in Hook? I've been on alot of bike rides also and there is so much nature around. From Mr Ralph
  • Mr Ralph 3 years ago
    Hi Tilly, a picnic sounds lovely what was your favourite food? That must have been nice to see her. Have a good day Tilly, from Mr Ralph

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