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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School

May the 4th be with you.

May 4th 2020

Good morning Hedgehogs I hope you all had a great weekend what did you all do?

Today is May the 4th, or as it is known to fans of the sci-fi franchise, Star Wars Day. A play on the famous line "May the Force be with you," each year, May 4 is designated as a day to celebrate all things Star Wars. Throughout the year there are many days that are celebrated and are national and international holidays.

What new holiday would you create?

How would you celebrate it?

Who or what do you think should have a special day and why?

I think there should be a holiday for doctors and nurses after this pandemic is over, for us to say thank you for all of their hard work. I think we should celebrate this by giving them gifts or cooking them food, so they don’t have to do anything on the day other than relax.

  • Hedgehog holly 4 years ago
    To Mr Ralph I think it should go to the people who rescue the animals and they should have a relaxing 24 hours with people donating money to them so they can buy treats to make the animals happy. From Holly
  • Bertie 4 years ago
    I would like there to be a Disney day. On that day some celebrities would dress up in their favourite Disney costume and dance 💃🏽 in the London Palladium. People would watch their favourite Disney 🎥 film and eat Disney theemed food like ratatouille!
  • Daniel 4 years ago
    Hello Mr Ralph, This is Daniel speaking, I’m thinking that the builders should have a holiday for 2 weeks because they have done so much for us.So I have come up with a name which is builders holiday.😁👍 From weird Daniel 👷🏼‍♂️👷🏼‍♂️👨🏼‍🏭👨🏼‍🚀🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🥧🥧🥧🥧🥧🍵🍵🍵🍵🍾🍾🍾🍾🍹🍹🍹🍹🎂🎂🎂👨🏼‍🚀👨🏼‍🚀
  • Mr Ralph 4 years ago
    Dear Holly, that is a fantastic idea and one I know that is very close to your love of animals. Could you create a poster for your day? Have a good day, from Mr Ralph.
  • Mr Ralph 4 years ago
    Dear Bertie, that sounds like a brilliant day and a lot of great ideas what would you dress as? What is your favourite Disney film? Have a good day from Mr Ralph.
  • Mr Ralph 4 years ago
    Dear Daniel, that is a good idea, they do work very hard and without them we would have our school or houses and I know that you want to be an engineer. What should they do on their holiday? What is something your could build for them? Have a good day Daniel, from Mr Ralph
  • Tilly 4 years ago
    Hi i would make a horse holiday ad why does it say you said this 1 month ago
  • Hedgehog Eddie 4 years ago
    Hi 👋 Mr Ralph , Hoping all is well and you are staying safe. I have thought of a holiday and I agree with you a holiday for doctors and nurses when this whole corona virus and pandemic is over would be great . I think they really deserve one or two weeks off work as they are risking their lives to help others . They can celebrate 🎉 it by having a great party🥂🍻🍺 with lots if delicious food 🍔🌭🍟🍕🍝🍱🍜🍫🍿🍩🍷 and earn lots of money 💵🤑 they deserve it all. May the fourth be with you 🇬🇧 Always Eddie 👻
  • Hedgehog Ethan 4 years ago
    Hi Mr Ralph, I think there should be a day were you run for 2 hours and celebrate nature all around us and were ever you go have a look at the wild life. keep well. From Ethan.
  • Mr Ralph 4 years ago
    Dear Tilly, I might have known it would be a horse holiday! your powerpoint looks brilliant that you sent to Mrs Fox. I am not sure why it is saying 1 month ago it is happening to everyone. From Mr Ralph
  • Mr Ralph 4 years ago
    Dear Eddie, I hope you and your family are safe and well. They are doing an amazing job and deserve a lot more money for what they are doing, 2 weeks definitely seems like a good time to relax for them. Have a good day from Mr Ralph
  • Mr Ralph 4 years ago
    Dear Ethan, that sounds like a brilliant idea getting out in nature and getting fit and healthy at the same time. You non chronological report looks great I will put it up on the website tomorrow. Stay safe, From Mr Ralph
  • Beau neilson 4 years ago
    I like what you are thinking Mr Ralph !!! I think like a week off would be nice and probably they would appreciate it very much!!!!! From beau
  • Hedghog Toby 4 years ago
    I would like there to be a candy day where everyone eats sweets and paints there houses like ginger bread

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