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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School

Silver lining

Wednesday 22nd April

Silver lining.

Yesterday I was sat in my garden and watched the sun set and this made me think of a saying.

I wonder if you have ever heard people talk about a silver lining. People use the term silver lining to emphasise the positive or hopeful side in a situation no matter how dark or gloomy it gets. It means that even in the worst situations there can always be a positive.

This is very relevant for what we are all going through at the moment. It may be hard sometimes to see the good in a situation that feels very strange, but we are all going to get through this and will be stronger for it.

You can’t have a rainbow without a storm! Even darkness must pass. A new day will come and when the sun shines it will shine out the clearer. I am proud to be your teacher.

Today I want you to write on this page 1 or more positive that will come out of this situation.

My positives are spending time with my family, that they are all healthy and so is my class and the last one is seeing people come together to help others have you seen Captain Tom?

  • Melissa Wilson 3 years ago
    hello another beautiful morning i have not started school yet what are you doing today i have sience arts and crafts and your work. did you see the satalites last night there were 41 off them and i am trying to complete my cub horse badge what have you been doing bye Tilly
  • Mr Ralph 3 years ago
    Hi Tilly, it is another beautiful day and I'm very thankful for it. Sounds like a busy day you will have to let me know how it goes and what you learned today. I did see them last night they were pretty cool. Good luck with your cub badge. I have been going on bike rides to school and back, walking my dog, spending time with my family and writing reports. Have a good day, Mr Ralph.
  • Hedgehog Bella 3 years ago
    My positives are that I feel that when we come out the other side we are still in it together . No matter how far away we are we will always have friend ship and each other’s love . Hope your having a magnificent day Mr Ralph from Bella
  • Hedgehog Eddie 3 years ago
    Hi Mr Ralph, Hopping all is well, I wanted to tell you that I have just finished my third five km run for charity which is 15 km I am really enjoying running with my dog. I am just about to do my spellings. I also want to tell you that I have just finished my book ( which is the chronicles of Narnia the magicians nephew book number 1 ).I am just about to start a new book and it is called The tales of beadle the bard by J.K Rowling . Stay safe , Eddie xxx
  • Hedgehog Eddie 3 years ago
    Hi Mr Ralph I have just thought about what I miss about school, I miss seeing friends I miss being in the classroom and I miss seeing you!!!!!!! What do Iike about being home I have more time with family ( including pets ) I also have more time to play. What I will do when lockdown is over , I will take my grandparents to El Castelo (a fancy pizza restaurant in Odiham). During lockdown I have learnt how to cook cookies and flapjacks also I have had lots of time to practice my table tennis and make lots of lego. Stay safe Eddie P.S Bailey your dog is really
  • Melissa Wilson 3 years ago
    i will i promise
  • Mr Ralph 3 years ago
    Hi Bella, it's great to hear from you. That is a beautiful message and very very true! We are all in this together and we will be stronger because of it. Hope you have an amazing day from Mr Ralph.
  • Mr Ralph 3 years ago
    Hi Eddie, well done 15k is a great achievement especially doing it for charity! I really like the Chronicles of Narnia you will have to tell the class all about your books when you get back. Have fun reading The tales of beadle the bard. I think we are all missing those things I miss having you in class as well Eddie. I'm glad you are enjoying being at home, I bet your grandparents can't wait to see you all again and go out for food. Thanks he is pretty cute but very cheeky. Have a good day Eddie stay safe, Mr Ralph.
  • Hedgehog Holly 3 years ago
    To Mr Ralph, My positive is that I have been able to spend more time with my family and my dog Willow, like when when we went on the 5k run together and when we did a family quiz night.
  • Abigail Hedgehog 3 years ago
    Hi Mr Ralph, how are you? My positives are being able to spend more time in the garden and being able to see my family more. I have been playing with our hens a lot of the time. When we first got them they were so scrawny they were almost naked, but now they have a few more feathers than before. I hope you are well. from Abigail xxx
  • Mr Ralph 3 years ago
    Hi Holly, that is a great positive outlook. Great work doing 5k together and the quiz night must have been a lot of fun. Have a good day in the sun today. Bye from Mr Ralph
  • Mr Ralph 3 years ago
    Hi Abigail, I am doing really well thanks how are you? That is a great positive outlook keep it up. I am glad you are playing with your hens do they have names? Have a great day out in the sun Abigail and spending time with your family. From Mr Ralph
  • Hedgehog Ethan 3 years ago
    Hi, the thing I am grateful for is that we have beautiful house and amazing garden. Also, I am happy that I have a dog to stroke and a sister to play with. Have a nice afternoon. From Ethan.
  • Mr Ralph 3 years ago
    Hi Ethan, that is a really great outlook and I am sure Esme and your dog feel the same way about you. I am really glad you are all enjoying your time together, stay safe and well, From Mr Ralph.
  • Hedgehog Eddie 3 years ago
    Dear Mr Ralph, I hope you are well , I thought you might want to know that I’m writing a lockdown diary and studying wolves for the non-chronological report for the project and I have been reading my book. My sunflower has grown enormously big but one of them died and the other one looks half dead, I am also planting my cucumbers. I have been in touch with my friends and playing times tables rockstars . I have been doing definitions after spellings and staying fit . My dog has loved Lockdown as she has been getting plenty of cuddles I hope Bailey is getting lots of cuddles . Stay safe , Eddie xxxxxx
  • Mr Ralph 3 years ago
    Good morning Eddie, Wow I would love to read the story when it is all completed and a non-chronological report on wolves will be exciting to read, keep it up!! If you want the class to see your sunflower or anything you've been working on email it into the school office and I can put it up on the blog. I am impressed with you looking at the definitions of the words very grown up. Aww yeah Bailey has been getting a lot of walks and a lot of treats! Keep up the amazing work Eddie hope you stay safe. From Mr Ralph :) :)
  • beau 2 years ago
    I like waking up in the morning and not having to get dressed really quickly. I have more time to play with my dolls and spending time with my family. I have enjoyed my early birthday present of a bike and i have been learning how to ride it. Light will show again soon and love will let it in.
  • Mr Ralph 2 years ago
    Hi Beau, I also like that very relaxing starts to the day. It is really important to make the most of your time with your family we don't often have this opportunity. Wow I am happy you are learning how to ride your bike it is a great skill to learn. That is a beautiful last sentence! Have a great day, Mr Ralph.

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