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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School

Tuesday 21st April

What a beautiful sunny day!

I hope you enjoyed the sunshine. Thank you for all your lovely blogs, we have enjoyed reading them.

Has anyone had a go with the Rainbow activity yet? Let us know what you decided to use your Rainbow for. I have been having a little go so I might show you tomorrow!

From Mrs Proctor.

  • Charlie N Rabbit 4 years ago
    Hello Everyone I have been enjoying myself in the garden with my daddy, sister, biff the dog and mum. I have been riding my bike without stabilizers for the first time. I wish I was back at school tomorrow to see my friends. We were drawing rainbows on the patio with chalk today and mixing the colours. Love Charlie Xxx
  • Mrs Proctor 4 years ago
    Hi Charlie N, WELL DONE Charlie for riding your bike without stabilisers for the first time! I expect your patio looks lovely and cheerful with your colourful rainbows. Have you had a go at doing Tuesdays Quentin Blake Rainbow activity yet? From Mrs Proctor

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