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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School

Celebrating Mbira

Dear Otters,

I hope you enjoyed learning about mbira today. I really enjoyed my learning, although I found it really tricky to play all the notes! I was thinking about the incredible instruments in the world. When I was at school my music lessons were taken on different instruments in the gamelan, or Indonesian orchestra (pictured below). The instrument I enjoyed playing the most was the gangsa because the striker looks like a shark's fin!

If you could learn to play any instrument in the whole world, what would it be and why?

I hope you have a restful half-term holiday. Stay safe!

Love from,

Ms Lamble

History of Gamelan Indonesian Music and Dance

  • Leo Otters 4 years ago
    Dear Ms Lamble, I am missing you lots! The answer to your question for me is that I would ike to learn the piano and I am already good at making up my own tunes! I have a question for you! What instrument would you like to play and why? I really really hope I will see you soon. Have a great half term. We are going to sleep in a tent! Love Leo
  • Otter Lola 4 years ago
    I would like to do piano because you can use a special app or somebody can teach you, that's why I like piano because you don't just use a book, you can use a book or an app or somebody helping you and you can use all of them. I like learning the piano because you can play loads of Lola :) :) :) :)
  • Mrs Jolliffe 4 years ago
    Hi Otters, I think Ms Lamble is showing off a bit don't you think : ) I would love to play darbuka/dumbek like Burhan Ocal who is I think the best! or Quanun (kanun). I found a link with both so if you would like to hear them in action click on the link (always ask your parents first): If you listen to this you'll know why I like it, it's fun and lively! Makes me get up and dance : ) Have a lovely half term!
  • Effie 4 years ago
    I would like to play the flute because I like the sound they make and my mummy used to play one. 🤩
  • Otter Olivia 4 years ago
    Hello Ms Lamble, I’m already learning to play piano and I love it. If I would have a chance to play a different instrument, I would like to play flute, because I love the sound of it. I like singing too. Have a good half term Love from Olivia (and Zachary) ❤️ 🎻 🎹🎼🪕🎤🎧
  • Ms Lamble 4 years ago
    Dear Leo, I miss you too :-) I would like to learn to play the ukulele so I could play with our singing in class. Enjoy sleeping in a tent! Love from, Ms Lamble
  • Ms Lamble 4 years ago
    Dear Lola, I wish I could hear you playing on the piano! Love from, Ms Lamble
  • Ms Lamble 4 years ago
    Dear Mrs Jolliffe, I loved the music you suggested! It made me want to dance too :-) Love from, Ms Lamble
  • Ms Lamble 4 years ago
    Dear Effie, I hope you get a chance to play the flute one day :-) Love from, Ms Lamble
  • Ms Lamble 4 years ago
    Dear Olivia, I would love to hear you play the piano. I hope you get a chance to play the flute one day. Have a wonderful half-term! Love from, Ms Lamble