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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School

Wednesday 10th June

Amazing transformations

Did you have fun making a mini beast cafe menu?

Ryan and Izzy made a recipe for the ants that might visit the cafe. It was called 'Chocolate mud slush drink' They thought that the ants might like the sweet melted chocolate that they whisked into the drink.

Did you find out about a mini beast that lives in water as part of its life?  A dragonfly lays its eggs near calm water  on a plant, in mud or  on the water. then the larva (nymph)  crawls out  of the egg and into the water to live  until  it  comes out and  becomes a beautiful dragon fly. It can take several years to happen.

I think that is an amazing transformation.

Is there anything that you think is amazing?

From Mrs Proctor



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