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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School

Thursday 4th June

Good morning Rabbits!

Well what a change in weather, it was very cold outside this morning on my run. But I think all of our gardens could do with a good water especially Mrs Proctor's vegetables. Hopefully you can all still get outside at some point today and have a run around, even if you have to wear a coat. 

I have a little game for you today, see if you can find out the answer...

I am very strong.

I live in a nest.

I work for my queen.

I am very small.

What am I? 

  • Milly 4 years ago
    🐜 ants We have lots in our garden, we made sugar water for the bees the other day and lots and lots of ants came to eat it!
  • Rabbit Anouk 4 years ago
    Hello, I think you are a wasp! I think this because wasps live in nests and they work for their queen. We have collected stones to paint, they are drying at the moment because we had to wash them because they had sheep poo on! I am going to paint a millipede (my favourite minibeast), an earthworm, a bumblebee, a wasp, a ladybird, a woodlouse and a caterpillar. Love from, Anouk xxxxxxxx
  • Mrs Zebedee 4 years ago
    Hi Milly- Well done the mini beast I was thinking of were Ants! Sounds like you are having lots of fun at home :)
  • Mrs Zebedee 4 years ago
    Hi Anouk- Well I was actually thinking of ants, but you are right it could also be a wasp-so well done! Wow your stones sound like they are going to look amazing, when you have finished them why don't you send a photo to Mrs Fox as we would love to see them.

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