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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School

Monday 27th April

Growth Mindset!


A weekend of new challenges!

Monday 27th April

Some of my family have tried some new challenges this weekend. We ran out of tortillas so my daughter learnt how to make them because we wanted to make some enchiladas. They tasted lovely but there was rather a lot of flour to tidy up!

My biggest challenge  was making the story video for you.  It is not quite the same reading a story to a camera. I missed Rabbit class joining in with the parts that repeat, the sound effects, asking lots of questions and sharing your lovely ideas. My daughter helped get the props and my son very kindly helped me with doing the editing. I hope you enjoy listening to it and hopefully it won't be long before we can share stories again.

I am hoping that a little rain will water my vegetables but then I would like the sunshine back again!

Let me know of any new challenges or skills you have tried over the weekend.

From Mrs Proctor

  • Milly 3 years ago
    I loved your story Mrs Proctor, thank you - we’ve got another Mrs Armitage book where her car falls to pieces, it’s very good too! I made pizzas in our pizza restaurant on Friday. We made the restaurant sign and all the menus and then took orders from Mummy and James and made their pizzas! It was lots of fun! I miss you too!
  • Rabbit Tabitha 3 years ago
    I really loved the video of the story. It made me laugh and it was lovely to see you and such a nice surprise. I would put stickers on my roller skates and bows on the laces. I would attach a dog seat behind me so that I can pull my dog Boone along.
  • Rabbit Anouk 3 years ago
    Hello all my friends and teachers, I have made my own special bicycle like Mrs Armitage and for her roller skates I would give her jet boosters on the back so she could fly everywhere! I really enjoyed your story Mrs Proctor, I liked seeing you again. This weekend I challenged by walking Loki by myself on his lead. He is a big white fluffy dog and my mummy says he weighs 26kg! I am going to eat my lunch now. I look forward to going back to school and I am hoping to be able to run to school by the time I go back rather than drive there. I miss you all very much and hope you are having a good time with your mummy’s and daddy’s. Lots of Love Anouk xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Rabbit Ray 3 years ago
    Hello, we had Mexican food too, and we made some flour tortilla wraps for chicken fajitas. I helped with building my new bunk beds and Sylvi did too. We both helped carry our old beds downstairs. We made lots of different style of paper aeroplanes and some were a bit hard so that was a challenge. We are going to look at your story now. Love from Ray xxx
  • Mrs Proctor 3 years ago
    Hi Milly, I am glad you enjoyed the story. I don't know the story about the car so I look forward to sharing it with you. Your pizza restaurant, with your own menu sounds wonderful. Did you have prices on your menu and manage to practice your money maths too? From Mrs Proctor.
  • Mrs Proctor 3 years ago
    Hi Tabitha, I am glad my story made you laugh, l had good fun making it. Your adapted roller skates sound great and I am sure Boone would enjoy a roller skate ride too. Can you draw a picture and label your roller skates? From Mrs Proctor.
  • Mrs Proctor 3 years ago
    Hi Anouk, Jet boosters on roller skates sound a brilliant idea, I think you would need to wear a helmet! I think I might have met your dog, I think taking him for a walk would be a challenge and he could probably take you for a walk! Do you help to look after him in other ways too? From Mrs Proctor
  • Mrs Proctor 3 years ago
    Hi Ray, How exciting to have new bunk beds and well done for being so helpful when building them, great team work! Your aeroplane challenge sounds fun, did you fly them all? You could practise your measuring skills by measuring the distance they travelled. From Mrs Proctor.
  • Rabbit HarryW 3 years ago
    Hello Mrs Proctor, Thank you for the story I really liked it made me laugh, especially when you fell of your bike but then I was worried you may have hurt yourself, are you ok? I have been making my own movie with my brother and sister, it is so much fun! I have been enjoying the hot sunshine by playing in my new paddling pool. I am missing you and all my friends and can't wait to see everyone soon. Love Harry W.
  • Rabbit Isobel 3 years ago
    Dear Mrs. Procter Answering about mini beasts we had a really good go at that on the weekend with Dad when we were digging in the garden. We found 11 different mini beasts and managed to identify them with the bug viewer and our bug book! Really enjoyed the story today thank you! Isobel xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Charlie N Rabbit 3 years ago
    Dear Mrs Proctor We are having a arty day today and having lots of fun. Your video was great, your falling off was funny I was worried about your elbow as it might of got scraped. I would add a tree house to my bike, so I could sit up high and watch. I miss school, im making caterpillars at the moment out of foamy things, my longest one is 4 long, lucy 's is 9 long but a bit messy. love Charlie xx
  • Rabbit Frankie 3 years ago
    Hello Mrs Proctor, it was lovely to see you on your bike. I hope you didn't hurt yourself when you fell off. I've missed school very much, you and all my friends. I've been riding my bike a lot all around the farm. I had fun thinking about what improvements I would make to my bike. On my bike I would add an umbrella, in case it rains, as well as a map, in case I got lost. I will attach my lunch box to my handles bar and a watch as I've been learning to tell the time as well as my times tables. I had a busy weekend helping on the farm, I helped daddy mow the grass and watched the silage being made. It was lots of fun, I tried to run as fast as the tractor! Hoping to see everyone soon. xx
  • Mrs Proctor 3 years ago
    Hi Harry H, I am glad you enjoyed my story. No I didn't hurt myself. I just did lots of acting like we often have so much fun doing at school. By the sound of it you have had fun making a movie with your family. What is it about? I look forward to watching it with you when we all get together. From Mrs Proctor
  • Mrs Proctor 3 years ago
    Hi Isobel, Wow what a lot of mini-beasts you found whilst you were digging in your garden! Well done for identifying them all. I am glad you enjoyed my story. Perhaps you could act out one of your own stories yourself? From Mrs Proctor
  • Mrs Proctor 3 years ago
    Hi Charlie, I am glad that you enjoyed my story. Don't worry I didn't hurt myself, it was all acting like we often do with our stories that we tell at school. A tree house on your bike sounds a wonderful idea although you might wobble even more than I did on my bike! I love an arty day. Both your caterpillars sound wonderful. Could you find lots of different ways to measure the length of your caterpillars? From Mrs Proctor
  • Mrs Proctor 3 years ago
    Hi Frankie, It sounds like you have been very busy helping out on your farm, well done. All that running and riding your bike will be keeping you very fit. It is good to hear that you are learning to tell the time, you will be able to help make sure we do everything at the correct time when we are back at school. I am glad you enjoyed my story, I didn't hurt myself because I was acting like we often do with our story telling at school. You are always so good at your story telling at school Frankie so perhaps you could act out one of your own? From Mrs Proctor.
  • Rabbit Kallan 3 years ago
    Hi Mrs Proctor, I liked the story very much. The part where you fell off the bike was very funny. I think I would add a pair of socks to the roller skates. I miss you and would love to come back to school and see you, Mrs Baronne and Mrs Zebedee again. Love Kallan
  • Mrs Proctor 3 years ago
    Hi Kallan, I am glad you enjoyed my story, I had fun making it. Would your roller skate socks have a picture or pattern? Have you had a chance to design your own game yet? From Mrs Proctor

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