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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School

Like Clockwork

Dear Otters,

I hope you enjoyed today’s activity from the Hampshire Music Service. Which piece of music did you like best, ‘Clockwork’ by Phillip Klein or ‘Clocks’ by Guru Prasanna? What made you like it more than you liked the other? I think I liked ‘Clockwork’ by Phillip Klein the best because it was really exciting to listen to.

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

Love from,

Ms Lamble

  • Otter Freya 4 years ago
    Dear Ms Lamble, I like 'Clocks' the best because it was more groovy and it started off with one sound then another joined in and another and another etc etc. At the end of the song it took away each sound. It was like we were replaying it in reverse order. The 'Clockwork' song was slower and a bit dramatic. lots of love from Freya xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Otter Lola 4 years ago
    my favourite one is Clocks as at the end it goes slow and at the start it goes slow and I like how it does that because I like when things start slow and end slow. I liked the ticking, it was very nice. love Lola :)
  • Ms Lamble 4 years ago
    Dear Freya, I love your description of 'Clocks' - you thought really carefully about this. Love from, Ms Lamble
  • Ms Lamble 4 years ago
    Dear Lola, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Love from, Ms Lamble