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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School


Wednesday 1st July

Good morning, I can't quite belive it is July already!

Today in class we watched a CBBC show with a very special supply teacher, astronaut Tim Peake. He told us all about space and it looks amazing. I wonder what you know about space? What could you tell me an others?

I want you to tell me everything. Have a great day Mr Ralph 

  • Hedgehog Ethan 4 years ago
    Hi Mr Ralph, space is so BIG and is about 93 BILLION LIGHT YEARS BIG!!! It is such a dangerous place though. I love it because it is so big. From Ethan.
  • Mr Ralph 4 years ago
    Hi Ethan, Wow that is absolutely massive! I would love to fly in space could you imagine just floating in zero gravity? Have a great day, from Mr Ralph

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