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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School


Tuesday 28th April


Good morning hedgehogs, the weather has changed but I hope our attitudes have not. I spent the day writing some reports, writing some things for history and geography and did a little bit of art. After all of this I decided to turn on the TV and I saw the avengers film playing and it got me thinking.

When I say the word superhero who or what do you think of? My favourite superheroes are Batman and Spiderman. Who are yours?

A superhero does not have to be someone who wears a cape, someone who can fly or is super strong or can read minds. A superhero can be anyway how is brave enough to make a difference or has an impact on peoples lives. I think doctors and nurses are superheroes, I think captain tom is a superhero and I think anyone working together to help people are superheroes and most of all I think you are all SUPERHEROES for staying home and staying positive.

Who are your superheroes? How are your role models? Who inspires you to be the best you can be?

  • Hedgehog Toby 3 years ago
    hello,Mr Ralph a super hero to me is iron man
  • Tilly 3 years ago
    hello my superhero would be able to help the poor and sto corona forever yay
  • Eddie 👻 3 years ago
    Hi 👋 Mr Ralph, I hope you are staying safe, I have been doing so much reading 📖 Yesterday I started the midnight gang (by David Williams )in the afternoon and at 10:20 today I am on page 300 that means that if I started from page 100 at 9:00am today until 10:20 I would have been reading for 1 hour 20 mins. I am doing a non -chronological report on wolves 🐺 tomorrow I am also doing a project with flowers and food colouring I have been planting flowers 🌹 vegetables in the garden my cucumbers 🥒 have got little buds coming out . Stay safe Eddie 🤑🤑👻👻🐶🐵🙈🙊🐺🐺🐲🐉💧💦🍩🥃🥂🍻🍺🥇🏆🛸🗿🌋⛲️🏜🎆 My🧠 has been at work
  • Hedgehog Ethan 3 years ago
    Hi Mr Ralph, I agree that the nurses, doctors and Captain Tom are heroes. I think teachers are heroes as well. Sorry that we missed a few days of the blog it is just there were lots of birthdays and you know how busy birthdays are. I hope you keep smiling despite the weather. From Ethan
  • Hedgehog Holly 3 years ago
    Hi Mr Ralph My superheroes are my mummy and daddy because they look after me and keep me safe. They kiss me better when I fall over. I have enjoyed doing painting today and have sent you my pictures. From Holly
  • Taya 3 years ago
    Hello Mr Ralph 👋 My favourite superhero on tv is batgirl, she starts off as a normal girl who is very clever then she’s used her knowledge to become a clever superhero 🦸‍♀️! I think people like Jas from our class are superhero’s because they cut their hair and gave it to a charity, that’s amazing!! I’m feeling a bit sad because I miss everyone, I hope we can see each other soon. Love from Taya x
  • Hedgehog Evan 3 years ago
    My favourite superheroes are Batman, Spider-Man and Black Panther. To be a superhero I think you have to be kind and care for others.
  • Mr Ralph 3 years ago
    Hi Toby, Iron man is a very cool superhero why is he the super hero you thought about?
  • Mr Ralph 3 years ago
    Hi Tilly, that answer is brilliant and would be very true if someone was able to stop corona they would be a true hero!
  • Mr Ralph 3 years ago
    Hi Eddie, that is a very impressive amount of reading I am very pleased what is the midnight gang like? What has been your favourite part? I can't wait to see your report on wolves they are pretty fascinating animals. Wow sounds like a very busy week, I'm glad your vegetables are growing well it's a good job we have rain at the moment to help them. I Love the emojis. Have a great day Eddie, Mr Ralph
  • Mr Ralph 3 years ago
    Hi Ethan, Thank you very much for that I also think mums and dads are heroes as well. I know how busy birthdays are did you get any nice presents? What has been your favourite thing about your birthday? Have a good day Ethan, From Mr Ralph
  • Mr Ralph 3 years ago
    Hi Holly, I agree that parents are superheroes as well. They are amazing and it is great to spend so much time with them. I saw the paintings they were very nice I will put them up on the blog tomorrow. Have a good day, Mr Ralph.
  • Mr Ralph 3 years ago
    Hi Taya, it is really good to hear from you. That is a great answer and it isn't just about being brave its being smart as well good job. That is very kind of you to mention Jas! I am sure that alot of people are feeling the same as you I miss having you in class. When this is all over we will have a great time back at school! See you soon Taya, From Mr Ralph.
  • Mr Ralph 3 years ago
    Hi Evan, They are very good choices for superheroes why are they your favourites? I agree with those qualities they are things that you do which is great! Have a good day, Mr Ralph.
  • Hedgehog Eddie 3 years ago
    Hi 👋 Mr Ralph, I hope you are well and safe , my superhero’s are my Auntie Sarah who is a Consultant Anaethetist and my Uncle Nic who is a GP. They are working really hard and are pleased we are staying safe at home. Bye for now, Eddie xxx
  • Mr Ralph 3 years ago
    Hi Eddie, yes safe and well thanks the same goes to your family. They are doing a great job in a hard time you must be proud. Hope they stay safe. Bye for now, have a good evening, Mr Ralph x
  • Tilly 3 years ago
    hELLO how you doing
  • Mr Ralph 3 years ago
    Hi Tilly, I am doing well thanks how are you? How was your day? Mr Ralph

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