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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School

Wednesday 17th June

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Hi Rabbit class, How did you get on with your Hungry Caterpillar Menu and did anyone make any thank you cards. We found a very large slug today outside of our classroom.  Do you know how a slug breathes ? Can you find some fantastic slug facts to share with us?

From Mrs Proctor

  • Rabbit Anouk 4 years ago
    Hello Mrs Proctor, I have made my caterpillar menu! Mummy will email a picture to Mrs Fox. I have also been writing thank you cards this week to thank people for my birthday presents. I am going to make a factfile tomorrow about slugs! When slugs gets scared they can loose their tails, just like my crested geckos. My geckos have not lost their tails but my friend Ryley has a gecko and she lost her tail when she was a baby. Love from, Anouk xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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