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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School

Red Kites - Thursday 7th May

Coming to you from school!

Hello all - I am sorry if some of you have not had a response to any blog posts yesterday. My responses had not been approved but I have done that now.

Such a sunny Thursday today. Today seems like a strange day. I guess I am hoping for good news on Sunday when the government will decide what we are going to do next. I hope by the time I blog on Monday, we will know more about the next few weeks. Here's hoping.


I chose the image today as I imagine that a lot of you have been out and about with your four legged friend since the school closure. The image is only a small crop from the cover! Can you guess the name?

I hope you have a good rest of your Thursday and celebrate VE Day tomorrow. There will be some information on the class page tomorrow but no suggested activities. My daughter has coloured some bunting which we will put outside our house. Have you done anything special to celebrate?

  • Red Kites-Erin 1 year ago
    Hi Mr G, today the book is THE THOUSAND YEAR OLD BOY. Looking forward to the Bank Holiday weekend. Yes I also hoping for good news on Sunday as well.
  • Mr G 1 year ago
    Hi Erin - correct! Excellent work! I didn't think that was very easy today! Fingers crossed. I hope you and your family have a good Bank Holiday weekend.
  • FreyaRedKite 1 year ago
    Hi Mr G The book is The 1000 Year Old Boy by Ross something. I know because its the name of a FRIENDS character! For VE day, my mum has made some bunting and we are planning to have a lockdown garden party. Hope everyone has a great weekend! From Freya
  • Mr G 1 year ago
    Hi Freya, It is the name of a Friends character - I like the way your brain makes connections! I hope the VE garden party lockdown style went well and I am sure the bunting looked fantastic!