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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School

Bestfriend day

Monday 8th June 2020

Friendships are an indestructible bond that join many people together in beautiful ways. Celebrating best friends’ day is just one of the ways you can acknowledge your awesome sidekick and show them how much you love them. 

Take a moment right now to think about that one important person who is there by your side no matter what. They are the person you want to go on vacation with, you turn to them when you are having trouble with relationships and you always want to share secrets with them.

A best friend is the person who you would even share your last cookie with (now that’s friendship!). They are the Batman to your Robin, the sugar to your spice, and the sand to your sea!

Imagine you were making a best friend what do they need to be? What qualities do they need to have?

  • Hedgehog Holly 4 years ago
    Hi Mr Ralph, I would like a best friend who was playful, happy and kind. Just like my dog Willow, who is one of my best friends. She makes me laugh when she runs around like a little lunatic! Love Holly
  • Hedgehog Ethan 4 years ago
    Hi Mr Ralph, If I could make a friend I would love to have a person who is friendly, kind, fun and imaginative. I am not saying that I do not have friendly, kind fun and imaginative friends right now, because of that I do not really need any more friends. Today has been a strange day because mummy went somewhere (daddy was up stairs on the phone) but in that time we worked, at break though we built a GIGANTIC den in only 10 minutes or so. Stay safe and happy. From Ethan.
  • Mr Ralph 4 years ago
    Hi Holly, they are great qualities to have in a friend, and who doesn't love something that runs round like a little nutter! Have a good day, from Mr Ralph
  • Mr Ralph 4 years ago
    Hi Ethan, they sound brilliant qualities and ones you possess. Oh wow a den sounds really cool would love to see it, I may have to make one in class tomorrow! I love a den, have a great day, from Mr Ralph

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