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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School

Goodbyes and Hellos

On Tuesday we said goodbye to our second group as they completed their six -week sessions.  We spent most of the session making charcoal pencils from cut willow sticks. Placing them in metal tins with a hole and then into the fire. After 10 minutes the pencils were ready!

Tree climbing, shelter building and crafting were as always a favourite too. At the end the children got their Forest School Certificates and took home their wood cookie names if they wanted to.

On Friday we welcomed a new group of Year 5 and 6 children.  These children were the first so far to experience rain at Forest School and although brief, they didn't let it stop them.  Team work and resilience was evident as they tried to construct a zip line from a rope.  They persevered and managed to get a little of the ground but next week they need to work on tension to make it more successful.  We started doing some basic knife work and whittle sticks to a point and/or sawed using a bow saw to the length needed for a construction project some of them were doing.  

We finished off the session with marshmallows over the fire and lots of happy smiles!