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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School

Monday 18th May

Mrs Proctors bird box


Hi Rabbit Class,

I hope you all had a lovely weekend, we always enjoy hearing about what you have been doing. On Saturday I was excited to find out that if I was very quiet I could hear some tweeting sounds coming from my bird box! The Blue tits had been very busy going backwards and forwards and then on Saturday I could see that they had food in their beaks for their chicks. I am trying not to get too close now because they get a bit cross and start flying backwards and forwards in front of me! I am hoping that one day I might be able to see them take their first flight out of the bird box.

Charlie N I was very impressed to hear about your teapot for nesting, what a lovely idea. I am sure your Robins are enjoying it. 

How many birds can you identify? Perhaps you could do some research about one type of bird?  Do all birds make a nest?

Let me know how you get on with your wind chimes,

From Mrs Proctor

  • RabbitTabitha 4 years ago
    I liked Mrs Zebedee's door picture. I think fairies live there. We made a den in the garden out of wooden sticks. I am going to paint it rainbow colours. We are going on a walk now to collect things for the wind chimes.
  • Mrs Proctor 4 years ago
    Hi Tabitha, Your stick den sounds great fun. Perhaps you could draw a picture of the fairies that live behind the door, what sort of characters do they have and what do you think they like to wear? I am looking forward to seeing your wind chime. I might try making one myself to hang up at school when I go in this week. From Mrs Proctor

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