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Whitewater CE Primary School

Whitewater CE Primary School

Red Kites - Friday 1st May

Happy Friday Red Kites - thank you for taking part in my wacky game this week. I already have a theme in mind for next week so tune in on Monday for more details. Can some of you get this correct today? I think this is one of the easier ones but we will see how you get on!

Here we are - end of week four of Home Learning. Day 20. In this time, I think we have learned a lot about ourselves and our surroundings. All we can do is hope for a future of health and normality once more. If you did not manage to join in with the assembly yesterday morning with the Archbishop of Canterbury (who was holding the assembly from his own kitchen diner!), his main message was one of hope:

  • Hope gives us purpose
  • Hope teaches us not to hate
  • Nelson Mandela showed so much hope during his life
  • He showed patience, positivity and working under pressure

For me those three Ps are so true for life right. We need to be patient to maintain living in uncertain times without school and without our freedom. We need to be positive to look forward to the things that the future will hold and we need to be able to work under pressure. I think he means being at home with all of your family and learning to get on and get by and learn that it is ok to disagree and not get along at times because it is the bigger picture that we need to think of. So today think about those 3Ps.

What have you needed to show patience with?

What positivity have you shown over the last 20 days?

How have you had to work under pressure and remain hopeful?

My thoughts

Show patience towards my daughter when she is finding something difficult or ignoring what I have asked her to do that she didn't want to do.

Been positive over the fact that we can only go out once a day - enjoying the time and focusing on the community around us.

Working under pressure to function as a father, a son, a husband, a teacher and a friend when lots of things have been changing around us.

The assembly can be found on YouTube by clicking here

  • Red Kites-Erin 2 years ago
    Hi Mr G, the picture today is from are Red Kite that we made, Greta. Hope you are still well.
  • Éva Red Kite 2 years ago
    Hi Mr G, todays picture is Greta of course! I have needed to show patience with my work because it’s tough not having a teacher there while doing my learning. I have shown positivity when doing a bit of art because I didn’t have the right colours to do a picture but told myself to stay positive and work around it. Working under pressure to function doing my work and trying to be a good stepsister to Kaya, when she has finished her work and wants to play because she has a smaller amount of work to do with me so I have to be hopeful that I can do all of those things and be good at them.
  • FreyaRedKite 2 years ago
    Hi Mr G Is the photo of Greta the Red Kite? I have had to show patience when I'm waiting for my Mum and Dad to come out of important meetings and when I'm letting my brothers use my laptop. I have shown positivity by using technology in a positive way by talking to friends, family and teachers through messages, zoom and our class blog. Today is my Nanna's birthday so we are having a family zoom meeting at lunch time with my cousins and aunts. I have felt pressure when I have had to stay quiet when my parents are in meetings. Have a nice weekend! From Freya
  • red kite joe 2 years ago
    Hi, Mr. G, I believe that the picture is from our red kite bird greture because when we made her we used brown and white bits of cardboard I think. from red kite joe
  • luke baldwin 2 years ago
    First of all, the picture is part of Greta. I have needed to show patients when waiting for Zachary to finish on the computer and let me have a go. I have been positive about my learning and that this lockdown will soon finish. I am also positive that you all want this to stop to. I have had to remain hopeful when doing my work and it will all still finish. I have felt under pressure when doing my spellings because my dad is very strict which is good. The wrens have lade eggs which will hopefully hatch.
  • Red Kites-Erin 2 years ago
    Hi Mr G, I do not know if I put my name on my previous message I sent u. I wrote about how the picture is from our Red Kite - Greta. I also said I hope u are well. (Did not write this in my previous message) I have needed to show patience when we had a power cut for 5 hours when I could not use the Wi-fi nor the electricity. Hope you had more sleep than 2 nights ago🤞.
  • Mr G 2 years ago
    Hello Erin - thank you, I got both of your messages :) It was Greta-well done! I am well thank you. I hope you are good too? It was good to see the sunshine again today. A power cut - that can be annoying but it makes us realise how much we rely on electricity but also how we can function without it. Fingers crossed for a good night sleep tonight!
  • Mr G 2 years ago
    Hello Éva - of course you are right! It is Greta. I told you it was an easy one! It must be tough learning at home - we like a routine and without being at school in our lovely classroom and hearing one another talk and laugh together and smile and support one another is unusual but well done for keeping at it. It sounds like you did well to carry on with your art and I imagine that nobody else knew about the colours. I bet you are being brilliant and make sure you are having a good balance each day.
  • Mr G 2 years ago
    Hello Freya - Spot on! It is Greta and she is well. It can be tricky at home when people are trying to work and learn but I bet you are being helpful and supportive or everyone in the house. Ellie keeps asking me if I am having another meeting - we use Zoom for staff meetings and Ellie always comes and says hi to the other teachers bless her. Technology has been very useful - I agree and maybe we use it more effectively now? I love FaceTiming with my mum and dad so they can see the girls. Happy birthday Nanna! I am sure she had a lovely time and enjoyed seeing you all virtually. I hope you have a great weekend too - I think you will like the image game next week!
  • Mr G 2 years ago
    Hi Joe! It is good to hear from you - absolutely right! It was Greta. It is the collage of the brown and white paper for her feathers. Have a great weekend!
  • Mr G 2 years ago
    Hi Luke - correct with Greta. I thought you would get that one! It can be tricky when trying to share bits and pieces around the house and I am sure you are being a fantastic brother to both Zachary and Noah. Keep that hope and positivity as it will end but we just don't know when. Hopefully we will find more out next week from the government about when the lockdown might be lifted in some way. Well done with your spellings - they can be tricky. I bet your dad is proud of you and I bet you are missing hockey a lot. They have laid eggs! Send me a photo next week if you can. Have a good few days!