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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School

Friday 10th July

Hi Rabbits, 

We have had another great day! Izzy and Erin have had a very active morning completing the fancy dress race. The hardest part was putting on the wig and jacket. They were so fast they even beat Mrs Baronne. 

We hope you had fun at home!

  • Charlie Rabbit 3 years ago
    Morning, Erin and Izzy look funny! My sister and I had lots of fun, I had to put on shorts, my dressing gown, a hi Viz jacket, soldiers helmet and slippers. It was hard trying to run with my shorts as I only pulled them up to my knees so I waddled like a penguin. We will send in some pictures. Love Charlie
  • Lex 3 years ago
    Hi We have just held the fancy dress race and Lex too 1.28 to dress up in the funniest clothes we could find! Video and photos with Mrs Fox! The garden now looks like a construction site...obstacle course next!
  • Mrs Proctor 3 years ago
    Hi Charlie, We are glad you had fun with the fancy dress race. You and your sister looked brilliant in your outfits. Well done for getting your house some more points. From Mrs Proctor
  • Mrs Proctor 3 years ago
    Hi Lex, It looks like you had great fun with your fancy dress race, we enjoyed looking at the photos you sent. Well done for getting some more points for your house. From Mrs Proctor

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