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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School

Red Kites - Monday 11th May

May 11 - Who would have thought that instead of sitting the SPaG SATs, drinking squash and eating biscuits this morning, we are sitting at home with our families as the sun shines outside. We will never forget 2020.

Good morning all - like most of the country, I was sitting and watching Boris Johnson last night with hope and optimism. Let's see what happens in the next few weeks. Fingers crossed! I would like to know what you got up to during VE Day on Friday.

My Great Uncle was John Beeston (photo above) was a doctor during World War II and he was awarded the George Cross on VE Day in 1940. You can read his truly inspiring story on this link  here. On Friday, I was thinking of what he did to secure our future and to make sure that we had a safe and free world to live in. There are inspiring people all around us and not all heroes wear capes :)

Here are some fantastic images from Home Learning that have been sent in over the last few days - it is lovely to see what you have been up to!

An example of Caitlin's writing of a setting. The mixture of past tense and progressive past tense brought the image to life for me as well as her expanded noun phrases.


Isla's creative way of growing cress!
An excellent garden!
Chicks from Luke - brilliant news! Cannot wait to hear what you call them
Sophie's creative art - very carefully created and keep being inspired as others will be by your designs!


  • luke red kites 1 year ago
    Yesterday the eggs hatched and now we have four little pheasant chicks but sadly three have passed away but we think we might have a few more hatching. I will send you a picture of them. Actually there is one hatching as i type. We also got a video of one hatching so may baybe we can send that too. For VE day we had afternoon tea i the garden we also had a water fight with the neighbours.
  • FreyaRedKite 1 year ago
    Hi Mr G For VE Day we did lots of different things throughout the day. To start with we wore red, white and blue and decorated cupcakes (that my mum had made) using fondant and edible pens. I drew a rainbow behind a Union Jack flag and a “Happy VE Day” one. At 11 o’clock we had a two minute silence, which I almost missed as I was on my brothers electric scooter! We made the food for the day and then went to a party that was being held on our street. We made sure to obey all the social distancing measures! As soon as we got there, my mum was given a bottle of Prosecco! There was music and lots to eat! When we came back home we watched the movie Dunkirk and then enjoyed an amazing ca ke my mum had made! At three o’clock, we went outside and had scones and cake. Unfortunately, we missed the spitfire flying over but it was ok because we had lots of fun doing other things! To finish of the day we had a barbecue in our front garden and ate more of the cake! I read the story about your great uncle and I thought it was very fascinating! Imagine being a doctor in the war! Hope to see you soon! From Freya 😀
  • Mr G 1 year ago
    Hi Luke - that is good that one has survived and that there might be more on the way. A water fight with the neighbours and afternoon tea sounds like a great way of spending VE Day!
  • Mr G 1 year ago
    Hi Freya! That sounds like a fantastic flag which you created! So much food and celebrating with family and friends - a very memorable day. The sound of all the cake is making me hungry!Well done for observing the two minute silence - it can be tricky to know when it starts with so many watches, phones and clocks. Thank you reading about my Great Uncle - utterly fascinating!