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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School

Tuesday 7th July

Hi Rabbit class, We have been enjoying our sports day activities today and hope you have too. We got a little wet because we did the full cup and water race over a track with stepping stones and cones to run around. We also did the leaky cup race again because we enjoyed it so much! We hope you are enjoying your sports activities too, we have liked looking at your photos.

From Mrs Proctor

  • Charlie Rabbit 3 years ago
    Hi Rabbit Class, I got wet. I first had a full cup of water, I walked and managed to only spill a little bit. Next we tried with half a cup and I ran fast, when I tipped it back in the jug only half of the water was left ( a lot was on me). Love Charlie
  • Mrs Proctor 3 years ago
    Hi Charlie, Great to hear that you were getting wet like us Charlie!! From Mrs Proctor, Mrs Baronne and the Rabbit class in school
  • Lex and William C 3 years ago
    Hi all! William, Lex and George (Williams little brother) met up for our sports day challenge on the green. We had lots of water and three races. We ran, walked backed wards and skipped! Only a cm lost each time from each cup so some great balancing and lots of giggling! I have some pictures to send to Mrs Fox. Hope you got the pictures we sent yesterday from our potato and spoon races! Missing you all!
  • Mrs Proctor 3 years ago
    Hi Lex and William C, Your mini sports day together sounds great fun and I like the challenges you did too. We are looking forward to seeing some more pictures. Lex we did enjoy looking at your pictures, what a lovely medal you made too. From Mrs Proctor.

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