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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School

Dreams of the future

Tuesday 9th June 2020

When I was a child I often dreamed about the future. I was born in 1992 and the year 2020 felt so long away and no one could have guessed what it would bring. One of my favourite films is back to the future and it imagine what it would be like in 2015 and it was very different to how the world was. I want to know what do you think the future holds? What would the world look like? What would we have? Will we all own flying cars, will our school be in space, will we have met aliens?

  • Bertie 4 years ago
    Dear Mr Ralph, I think there could be robot teachers so that the teachers could relax while the robot does the work. You would have to programme the robot with your lesson first, and you would need a special key so that the children can’t just change the robot to teach their favourite lesson. 🤖 👨‍🏫 🏫 Love Bertie
  • Daniel 4 years ago
    Hello Mr Ralph. In the future I think it will be like us having a flying car and us having a robot to help us do our work as well as a human to help.Also a Builders’s yard is in space on a spaceship so the diggers have to fly to Earth ! From Daniel 😃😃👷🏼‍♂️🧑🏼‍🚀
  • Hedgehog Holly 4 years ago
    Hi Mr Ralph, I have done my Respect poster this morning. I hope that in the future everyone looks after their animals and each other more. In the future I hope they invent glasses so we can put them on and see and talk to each other., like the VR headset we play games on at home. Love Holly
  • Hedgehog Ethan 4 years ago
    Hi Mr Ralph, Back to the Future is one of my favourite films as well. I think the future will have lots of technical machines and cars that will float on water but that is only 15 from years from now. In 115 years from now, we could be mixing DNA to make other complex animals. 80 years from now, we could put a boost of energy into the Woolly Mammoths to bring them back to life. Have a nice day. From Ethan
  • Mr Ralph 4 years ago
    Hi Bertie, I think robot teachers would definitely make the job easier, I do like the fact that children can't change the work. That is a really inventive and imaginative idea well done Bertie. Stay safe have a good week. From Mr Ralph
  • Mr Ralph 4 years ago
    Hi Daniel, I think flying cars sound really cool it would be a lot harder to pass a driving test though. I really like the idea of having a builders yard in space and they have to fly to earth, I bet they would feel like superheros. Are you going to invent the builders yard? Have a good day from Mr Ralph
  • Mr Ralph 4 years ago
    Hi Holly, your respect poster was brilliant it is now up on the class page. I think that is a beautiful message and dream and I hope it will happen! Glasses like VR sound really cool you would just have to be careful walking around. Keep up with the great ideas Holly, have a good day. From Mr Ralph
  • Mr Ralph 4 years ago
    Hi Ethan, it is an amazing film isn't it?! Did you watch it with your family? Oh wow they are some great ideas for 15 years in the future you will be driving/sailing one of those cars. That sounds quite interesting a Woolly Mammoth park instead of Jurassic park sounds safer already! If you could bring back one animal or dinosaur from extinction what would it be? From Mr Ralph. P.s. your den looks very cool!

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