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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School

Wednesday 15th July

Packing for a holiday

Hi, These are the suitcases that have been packed by some of Rabbit class. Where do you think they are going on holiday?

Ryan - Lots of juice, a toy boat, sun cream, cap, sun glasses, shorts, t-shirt and a guitar.

Scarlett - Sun glasses, sun cream, some toys, swim suit, life jacket.

Tabitha - flip flops, water bottle, vest, sun cream, hair ties, hand band

Ciel - Hair brush, sun cream,  trainers, swim suit 

Izzy - a unicorn horn,  sparkly shoes, glitter, sparkly saddle, grass, apples

Mrs Proctor and Mrs  Baronne - weighted boots, helmet,  a silver onesie,  gloves, lots of refreshments.

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