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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School

We had a hoot!

Our second session focussed on owls! Some children were intrigued by the owl pellets (and some thought they were yucky!) which are essentially regurgitated non digested food! Dissection proved very interesting with little bones and skulls found, likely from voles!   The children were also offered the opportunity to make owl faces using natural elements around them and all different types of feather.  Some of them turned into portraits of their teacher instead but they had fun doing it!


It was a pleasure to watch the children working together to make awesome shelters.  The youngest two of the group really worked hard to make their shelter and kept extending it to make it bigger. Two of the eldest made theirs very comfy with hammocks  too! And lastly four of the children had the chance to start learning to use a knife to whittle wood under the watchful eye of the Forest School Leader.  Lovely pointy sticks were made!







Perhaps most of all, the initial challenge of find the item on the card they chose and make it into a natural picture as a team was the best of all.  They made it into a tree…..