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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School

Wednesday 8th July

Paper ball in the box   -  Change due to rain - See the attachment below for all of todays activities.

Hi Rabbit class, Ryan, Izzy, Erin, Tabitha and Scarlett all enjoyed throwing the paper ball into the box. Our challenge was to get it into the box with our eyes closed. We did a celebration dance when we got it in. Lots of us were better with our eyes closed! We are going to do the water balloons and skittles after we have done our phonics.

We hope you manage to do lots of celebration dances today too!

From EVERYONE in Rabbit class today.

  • Charlie Rabbit 4 years ago
    Hello We had lots of fun throwing the paper, I managed to get 12 in the box when I was 7 steps away. We also tried throwing with our other hand but we were not that good but we kept trying. We are going to have pancakes for lunch and then going to try the bowling. Love Charlie x
  • Lex 4 years ago
    Hi Lex has completed two of todays sports challenges! First the bucket ball...13 balls of newspaper found in the office bin! Second was recycled bowling with water bottles and dads socks... all down in three goes! hoping the rain stops for tomorrow! Pictures on the way to Mrs Fox
  • Rabbit Anouk 4 years ago
    Hello Rabbit Class! I was better with my eyes closed too! I got 13 with my eyes open and 16 with them closed! Love from, Anouk xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Mrs Proctor 4 years ago
    Hi Charlie, Well done Charlie. I am pleased to see that you have a Growth mindset and kept on trying even when throwing with your other hand was tricky. From Mrs Proctor
  • Mrs Proctor 4 years ago
    Hi Lex, It is great to see you so involved with our Sports day challenges Lex. Well done for some accurate throwing in the skittle game. We thought your pictures were great. We are hoping it stops raining for tomorrow too. From Mrs Proctor
  • Mrs Proctor 4 years ago
    Hi Anouk, It sounds like you are having lots of fun with your sports this week. We are enjoying your photos and loved your food art too. From Mrs Proctor.

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