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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School

Tuesday 5th May

Hello Rabbit Class,

Well my cheese cake making was successful although we haven't eaten it yet. We are having it this afternoon as a birthday cake when we will virtually meet some of the rest of my family so that they can help celebrate with my daughter. 

I have been thinking about todays activity and I think I would like to spend a few months living on a house boat. Usually we start to have lots of boats going up and down our canal, some of them are holiday boats, some are cream tea trips and some are a home. They often have beautiful paintings on them, pots on the roof with colourful plants and a bicycle to travel on the land. There is so much wild life to see travelling across the country on a canal boat. However I would only want to do it for a short time because I think the locks would be hard work and you would have to be very tidy in such a small space!

Let me know what kind of home you might like to live in,

From Mrs Proctor

  • Rabbit Anouk 4 years ago
    Hello Mrs Proctor, your cheesecake sounds yummy. What flavour is it? Your house boat idea sounds amazing. I would like to live in an underground house. It would be built into a hill and have a blue front door. Inside there would be nature spy hole windows so I could see underground animals going past my house. The features of my house are that it would have a hallway for me to put my coats in and there will be a torch, the kitchen will have my nature spy hole windows in, the TV will be HUGE! My house would have an underground swimming pool in the hill next door, my daddy can clean it for me and do the chemicals! I have drawn a picture. Love from Anouk xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Mrs Proctor 4 years ago
    Hi Anouk, My cheese cake was lemon flavour with strawberries, raspberries and grapes on the top. I like the sound of your underground house, particularly the nature spy holes. What kind of creatures do you think you might see? I am looking forward to seeing the picture of it. From Mrs Proctor.
  • Rabbit Anouk 4 years ago
    Hi Mrs Proctor, I think I would be able to see badgers, moles, foxes in their dens and rabbits! Lemon cheesecake sounds yummy! Love from Anouk xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Rabbit Rosie 4 years ago
    Hello, I hope you have a good day. I have been writing my tricky words outside with a paintbrush and water. I would like to live in a campervan because it is pretty and we get to sleep downstairs. My LOL dolls have a turquoise campervan. I am getting a new bedroom with a new bed and curtains. Love from Rosie
  • William Ca 4 years ago
    I love cheesecake too. I would live in a tent. It would have toys, drinks, pizza and chips. I have been camping in my garden and I love it. William
  • Mrs Proctor 4 years ago
    Hi Anouk, It would be lovely to see all those animals. My neighbour has badgers in his garden and we often get a fox. From Mrs Proctor
  • Mrs Proctor 4 years ago
    Hi Rosie, Well done for practising your tricky words, keep up the good work. A camper van would be great to live in and you could travel around visiting lots of different places like I could in my house boat. How exciting to be getting a new bedroom! Does it have a theme? From Mrs Proctor.
  • Mrs Proctor 4 years ago
    Hi William Ca, Camping in your garden sounds like great fun. My son and daughter used to like camping in our garden. Sometimes they used to like having sleepovers with their friends in our tent. We liked watching the bats fly over our garden when it started getting dark. Maybe soon you will be able to do that with your friends. We have some pop up tents at school, you could make a list of things that we might need for a pretend camping expedition when we can all get together and use them. From Mrs Proctor
  • Rabbit Frankie 3 years ago
    Hello Mrs Proctor. I've been thinking about what I would like my house to be like and this weekend, Daddy helped Angus and me to build a tree house in the woods. We saw lots of caterpillars. I have been doing some paintings to put on the walls. It also has a yellow slide so we can go get down fast, just in case we see a monster! I can't wait to show you a picture of the treehouse we built on my camera when I see you next. Love Frankie xx

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