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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School

Tuesday 12th May

Team Work

Please enter som

Hi Rabbit Class,

I was thinking this morning about the nurses that helped me when I had my children at Frimley Park Hospital. As you know I have just celebrated their birthdays and the weather was beautiful and sunny like today. I was quite poorly when I had both my children and had to stay in hospital for a week but I did have a wonderful team of nurses to help me get better. My niece who lives in Australia is training to be a nurse. Maybe one day some of you might choose to be a nurse, there are lots of different types to choose from. 

I hope you manage to get to watch the 'I am one nurse' song linked to our  suggested team work activity for today.

Rabbit Class are good at working as a team. I think when we are able to be back together at school we are going to have to work really hard as a team and help each other in lots of new and challenging ways.

Go team Rabbit Class!

From Mrs Proctor

  • Charlie N Rabbit 4 years ago
    Hello We enjoyed the song and the little girl at the end that wanted to be a nurse. I like being part of a team playing football, I pass the ball to my friends and they score. We found a new pet, a little frog that keeps coming into our play house, We have made a little house for him and given him some water We have to leave the playhouse door open as he goes in and out. Love Charlie and froggy
  • Mrs Zebedee 4 years ago
    Hi Charlie- Hopefully it won't be too much longer and you can get back to playing games with all your friends again :) Wow, that is very exciting that you have a frog in your garden. You must be looking after him very well if he is staying in your play house. See if you can take a picture of him and you can show us when we see you again.

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