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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School

Thursday 18th June

Good morning Rabbits, 

What a wet and soggy day it is today! So this morning I got out my umbrella and when I opened it up it had a huge hole in it. Which is not going to be very helpful today. It got my thinking...if I was to try and fix my umbrella what material could I use to make sure it was waterproof? Could you have a think and let me know if you come up with any ideas! 

Mrs Zebedee

  • Rabbit Anouk 4 years ago
    Hello Mrs Zebedee, I have an idea! You can come here to collect some of my daddy’s pool liner! It is waterproof and strong. Love from, Anouk xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Lex 4 years ago
    Hi Mrs Zebedee. Lex thinks you should use plastic bags. He says because they are waterproof and colourful. This week we made a boat out of an egg box and Lex covered it in plastic bags to make it waterproof. He tested it worked by floating it in his bath! He hopes it keeps you dry. Lex x
  • Mrs Zebedee 4 years ago
    Hi Anouk- wow that is a great idea! That would definitely keep the rain out of my umbrella.
  • Mrs Zebedee 4 years ago
    Hi Lex- that is a great idea and i'm recycling at the same time. It sounds like you are have lots of fun at home :)

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