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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School

Twit twoooooo and screech?

Today at Forest School we started our session learning about owls.  Did you know that the barn owl’s wing span can measure up to 95cm?! That many screech and not twit twoooo?   With our friendly cuddly owls keeping an eye, the children were able to dissect owl pellets – which are regurgitated by owls and usually contain bones of what they have eaten!  They were mesmerised by what they found – mainly vole bones and skulls. 


We also tried Hapa Zome – the art of creating pictures on fabric by choosing leaves, flowers or anything natural and a hammer. Some wonderful creations were made – the leaves in particular so well defined.

We finished our session by making mini pizzas.  We still need to perfect the bottom of our pizzas but the children didn’t seem to mind the char grilled taste!