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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School

Tuesday 28th April

Rainy Day!

Hello Rabbit Class,

Is it raining with you? I am quite glad that it is raining today because I don't need to water my plants. Although I do actually like watering my plants. I like to see the new vegetable shoots growing and the flowers in my pots blooming. 

I like the smell of rain and although I am a grown up and don't have any young children in my family I still like jumping in puddles!

What do you like doing on a rainy day? Let me know and enjoy the weather even if you are inside or out,

From Mrs Proctor




  • Rabbit Ray 4 years ago
    Hi we like splashing in the puddles on a rainy day, we are going to do it later today. Ray xxx
  • Mrs Proctor 4 years ago
    Hi Ray, Well done Ray, get your wellies out and enjoy splashing in the puddles. My son and daughter used to have frog wellies, what are yours like? Mrs Proctor
  • Rabbit Tabitha 4 years ago
    Hello teachers. I have drawn and labelled my roller skates now. Today it was very rainy so we did dancing inside. I've been practicing galloping on my left leg and skipping and I can do both now. I will show you in the playground. It was very tricky but I kept trying. I played with the abacus too.
  • Mrs Proctor 4 years ago
    Hi Tabitha, Dancing inside sounds good fun, I hope it wasn't a rain dance because we don't want too much of it! Your challenge sounds great, I look forward to seeing your roller skates and hopefully I will be able to watch you do your skipping in the playground soon. Have you tried writing your name with your other hand? From Mrs Proctor

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